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Early American Newspapers by State - P

Newspapers from Pennsylvannia.



Newspaper Title & Dates


BedfordTrue American 1813-1815M.misc.802
BrownsvilleAmerican Telegraph 1814-1818M.misc.795
CarlisleCarlisle Gazette 1785-1817M.misc.680
Carlisle Republican 1819-1820M.misc.798
Freyheits-Fahne 1814-1817M.misc.796
Spirit of the Times 1817-1819M.misc.798
ChambersburgDemocratic Republican 1815-1817M.misc.798
Farmers Register 1798-1799M.misc.797
Chestnut HillChestnuthiller Wochenschrift 1790-1794M.misc.717
DoylestownPennsylvania Correspondent & Farmers Advertiser 1804-1805M.misc.746
EastonPennsylvania Herald 1808-1810M.misc.799
GreensburgGreensburg & Indiana Register 1812-1816M.misc.550


Chronicle or Harrisburg Visitor 1813-1814M.misc.800
Oracle of Dauphin & Harrisburgh Advertiser 1799-1800M.misc.801
Oracle of Dauphin & Harrisburgh Advertiser 1801-1802M.misc.921
Oracle of Dauphin & Harrisburgh Advertiser 1803-1804M.misc.961
KittanningArmstrong True American 1813M.misc.802
LancasterDeutsche Porcupein 1798-1799M.misc.551
Neue Unpartheyishe Lancaster Zeitung und Anzeigs-Nachrichten 1787-1788M.misc.744
Neue Unpartheyische Lancaster Zeitung 1789M.misc. 962
Pennsylvania Packet 1777-1778M.misc.804
LebanonWeltbothe 1809-1810M.misc.807
NewtonStar of Freedom 1817-1818M.misc.803
PhiladelphiaAmerican Herald 1784M.misc.805
American Star 1794M.misc.806
American Weekly Mercury 1719-1746M.misc.679
Amerikanischer Beobachter 1801-1811M.misc.807
Aurora General Advertiser 1794M.misc.963
Careys United States Recorder 1798M.misc.716
Claypooles American Daily Advertiser 1796-1800M.misc.808
Constitutional Diary 1799-1800M.misc.716
Corrector 1814M.misc.714
Courier de l'Amerique 1792-1793M.misc.714
Federal Gazette 1788-1793M.misc.809
Finlays American & Commercial Register 1795-1798M.misc.810
Freemans Journal 1781-1792M.misc.811
Grotjans Philadelphia Public Sale Report 1812-1820M.misc.812
Herald of Gospel Liberty 1811-1814M.misc.597
Independent Gazetteer 1782-1796M.misc.697
Independent Whig 1802M.misc.714
Level of Europe 1794-1796M.misc.719
Library 1804-1805M.misc.813
Literary Intelligencer 1807M.misc.714
Mail 1791M.misc.814
National Gazette 1791-1793M.misc.719
Pelican 1805-1807M.misc.714
Pennsylvania Chronicle 1767-1774M.misc.702
Pennsylvania Evening Herald 1785-1788M.misc.816
Pennsylvania Evening Post 1775-1784M.misc.703
Pennsylvania Fama 1748-1751M.misc.714
Pennsylvannia Gazette 1742-1743M.misc.994
Pennsylvania Gazette 1779M.misc.714
Pennsylvania Ledger 1775-1778M.misc.671
Pennsylvania Literary Reporter 1809M.misc.714
Pennsylvania Mercury 1784-1792M.misc.817
Pennsylvania Packet 1771-1790M.misc.804
Philadelphia Evening Post 1804M.misc.818
Philadelphia Gazette 1794-1802M.misc.819
Philadelphia Minerva 1795-1798M.misc.719
Philadelphia Repository 1800-1804M.misc.820
Poulsons American Daily Advertiser 1800-1820M.misc.821
Relf's Philadelphia Prices Courant 1801M.misc.714
Royal Pennsylvania Gazette 1778M.misc.805
Scotts Philadelphia Price Current 1813M.misc.805
Southwark Gazette 1797M.misc.714
Spirit of the Press 1805-1813M.misc.822
Star of Liberty 1812M.misc.714
Story & Humphrey's Pennsylvania Mercury 1775M.misc.714
Temple of Reason 1801-1803M.misc.897
Tickler 1807-1813M.misc.667
United States Gazette 1804M.misc. 940
United States Gazette 1805M.misc.964
United States Gazette 1806M.misc. 998
Universal Gazette 1797-1800M.misc.715
Voice of the Nation 1813-1814M.misc.552
Whig Chronicle 1812M.misc.813
Wochentliche Philadelphische Staatsbote 1762-1779M.misc.823
ReadingReading Adler 1796-1820M.misc.644
Reading Adler 1821-1825M.misc.553
Weekly Advertiser of Reading in the County of Berks 1796-1797M.misc.555
Weltbothe 1810-1820M.misc.807
ShippenburgSpirit of the Times 1817M.misc.798
SunburyNordwestliche Post 1812-1818M.misc.698
Northumberland Republicaner 1818-1822M.misc.698
WashingtonHerald of Liberty 1798-1802M.misc.718
WestchesterVillage Record 1818-1820M.misc.824
WilkesbarreGleaner & Luzerne Advertiser 1811-1812M.misc.825


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