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Early American Newspapers by State - S-T

Newspapers from South Carolina and Tennessee

South Carolina


Newspaper Title & Dates


CamdenCamden Gazette 1816-1822M.misc.536
CharlestonCarolina Gazette 1800-1801M.misc.966
Charleston Evening Gazette 1785-1786M.misc.756
Chronicle of Liberty 1783M.misc.761
City Gazette 1787-1794 & 1796-1810 & 1815-1816M.misc.531
City Gazette 1795M.misc.981
City Gazette & Commercial Daily Advertiser 1817M.misc.902
City Gazette & Commercial Daily Advertiser 1818M.misc.918
City Gazette & Commercial Daily Advertiser 1819M.misc. 941
Columbian Herald 1784-1796M.misc.757
Daily Evening Gazette 1795M.misc.761
Echo de Sud 1801M.misc.761
Evening Courier 1798M.misc.761
Investigator 1812-1814M.misc.758
Oracle 1807M.misc.759
South Carolina Gazette & General Advertiser 1783-1785M.misc.705
South Carolina State Gazette & Timothy's Daily Advertiser 1794 & 1799-1800 M.misc.535
South Carolina State Gazette & Timothys Daily Advertiser 1802M.misc.967
South Carolina Weekly Advertiser 1783M.misc.761
South Carolina Weekly Gazette 1759-1760M.misc.761
South Carolina Weekly Gazette 1783-1786M.misc.738
Southern Evangelical Intelligencer 1819-1820M.misc.760
Southern Patriot 1814-1818 & 1821M.misc.533
State Gazette 1791 & 1793M.misc 997
State Gazette of South Carolina 1785-1786M.misc.532
State Gazette of South Carolina 1787M.misc. 942
State Gazette of South Carolina 1792M.misc.965
Strength of the People 1809-1810M.misc.761
Telegraphe 1795M.misc.761
ColumbiaColumbia Gazette 1794M.misc.761
South Carolina Gazette 1792-1793M.misc.761
EdgefieldAnti Monarchist 1811-1815M.misc.761
GeorgetownSouth Carolina Independent Gazette 1791-1796M.misc.761
Winyaw Intelligencer 1817-1820M.misc.761
PendletonMillers Weekly Messenger 1807-1811M.misc.762
Pendleton Messenger 1813-1820M.misc.763



Newspaper Title & Datesbgcolor


CarthageCarthage Gazette 1807-1817M.misc.739
Western Express 1808M.misc.739
ClarksvilleClarksville Gazette 1819-1820M.misc.755
Tennessee Weekly Chronicle 1819M.misc.540
Town Gazette 1819M.misc.755
Weekly Chronicle 1818M.misc.540
NashvilleReview 1809-1811M.misc.560
RogersvilleWestern Pilot 1815M.misc.560
ShelbyvilleTennessee Herald 1817-1819M.misc.540


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