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Early American Newspapers by State - V

Newspapers from Vermont and Virginia.



Newspaper Title& Dates


Bellows FallsVermont Intelligencer 1817-1820M.misc.764
BenningtonBennington News-Letter 1811-1815M.misc.765
Burlington Gazette 1814-1817 & 1819M.misc.767
Epitome of the World 1807M.misc.777
Green Mountain Farmer 1809-1816M.misc.766
Ploughman 1801-1802M.misc.534
Tablet of the Times 1797M.misc.777
Vermont Centinel 1801-1803M.misc.768
Vermont Gazette 1783-1832M.misc.541
World 1807-1809M.misc.777
BrattleboroAmerican Yeoman 1817-1818M.misc.542
Federal Galaxy 1797-1798M.misc.743
Federal Galaxy 1799-1800M.misc.914
Federal Galaxy 1801-1803M.misc. 943
Independent Inquirer 1833-1834M.misc.778
Reporter 1803-1820M.misc.779
Semi Weekly Eagle 1847-1852M.misc.780
BurlingtonNorthern Centinel 1810-1811M.misc.968
Northern Centinel 1812-1813M.misc.992
Vermont Centinel 1810M.misc.968
ChesterGreen Mountain Palladium 1807-1808M.misc.543
DanvilleNorth Star 1807-1808 & 1821-1826M.misc.769
MiddleburyChristian Herald 1816M.misc.782
Christian Messenger 1816-1819M.misc.782
Columbian Patriot 1813-1815M.misc.770
Middlebury Mercury 1801-1810M.misc.771
National Standard 1815-1820M.misc.772
Religious Reporter 1820M.misc.544
Vermont Mirror 1812-1816M.misc.773
MontpelierVermont Precursor 1806-1807M.misc.774
Watchman 1807-1808M.misc.775
RandolphWeekly Wanderer 1801-1810M.misc.776
RutlandFarmers Liberty 1793-1794M.misc.683
Herald of Vermont 1792M.misc.683
Rutland Herald 1794-1800 & 1802-1805M.misc.545
Rutland Herald 1806-1807M.misc.916
Rutland Herald 1808-1809M.misc. 944
Rutland Vermont Herald 1810 & 1813M.misc.995
Vermont Courier 1808-1810M.misc.781
Vermont Mercury 1802-1804M.misc.683
St. AlbansChamplain Reporter 1809-1810M.misc.782
Franklin County Advertiser 1810M.misc.782
St. Albans Adviser 1808-1809M.misc.782
Vermont State Paper 1835-1836M.misc.546
VergennesVergennes Gazette 1798-1801M.misc.547
WindsorMorning Ray 1791-1792M.misc.783
Post Boy 1805-1807M.misc.784
Spooner's Vermont Journal 1792-1804M.misc.548
Spooner's Vermont Journal 1805-1806M.misc.916
Spooner's Vermont Journal 1807-1808M.misc 945
Spooner's Vermont Journal 1809-1810M.misc.969
Vermont Journal & Universal Advertiser 1783-1792M.misc.548
Washingtonian 1810-1816M.misc.549
WoodstockWoodstock Observer 1820-1822M.misc.549



Newspaper Title & Dates


AlexandriaAlexandria Advertiser 1800-1808M.misc.786
Alexandria Advertiser Times & D.C. Daily Advertiser 1797-1802M.misc.673
Alexandria Expositor 1802-1807M.misc.787
Alexandria Gazette 1808-1820M.misc.788
Alexandria Herald 1811-1812M.misc.946
Alexandria Herald 1816M.misc. 970
Alexandria Herald 1817M.misc.976
Columbian Advertiser 1802M.misc.791
Virginia Journal & Alexandria Advertiser 1784-1785M.misc.792
FincastleFincastle Weekly Advertiser 1801M.misc.790
Herald of the Valley 1820M.misc.790
Herald of Virginia 1800M.misc.790
LeesburgGenius of Liberty 1817-1820M.misc.674
True American 1798-1800M.misc.674
Washingtonian 1808-1820M.misc.674
NorfolkCommercial Register 1802-1803M.misc.790
Norfolk & Portsmouth Gazette 1789M.misc.790
Virginia Chronicle 1792-1794M.misc.793
PetersburgAmerican Star 1817-1818M.misc.790
Petersburg Daily Courier 1814-1815M.misc.790
RichmondEnquirer 1804-1814M.misc. 539
Richmond Enquirer 1814-1833M.misc.539
Richmond Enquirer 1834M.misc.922
Richmond Enquirer 1835M.misc 971
StuantonPolitical Mirror 1800-1802M.misc.790
Spirit of the Press 1811M.misc.790
Stuanton Observer 1814M.misc.790
Stuanton Political Censor 1808-1809M.misc.790
Stuanton Spy 1793-1795M.misc.790
WarrentonPalladium of Liberty 1817-1820M.misc.789


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