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British Library Newspaper Moves

British Library Newspapers at Colindale closed in  November 2013 and the print newspapers were moved to the new National Newspaper Building at Boston Spa, West Yorkshire, while the newspaper microfilm collection was moved to the British Library's St Pancras site.  A full newspaper service is now available via the British Library Newsroom at St Pancras.

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The Newsroom, our new dedicated news Reading Room at the British Library in London, is the focal point for researching the news collections.  The Newsroom provides access to newspapers in print, microfilm and digital formats. The British Library operates a “surrogate first” policy for its newspaper collection. A surrogate copy will be a microfilm or digital facsimile of the original newspaper and the surrogate will be the Reading Room access copy. Where a surrogate copy exists, the original print newspaper will be labelled as “restricted” on Explore the British Library. This policy is designed to preserve the fragile original newspapers in our care.

Readers may order non-surrogated print newspapers to both the Newsroom at St Pancras and to the Boston Spa Reading Room. Print newspapers stored in the National Newspapers Building take 48 hours to arrive at the Newsroom or the Boston Spa Reading Room. Microfilm newspapers are delivered to the Newsroom at St Pancras within 70 minutes of request.  Microfilm is currently not available to order to the Boston Spa Reading Room.   

For more information about using our news collections please see our News media page

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