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Other UK Newspaper Digitisation Projects

In addition to the major newspaper digitisation projects covering pre-1900 newspapers, newspapers from the British Library’s collection are also featured on the following websites offering free access.

British Library Online Newspaper Archive
Moving Here
Nineteenth Century Serials Edition (ncse)

British Library Online Newspaper Archive (Pilot Archive)
The pilot archive includes a small number of sample issues of the Manchester Guardian, the Weekly Despatch, the Daily News and the News of the World.

The selected issues cover topics such as:
• the opening of Crystal Palace and the Great Exhibition of 1851
• the end of the Crimean War in 1856
• the defeat of Gladstone’s Home Rule Bill in1886
• events of the Boer War including the relief of Maefking in 1900
• and the Armistice ending the Great War in 1918

Moving Here
The biggest database of digitised material from 30 local and national archives, museums, and libraries which records migration experiences of the last 200 years. The database includes 8,000 newspaper images from the British Library’s collection.

Nineteenth Century Serials Edition (ncse)
ncse is a free, online edition of six nineteenth century periodicals and newspapers. It includes full runs of Monthly Repository 1806-1837; Unitarian Chronicle 1832-1833; Northern Star 1838-1852; The Leader (London) 1850-1860; The English Woman’s Journal 1858-1864, Tomahawk 1867-1870, and a decade only of The Publishers’ Circular 1880-1890.