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Zines, fanzines, alternative comics, and graphic novels (Part 2)

Many British alternative comics held by the British Library are catalogued individually and can be located through Explore the British Library. Some guidance is also given within the Alternative Comics and Graphic Novels pages.

However, an acquisition in the early 1990s of over 500 issues of British alternative comics, dating from the period 1974-1992, is simply catalogued as "A collection of adult comics, strip cartoons, and zines, including short runs of periodicals". The shelfmark is Cup.821.dd.150.

The following finding list should therefore aid the retrieval of individual items. Titles are stored in alphabetical order and can be ordered using the Direct Request element of Explore the British Library by specifying the particular titles required in the Note area.

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All right
February 1992

The Alternative headmaster's bulletin
Southampton, no. 6 - 1985

Angel dust! Funnies
Cardiff, no. 1, 1989

Stoke-on-Trent, 2 (Winter 1990), 3 (Spring 1991)

The Asphalt brothers and friends
1 (1990), 2 (1991)


Cardiff, 5 (1986), 6 (1987)

Beem - A Tale of Beem Gotelump
Roland Bunn, Wickford, Essex, 1974

Eddie Campbell, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, 1982

Biff, the early years - Edited highlights from the original biff comics
London, Ca. 1978

Bike boy
Oliver Frey, London, 1981

Dktor Vinikom, Brighton, 4 (ca. 1980)

Black white

Blah blah blah!
Vol 2, no. 2 (1992)

Bloody country
Felixstowe, Suffolk, 2 issues, n.d.

Antonia Ghura, London
2 (1984)

Bog standard komix
Includes free sheet of Lancaster County Council toilet paper, ca. 1977

Blake the egg
Steve Lines, Calne, Wiltshire, ca 1975

North Humberside, 1 (1987), 2 (1988)

Brimstone & hellfire!
David Stephenson, North Humberside, Ca. 1988

Highway tales!
Martin Buckingham, Harringay, London, 1 (1989)

Bulby Norman and his electric kazoo
Ca. 1989

Bum comic
Daniel Rickwood, ed., Colchester, 18 (1984), 19 (1985), 20 (1988)


Calvin Brewster
Ian Beck, Dexter Comics, Cottingham, North Humberside, 1988

Captain Lunatic's asylum adventurers
Rich Holder, Deeside, Clwyd, Wales, 1988

Dirk Tonn, Comics Zeichnungen, Braunschweig, West Germany, 1984

untitled comic pamphlet, Chris Welch, ca. 1978

Cinema detectives - A Briefcase of dreams
Christopher Reynolds, Mauretania Comics, Muswell Hill, London, 2 (1986)

Graham Edwards and Andy Wicks, An Entropy Comic, Matt Line Productions, Kilburn, London, 1 (1985)

No. 0 (ca. 1970)

Alan Gaulton , Brentwood, Essex, 1-2 (ca. 1982)


Dachau playgroup
Retch Russell, Peterborough, ca. 1988

De Lux
David Davis, London, 1 (1986)

The Dial
Mauretania Comics, London, 1988

Dirty (T.J.) comics
Tijuana Publishing, Wilmington, Delaware, USA, 1981

London, ca. 1985

The Dregs!
Peter Rigg, 1988

Donna meets the dregs!
Peter Rigg, 1988

Donna does her nut
Peter Rigg, 1-2 (1989)

Bristol, Connecticuit, USA, Vol. 1, No. 1 (1986)


Fantastic life
London, 1 (1989)

The Collected adventures of Fat Freddy's cat and his friends
Gilbert Shelton, UK edition, 1975

Fenlock by popular demand
Fran Ashcroft, Poetry Cow Publishing, Peterborough, 1-2 (1986), 3 (1987), 4 (ca. 1987), Note: Issue no. 2, free gift missing

Fen thing
Queen's College Comics, Cambridge, 1 (1989)

Brian Talbot's Frank Fazakerly - space ace of the future!
Stephen Gallagher, Preston SF Group/Kimota Publishing, 1991, no. 103/1000, autographed by Stephen Gallagher

Filthy dirty comics
Tijuana Publishing, Wilmington, Delaware, USA, 1981

David Vodicka, Toorak, Victoria, Australia, 3 (1984)

Fyth dimension
Nasty Cosmic Grope, 1988


Gist: general interest supplementary times

The God-King of Upper Europe
Tottenham, London, ca. 1982


Hove, 1990

Paul Johnson, Boreham Wood, Hertfordshire, 1983


D. Buckley, Sidcup, (1, 2) 1988

Halloween comics
Kelly Smith, Nick Sidhu, Mark Smith, 1 (1990)

Happy apulhed
Pete Kennedy, Maldon, Essex, 1 (1979)

Hardware special No. 3: switchblade
Andrew Yoxall, Iskander Islam, Shane Tomkinson, Silverdale, Newcastle, 3 (1987)

Horrific romance comix
Mike Matthews, West Didbury, Manchester, 1 (1984)

Hot nads
Antonio, 1 (1979)

Human soup
JH Szostek, Leeds,2 (1982), 3 (1983)


Lounge lizard
Duncan Lee, Rainford, Merseyside, unnumbered (1988), 9 (1989)

Life & times
Broughton, Chester, 1987

Limey fossils remembered
Merv Grist, 1988


L (tall sequence)

Lazarus churchyard - the virtual kiss
Warren Ellis, D'Israeli, and HV Derci, Southwark, London, 1 (1992)

Lazarus churchyard - goodnight ladies
Warren Ellis, D'Israeli, HV Derci, Phil Winslade, Steve Pugh, Woodrow Phoenix, Duncan Fegredo, Garry Marshall, and Gary Erskine, Southwark, London, 2 (1992)

The Lionheart papers
Peter Stoneman, Vanity Kiss/Spaced Out, Ifield, Crawley, West Sussex, 2 (1990)

Stephen Poulacheris, Stephen R. Dray, Andy Williams, 1 (ca. 1983)

Phil Elliott and Eddie Campbell/Trident Comics
South Wigan, Leicester, 1-3, (1990)

Lux & alby
Martin Miller and Steve Fraser/Acme Comics, Southwark, London, 1-3, (1992)


Major Power and Spunky - an out hero for out times
Sean Doran/The Pink Paper, 1 (1991)

Manhattan mix
Martin Clinton, Hornchurch, Essex, 1 (1989)

Man in the hills
Loco Comics [Jamaican], 1984

The Michigan frog
Liverpool, 1 (ca. 1986)

Minicomix UK: Artmaster collection
Hastings, East Sussex, 1, 3, 4, 5 (1987)

Minicomix UK: Miffy & Harris
Jonathan Steines, Hastings, East Sussex, 1986

Minicomix UK: Spotlight on antisocialman
Hastings, East Sussex, 1 (1986)

Minicomix UK: Spotlight on cracker man
Hastings, East Sussex, 4, (1987)

Minicomix UK: Spotlight on VOJTKOMICS
Hastings, East Sussex, 2 (1987)

Mr. Muck
Merv Grist, Ca. 1988

The Musterious scan
"Marvel Comics Group" (sic) , Lancaster, "No. 41" (1985)

M (tall sequence)

Matt black, charcoal
Lionel Gracedy-Whitman and Don Melia, Belsize Park, London, 3 (1986), 4-6 (1987)

More tales from Sleaze Castle
David McKinnon and Terry Wiley/Bunny Comix, East Bolton, Tyne & Wear
unnumbered, 1989; Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, unnumbered, 1991


Napalm comix
Janne Orasaka, Hyvinkaa, Soumi, Finland, 1985, special issue

Mount Pleasant, London, ca. 1982

Crewe, Cheshire, 2 (1990)

No frills funnies!
Ramsgate, Kent, 1 (1983)


Paper doll heroine
Suzy Varty, AR-ZAK, The Arts Lab Press, Birmingham, 1 (1977)

Pavement one
Redhill, Surrey, 1992

Hunt Emerson, Large Cow Comix/Cambridge Folk Festival, Birmingham Arts Lab, 4 (1974)

Pink dress comics
Department of Community Arts, I.L.E.A. Arts Workshop, Marlebone, London, 1983

El Horteland, Alchemy Publications, Portobello Road, London, 1977

Michael Perridge, Destronic, Leicester, 1, 2 (1992)


Rabid dog
Epping, Essex, 1 (ca. 1984)

Radio heartache
Merv Grist, 1987

Bam Georgiou and Helen McCallum, Onlywoman Press, Catford, 1 (1982), 3 (ca. 1983)

Rode chode comics
Andrew Smith, Fressingfield, near Eye, Suffolk, (1990)

Farnham, Surrey, 2 (1990)

Le Roquet
Les Cartoonistes Dangereux, Romford, Essex, 1992

Rot - radio active organic tomato
Eastbourne, East Sussex, 3 (ca. 1983)


Wonderworld Comics, Bournemouth, Dorset, 3 (1988), 4 (1989)

Short fuse
Exhall, Coventry, 1 (ca. 1984), 2 (1985)

Short stories
Paul Grist, Sheffield, 1 (1986)

Sid watches telly
R. Le Wawunn and L. Burton, Runiter Corporation, Lewisham, London, (1991)

Silocon fish
Portobello Projects Comic Workshop, (1985)

Camden, London, (1992)

Skate muties 5th dimension
Kingsdown, Bristol, 5, 6 (ca. 1985)

Sophie Birch's flesh salapping daughters of factoryland
(ca. 1992)

Soup du jour
Trev Phoenix, Brockley, London, Spuds Issue (1985)

Sticky thigh comics
Martin Longley, Solihull, West Midlands, 1 (1981)

Stonehenge Campaign, Kentish Town, London, 1991

Stranded out in space
Faren and John Short, Wonderworld Comics, Bournemouth, Dorset, 1 (1986)

Strips 78
Society of Strip Illustration Convention, Y Hotel, Great Russell Street, London, (1978)

Sudden apathy
Muswell Hill, London, 2 (1989)

Spug atomic and subway subway
Subculture Communications, 1,2 (1992)

Hackney, London, 3 (1990), 4 (1992)


Tails of the fox
Toorak, Victoria, Australia, 13 (1986)

Tales from the pits
Gurchain Singh, Wonderworld Comics, Boscombe, Bournemouth, Dorset, 2 (1988)

Telephone skills incorporating pink dress comics
Keith Knowles, Department of Community Arts, I.L.E.A. Cockpit Arts Workshop, Marlebone, London, Ca. 1883

That's really zen
Second impression with minor revisions, Odd Mags Publishing Syndicate, Southampton, 1983

Thrill tales
Ben Hall, Higher Broughton, Salford, 1 (1988)

Tom Tom Macoubre
Dave Taylor, 1 (1987)

Torn flag
JH Szostek, Leeds, (1986)

Jay Bagnall and Frank Martin, Huyton, Merseyside, 1, 2 (1984)

Twenty penguins
Trevs Phoenix, Brockley, London, 1983


Way out stripps
Carol Swain, Hampstead, London, 4 (1990)

The Xenon codex
Trevor L. Hughes/Zephyr Hawkfrends, Wallasey, Merseyside, 1989

Xmas 88 - three variations
P. Owen/Rut Media Empire, Bristol, 1989

Ximoc [Ireland's first and only fantaxy magazine]
Belfast, 1 (1980)

Xpresso - The Best of European strip art
Fleetway Editions Ltd., Islington, London, assumed no. 1 (1991)

Xpresso - The Best of International strip art
Fleetway Editions Ltd., Islington, London, 3 (1991)

Denny Derbyshire, St Benedicts, Norwich, 1 (1988)

Zip Comics
H. Bunch Associates, London WC2, 1 (1972)

Zomix comics
Hunt Emerson/Large Cow Comix, Birmingham, 5 (1975)

Zotke's zine
West Town, Blackwell, near Bristol, Ca. 1979