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A guide to the European Union collections

The Library has acquired all printed material from the European Union (and its earlier bodies) since 1966, and also holds documents from the earliest phase of the EU's development in the 1950s. 

This guide to the European Union collections of the British Library explains the sorts of material held by the Library, and gives information on where these can be found. The guide has sections on the main bodies of the EU: the Parliament, Commission, Council of the European Union, etc. It describes how to find their publications, such as the Official Journal of the EU. It also contains sections on historical and archival resources on subjects such as statistics.

A large amount of information on the activities of the EU, since 1997, is now available online. The guide contains links to relevant databases and online publications, most of which are available free of charge. This information is also available via the European Union information online web pages.


Page 15 of the guide states that the European Parliament, "plays an important role in the drafting of Europe's legislation in conjunction with the European Commission". We should point out that the Parliament shares legislative power with the Council of Ministers. We are grateful to a reader for drawing this to our attention.

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