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European Parliament elections 2009

The seventh European Parliament elections were held 4- 7 June 2009. 492 million citizens from 27 European Union (EU) member states were eligible to vote, although the final turnout was just over 40 percent. This page provides background information to the elections, links to presentations about the elections, and describes the Library's activities and related collections.

European elections imageThe European Parliament is the only directly elected body in the European Union. The parliament plays a major role in the EU's decision-making process. Members of the parliament belong to one of seven political groupings which cover the political spectrum. The 2004- 2009 parliament was composed of 785 members. In the 2004- 2009 session the UK was represented by 78 MEPs, with 72 from 2009. Elections take place every five years. Across Europe, voters are asked to elect members in accordance with the Treaty of Lisbon

The United Kingdom is divided into 12 European Parliament constituencies. Information on the results of European Parliament elections by country is available, with further details for the UK, including candidate lists, from the UK Office of the European Parliament website.

Symposium on European Elections

To mark the elections, the Library held a one day symposium on Tuesday 9 June to showcase recent research and resources. You can listen to presentations and see slides from the symposium on our web pages.

Web archiving

The Library has collected campaign and related websites to keep a record of the elections. This includes UK candidates websites and the sites of political parties and interest groups. We have worked in collaboration with colleagues in other national libraries to exchange collection development and technical expertise and best practice. You can find out more about our experiences from the presentations in our symposium.

The collection can be viewed from the UK Web Archive web pages.

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