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Named Collections of Printed Materials (E-F)

Describes collections which are associated with a particular person (e.g. a previous owner). Most are not identified as 'part of a collection' in our Integrated Catalogue.



ECCLES, Mary [1912-2003]. 'The Lady Eccles Oscar Wilde Collection'.
Scope: Over 1,500 books, manuscript correspondence and ephemeral items relating to Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), formed by Mary, Viscountess Eccles (1912-2003). Bequeath in 2003. Rich in first editions, with a significant number of books formerly owned by Wilde. Includes all Wilde’s published works, plus periodicals, translations, piracies, and ephemeral items such as cuttings and theatre programmes.
Location: Eccles.
Reference: 'The Lady Eccles Oscar Wilde Collection', by A Lloyd. Electronic British Library Journal (2010), art. 3, pp.1-13 [].

Note: Further material is in the manuscript collection at Additional MSS.81619-81884.

EDMONDS, William.
Scope: One volume of concert programmes, exhibition programmes, dinner invitations, etc. relating to events held in London from 1888 to 1913. Collected by William Edmonds.
Location: Cup.1247.ccc.5.

EDWARDS, Arthur, Major [1680?-1743]. 'The Edwards Bequest'.
Scope: About 2,000 works in 3,800 volumes collected by Major Arthur Edwards. Bequeathed to the Cottonian Library, which in turn became one of the British Museum's foundation collections.
Location: Dispersed throughout the subject arrangement of the Old Library.
Catalogue: A Catalogue of the books given to the Cottonian Library by Arthur Edwards Esq., compiled by Richard Widmore. [1755-6. In manuscript]. * Stored in British Library stacks at C.120.h.2.

EHRMAN, Albert [1890-1969], and EHRMAN, John [b. 1920]. 'The Broxbourne Library'.
Scope: 15th and 16th century printed books. Many items were donated by Albert Ehrman and his son John at various times; others were purchased at auction in 1977 and 1978.
Location: C.145. (most 16th century books). The incunabula are dispersed within the IA., IB. and IC. shelfmark ranges.
Catalogue: A list is given in: 'Acquisitions from the Broxbourne Library'. Electronic British Library Journal (1980), art. 8, pp.87-107 [].

ERNEST, Maurice [1872-1955]. 'Maurice Ernest Collection on Longevity'.
Scope: Around 1,000 books and pamphlets relating to longevity and old age. Mainly 19th and 20th century; mostly in English or German. Collected by biologist Dr Maurice Ernest, founder of the Centenarian Club. Donated by him to the National Central Library (a foundation institution of the British Library).
Location: B.200.a.1-B.204.b.9.
Reference: 'The Problem of death: Dr Maurice Ernest and his longevity library', by L Evans. Electronic British Library Journal (2013), art. 11, pp.1-24 [].

EVANION, Henry [1832?-1905]. 'The Evanion Collection of Victorian Printed Ephemera'.
Scope: Some 6,000 pamphlets, handbills and miscellaneous printed matter relating to theatres, fairs, etc. dating from around 1800 to 1895. Collected by conjuror and ventriloquist Henry Evans Evanion, and acquired in 1895.
Location: Evan.
Access: The collection is in the process of being digitised, and access is restricted.
Catalogue (online): Evanion Catalogue.
Reference: 'The Evanion Collection', by E Harland. Electronic British Library Journal (1987), art. 5, pp.64-70 [].
Reference: The Evanion Collection of Victorian Printed Ephemera pages on the British Library website.

EVELYN, John [1620-1706].
Scope: Around 318 volumes, being the nucleus of the library of John Evelyn. Includes books by Evelyn, Robert Boyle, and contemporary divines from Lancelot Andrewes to Jeremy Taylor. A few volumes contain annotations by Evelyn. Formerly deposited at Christ Church, Oxford. Purchased at a series of auctions at Christies, June 1977 to October 1978, with a few items acquired later.
Location: Eve.
Reference: 'John Evelyn's library catalogue', by G de la Bedoyère. Book Collector, vol. 43, no. 4 (1994), pp. 529-48. * Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR002.075 (small-sized sequence).

EWEN, Cecil Henry L'Estrange [b. 1877].
Scope: Typescripts, proof sheets and miscellaneous notes, mainly by Cecil Ewen, on occult science. Material dates from 1929 to 1949.
Location: Cup.504.h.1.


FERNÁNDEZ de LIZARDI, José Joaquín [1776-1827].
Scope: Eight volumes of pamphlets dating from 1812 to 1827 on contemporary topics in Mexico written by, or relating to, J J Fernandez de Lizardi (pen name: El Pensador Mexicano). With manuscript notes.
Location: 1570/1874.
Access: The collection has been microfilmed (Mic.C.639).

Scope: Eight volumes of newspaper cuttings, advertisements, playbills etc., dating from 1700? to 1860. Collected by John Fillinham. Arrangement: I, British Museum. II, Carlisle House (Soho) and White Conduit House (Barnsbury). III, Christmas carols. IV, Fairs. V, Remarkable characters, exhibitions, fireworks in Green Park, 1749. VI-VIII, Trained animals, menageries, etc.
Location: 1889.b.10/1 - 8.
Access: access to the originals is restricted.

Note: A similar volume relating to the London Pleasure Gardens is held at the Guildhall Library in the City of London.

FITZMAURICE, Henry Charles Keith Petty, 5th Marquess of Lansdowne [1845-1927].
Scope: Correspondence relating to affairs in India. Collected by Henry Fitzmaurice, who served as Governor-General of Canada and as Viceroy of India.
Location: B.P.7/16 - 20 ; B.P.7/26.

Note: Those collections of manuscripts or printed books which the British Museum acquired between its foundation in 1753 and its opening to the public in 1759. These are the Sloane Collection, the Cotton Collection, the Harley Collection, the Edwards Bequest, and the Old Royal Library.

FRANKS, Sir Augustus Wollaston [1826-1897]. (1)
Scope: A collection of mainly heraldic arms tooled on leather; retrieved from discarded bookbindings. Mounted in 2 volumes, wiith a typewritten index. Formed by Sir Augustus Wollaston Franks in around 1890.
Location: L.R.406.i.9.

FRANKS, Sir Augustus Wollaston [1826-1897]. (2)
Scope: Around 260 volumes from the 16th to the 18th centuries with English and French bindings with armorial book-stamps. Purchased in 1900.
Location: C.67. - C.68.
Reference: 'A W Franks and armorial bookbindings: including a list of British armorial bookbindings contained within the Franks Collection', by P J M Marks. Electronic British Library Journal, (2006), art. 2, pp. 1-35.
Reference: 'The Franks Collection of armorial book-stamps', by A W Pollard. The Library, series 2, vol. 10, no. 3 (April 1902), pp. 114-134. * Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR010 (small-sized sequence).

FRANKS, Sir Augustus Wollaston [1826-1897]. (3)
Scope: Around 35,100 British and American bookplates, dating from the 16th to 18th centuries.
Location: Held at the British Museum Department of Prints and Drawings. Microfilms of items from this collection are in the British Library stacks at Mic.A.16440 (10 reels).
Note: The British Museum Department of Prints and Drawings also holds substantial numbers of Franks bookplates from countries other than Britain and America.

Note: Brass rubbings collected by Sir A W FRANKS are held in the Department of Manuscripts at Add.34891-4.

Scope: Around 50,000 books, pamphlets and serials published mainly in France between 1780 and 1820, and reflecting every stage and aspect of this period. The F. Tracts were purchased from a collector in Paris in 1856 through the Rt. Hon. John Wilson Croker (1780-1857). The F.R. and R. Tracts were purchased directly from J W Croker in 1831 and 1856.
Location: F. ; F*. ; F**. ; F.R. ; R.
Catalogue: Currently the subject of a special catalogue, which will be made available in stages.
Reference: 'The French Revolutionary Collections in the British Library', by A C Brodhurst. Electronic British Library Journal (1976), art. 13, pp.138-58 [].
Reference: French revolutionary collections in the British Library, by G K Fortescue and A C Brodhurst (London, 1979). * Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR094.30944 BL; and Humanities Reading Room at HLR944.04.

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