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Named Collections of Printed Materials (H)

Describes collections which are associated with a particular person (e.g. a previous owner). Most are not identified as 'part of a collection' in Explore the British Library.



HALIFAX, Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount. See Wood, Sir Charles.

HAILSTONE, Edward [1818-1890].
Scope: 120 volumes of material relating to Yorkshire, mostly published in the county. Comprises pamphlets, chapbooks, rules of societies, etc. Purchased at the sale of Hailstone's library at Sotheby's on 4 Feb. and 23 Apr. 1891.
Location: - 47 ; - 29 ; 10347.f.1 - 44 ; 10347.g.1 - 4.

HALKETT (later DUNCAN), Adelaide Helena.
Scope: 128 albums containing photographs and cuttings relating to the British and other European royal families. Material dates from around 1920 to around 1990. Collected by A H Halkett.
Location: Scr.1 - 128.

HALLER, Fritz.
Scope: Some 600 books and pamphlets connected with the Italian Risorgimento of the mid-19th century. Purchased in Sept. 1969 from bookdealer Fritz Haller; previous provenance unknown.
Location: Dispersed throughout the Library.
Access: The collection has been microfilmed; consult the 'Register of Preservation Surrogates' (catalogue subset of the Integrated Catalogue) for details.
Reference: Risorgimento Collection: accessions to the General Catalogue of Printed Books (London , 1971). * Copy in British Library stacks at 2762.b.8.

HALLIWELL (afterwards HALLIWELL-PHILLIPPS), James Orchard [1820-1889].
Scope: Photocopies of a collection of English broadside ballads, dating from 1575 to about 1700. 408 parts. Collected by J O Halliwell; purchased by William Eueing, and presented by him to Anderson's College, Glasgow. The originals are now in Glasgow University Library.
Location: Photocopies at L.R.407.h.7.
Catalogue: A catalogue of an unique collection of ancient English broadside ballads, by J O Halliwell (London, 1856). * Copy in British Library stacks at 11901.e.13.

HAMILTON-GORDON, Arthur Charles. See Gordon, Arthur Charles Hamilton.

HANNÅS, Torgrim [1916-1998].
Scope: 710 dictionaries, grammars and other textbooks relating to Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and other Scandinavian languages. The material dates from 1587 to 1975, the largest number being from the 18th and early 19th centuries. Collected by T Hannås, a Norwegian-born antiquarian bookseller based in England. Donated in 1984. The material supplements existing holdings, and comprises about three-quarters of the original Hannås Collection (books duplicating British Library holdings were excluded from the donation).
Location: Han.1 - 720.
Catalogue: The Hannås Collection: a catalogue of a collection of Scandinavian dictionaries, grammars and linguistic literature, by PC Hogg (London, 1994). * Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR439.5016.
Reference: The Hannås Collection pages on the British Library website.

Scope: Printed books from the library of the general staff college at Hanover, which was removed by British Forces at the end of the Second World War; around 3,500 vols. were subsequently passed to the British Museum Library. The collection comprises mainly 19th and early 20th century books on military topics.
Location: M.L. - Some books were placed at general shelfmarks, replacing copies which had been destroyed during the War.
Reference: Handbuch deutscher historischer Buchbestände in Europa (Hildesheim, 1997-2001), Bd. 10, p. 63, British Library entry by D Paisey. * Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR027.04.

HARGRAVE, Francis [c1741-1821].
Scope: Printed books from the library of the lawyer Francis Hargrave, purchased by Parliament in 1813 and given to the British Museum Library.
Location: Scattered throughout the older parts of the collections, with the majority perhaps located within the subject arrangement of the Old Library.
Note: Volumes usually contain a black rectangular 'Museum Britannicum' library stamp, incorporating the initials "FH".

HARMSWORTH, Sir Leicester [1870-1937].
Scope: 239 vols. of editions of the works of John Bunyan (1628-1688), including translations, from the collections of Sir (Robert) Leicester Harmsworth. Acquired at the sale of his library in 1947.
Location: C.111.d.1 - e.25 ; 04411.a.1 - f.11.
Reference: 'Bunyan editions from the Library or Sir Leicester Harmsworth', by H M Nixon. British Museum Quarterly, vol. 15 (1941-50), pp. 17-18. * Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR069.0942 (small-sized sequence).

HARPER, Robert.
Scope: Bills and other papers of parliamentary interest, dating from 1701 to 1761.
Location: 356 - 358 ; B.S.Ref.2.
Access: Apply in the Social Services Reading Room for access.
Reference: Checklist in: Bills and Acts, by S Lambert (Cambridge, 1971), Appendix 1, pp. 194-225. * Copy in Social Sciences Reading Room at: SPIS328.420737.

HARRIS, Sir Augustus Henry Glossop [1852-1896]. (1)
Scope: Six volumes of newspaper cuttings dating from 1704 to 1779, relating to London theatres. Collected by the actor, impressario and dramatist Sir Augustus Harris. Donated in 1888.
Location: Th.Cts.1 - 6.

HARRIS, Sir Augustus Henry Glossop [1852-1896]. (2)
Scope: 45 volumes of playbills for the Drury Lane Theatre (London), dating from Oct. 1780 to Mar. 1885. Collected by Sir Augustus Harris.
Location: Playbills 1 - 45.
Access: collection has been microfilmed (Mic.C.13137) and access to the originals is restricted.
Catalogue: Broadly indexed in the Library's Register of Playbills. * Copies in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR792.95 and at Reference Enquiries desk; copy in Humanities Reading Rooms at Reference Enquiries Desk.

HASLEWOOD, Joseph [1769-1833]. (1)
Scope: Nine volumes of cuttings from newspapers and magazines, with plates and manuscript notes, entitled 'Of Plays, Players and Play-Houses, with Other Incidental Matter'. Material dates from 1703 to 1837. Begun by Joseph Haslewood?; continued from 1820 to the end of 1837 by Richard John Smith (1786-1855).
Location: 11791.dd.18.

HASLEWOOD, Joseph [1769-1833]. (2)
Scope: Three volumes of collections of the lives of English poets, comprising cuttings from various newspapers and magazines. With manuscript notes by Joseph Haslewood.
Location: C.45.d.9 - 11.

HASLEWOOD, Joseph [1796-1833]. (3)
Scope: Dramatic tracts and papers dating from 1685 to 1831. Collected by Joseph Haslewood.
Location: 11795.k.31.

HASLEWOOD, Joseph [1796-1833]. (4)
Scope: A volume of miscellaneous poems, ballads, handbills, periodical parts, etc. dating from the late 17th and 18th centuries. Mainly printed in England. Collected by Joseph Haslewood.
Location: 1850.c.10.

HAZLITT, William Carew [1834-1913] (1).
Scope: Books collected by the bibliographer William C Hazlitt. Bequeathed to the British Museum in around 1913. All contain manuscript notes by Hazlitt.
Location: Cup.410.f.720 - 729 and Cup.410.g.340 - 345 (formerly: 1655/1 - 17).

HAZLITT, William Carew [1834-1913] (2).
Scope: 12 volumes entitled "Bibliotheca Britannica antiquior". Nine volumes contain entries from the three series of Collections and notes (published London, 1867-1903), mounted and arranged in a single alphabetical sequence. The last three volumes comprise Hazlitt's autograph manuscript supplement, containing occasional entries derived from standard printed catalogues.
Location: Cup.407.aa.1.

Note: Further material relating to William C HAZLITT can be found in the Department of Manuscripts.

HENSCHEL, Ernst (b. 1878).
Scope: Programmes of concerts given in various German cities between 1892 and 1938, and in various English cities between 1938 and 1966. Also some other related material. Collected by Ernst Henschel.
Location: Henschel.
Reference: 'A Collection of musical programmes', by A H King. British Museum Quarterly, vol. 33 (1968-69), pp. 91-92. * Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR069.0942 (small-sized sequence).

HESS, Dame Myra [1890-1965].
Scope: Programmes, lists of performances and other material relating to the National Gallery (London) concerts of 1939-1946. 16 volumes, boxes and files. Collected by Dame Myra Hess and presented to the British Museum Library by her executors in 1972.
Location: Cup.404.c.1/1 - 11.

HILMER, Ernst.
Scope: A collection on microfilm of cuttings from Swedish and foreign newspapers entitled Hilmerska samlingen av Strindbergsklipp. The material dates from 1881 to 1916 and relates to the Swedish playwright and novelist August Strindberg (1849-1912). Compiled by Ernst Hilmer.
Location: Mic.A.6512 - 6516.

HILTON, James. (1).
Scope: 119 broadsheets and pamphlets chiefly containing congratulatory verses to priests and to women taking the vows. Material printed in Antwerp, etc. from 1676 to 1767. In most cases the dates are indicated by chronograms.
Location: K.T.C.29.b.9.

HILTON, James. (2).
Scope: Engravings and single printed leaves of various dates containing chronograms. With a manuscript index dated 1890. Collected by James Hilton.
Location: L.R.22.c.18.
Reference: 'The Hilton Bequest of Chronograms'. British Museum Quarterly, vol. 5 (1930-31), pp. 119-20. * Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR069.0942 (small-sized sequence).

HIRSCH, Olga. [1889-1968].
Scope: Decorated papers, books containing decorated papers, and books and pamphlets on the history of decorated papers. Material dates from around 1600 to 1968. Collected by Olga Hirsch; bequeathed to the British Museum in 1968.
Access: Access is by arrangement with the Curator of Bookbindings. Contact Rare Books Reference Team in the first instance.
Catalogue: Catalogue via the Bindings and Decorated Papers pages of the British Library website.
Reference: 'The Olga Hirsch Collection of decorated papers', by M M Foot. British Library Journal, vol. 7, no. 1 (Spring 1981), pp. 12-38. * Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR027.541 (small-sized sequence).
Reference: A Directory of rare books and special collections..., edited by B Bloomfield (2nd ed. London,1997), 'British Library' entry, section Gi. * Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR027.041.

HIRSCH, Paul A [1881-1951].
Scope: Music scores and books on music collected by Paul Adolf Hirsch. Purchased in 1946.
Location: Hirsch.
Catalogue: Katalog der Musikbibliothek Paul Hirsch..., herausgegeben von K Meyer und P Hirsch (Berlin etc., 1928-47; 4 vols.). * Copy in Music Collections at g.1401.
Catalogue: Catalogue of printed books in the British Museum: accession (3rd series), Books in the Hirsch Library (London, 1959). * Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at MUS780.16 BRI.
Reference: 'The Hirsch Music Library', by A H King. British Museum Quarterly, vol. 15 (1941-50), pp. 11-13. * Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR069.0942 (small-sized sequence).
Reference: 'Paul Hirsch and his music library', by A H King. Electronic British Library Journal (1981), art. 2, art. 1, pp.1-11. []

HOARE, Sir Richard Colt [1758-1838].
Scope: Some 1,800 books on Italian local history collected by Sir Richard Colt Hoare. Donated in 1825.
Location: 657 - 666.
Catalogue: Catalogue of books relating to the history and topography of Italy (London, 1812). * Copy in British Library stacks at C.61.b.12 (with manuscripts notes and additions).
Reference: Annual list of donations and bequests to the Trustees of the British Museum, 1828 (London, 1829). * Copies British Library stacks at 840.k.46, 824.i.40 and G.13905.
Reference: The British Museum Library, by A Esdaile (London, 1948), pp. 63-64. * Copies in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR027.541 and in Humanities Reading Room at HLR027.541.

HODGSON & CO. (Auctioneers).
Scope: Catalogues of trade sales of books, books in quires and copyrights conducted from 1806 to 1888 by Edmund Hodgson and his successors in the firm of Hodgson & Co. Donated in 1967 (manuscript material received with this collection was passed to the Department of Manuscripts).
Location: C.124.l.1.

Note: The Library also holds the auctioneer's archival set of sale catalogues from HODGSON & CO. for the years 1807 to 1967. Shelfmark: S.C.Hodgson.

HODGSON, Edmund. See HODGSON & CO. (Auctioneers).

Scope: A collection on microfilm entitled 'Hoglundska Klippsamlingen' (Uppsala, 1977). The collection comprises Swedish and foreign newspaper cuttings relating to the Swedish playwright and novelist August Strindberg (1849-1912). Collected by Zeth Hoglund.
Location: Mic.A.6517 - 6525.

HOLKHAM HALL. See Coke, Thomas Edward William.

Scope: 19th century novels in original boards or paper covers, mainly second editions of the works of Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832). From the collection of Cecil Hopkinson. Purchased in 1951.
Location: 1652/1 - 20.

HUGHES, Ted (Edward James) [1930-1998].
Scope: 154 books by or about Hughes that were formerly owned by Leonard Baskin (1922-2000), Hughes’s collaborator, and bought from his widow in 2004. Many contain inscriptions by Hughes.
Location: Hughes.
Reference: The Hughes Collection pages on the British Library website

HUTH, Henry [1815-1878].
Scope: Printed books and collected ballads (Huth.50) from the library formed mainly by the banker and book collector Henry Huth. Mostly bequeathed to the British Museum by his son, Alfred Henry Huth, in 1903 (Huth.1 - 50). Other volumes were subsequently purchased at the sales of the Huth collection or later still (Huth.51 - 165).
Location: Huth.1 - 165.
Catalogue: Catalogue of fifty manuscripts and printed books bequeathed to the British Museum by Alfred H Huth (London, 1912). * Copy in British Library stacks at 2179.c.16.
Catalogue: The Huth Library: a catalogue, edited by F S Ellis (London, 1880; 5 vols.). * Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR002.092 HUT.
Reference: The British Museum Library, by A Esdaile (London, 1948), pp. 198-99. * Copies in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR027.541 and in Humanities Reading Room at HLR027.541.

Note: Further manuscript material collected by H HUTH and A H HUTH is held in the Department of Manuscripts at Add.38114 - 38126.

HUTTON, Lt-Gen. Sir Edward [1848-1923].
Scope: Three file boxes of printed material dating from 1881 to 1917 received with the Hutton Papers (which are held in the Department of Manuscripts).
Access: Contact

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