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Named Collections of Printed Materials (I-K)

Describes collections which are associated with a particular person (e.g. a previous owner). Most are not identified as 'part of a collection' in Explore the British Library.




JAFFRAY, John [1811-1869].
Scope: Reports from bookbinding trade societies, together with scapbooks, trade cards, and newspaper cuttings, all relating to bookbinding issues. Collected by John Jaffray.
Location: Jaff.1 - 169.
Catalogue: A brief handlist is available on the Jaffray Collection pages on the British Library website.
Access: Access is by appointment with the Curator of Bookbindings; contact details on the Bindings and Decorated Papers pages of the British Library website.

JESSE, George Richard. (1)
Scope: Publications, cuttings and manuscript material concerning public rights of way, dating from 1869 to 1874. Collected by G R Jesse.
Location: L.R.271.c.2.

JESSE, George Richard. (2)
Scope: Publications and pamphets on the topic of vivisection, dating from 1874 to 1897. Collected by G R Jesse.
Location: 8425.f.32.

JESSE, George Richard. (3)
Scope: Cuttings and other material on hydrophobia, dating from 1873 to 1897.
Location: L.R.33.b.15.

JOHNSON, Charles Plumptre [1853-1938].
Scope: Works by Sir William Schwenk Gilbert (1836-1911) and others. Presented by Charles P Johnson of Sevenoaks 11 May 1935.
Location: C.132.g.1 - 75. [Formerly in the Music Library at K.11.a.1, etc.].
Catalogue: A Checklist of the first editions of W S Gilbert in the collection of Charles Plumptre Johnson (1935). * Shelved in the British Library stacks at C.132.g.76.

JONG, Dirk de.
Scope: Propaganda material, mostly published in the Netherlands during the German Occupation of the Second World War. Presented by Dirk de Jong.
Location: Cup.21.p.3 - 53.

JULIAN, John. (1)
Scope: Hymnals. Presented by Revd John Julian to Church House; donated to the British Museum in 1949.
Location: 3440 - 03441.
Catalogue: Catalogue. [4 vols. 1892. In manuscript]. * Shelved in the British Library stacks at 11927.k.1.

JULIAN, John. (2)
Scope: 11 volumes of hymnal broadsheets and press cuttings on hymnology, dating from 1794 to 1917. Indexed and with manuscript notes made between about 1880 and 1917 by Revd John Julian.
Location: 3442.c.18.

JUSTEN, Frederic. (1)
Scope: Three volumes of press cuttings relating to the French emperor Napoleon III (1808-1873), entitled "Napoleon III devant la presse contemporaine en 1873". Collected by F Justen.
Location: 1764.c.21.

JUSTEN, Frederic. (2)
Scope: Cartoons and cuttings from newspapers, entitled "Napoleon III et la caricature anglaise de 1848 à 1872". Collected by F Justen in 1873.
Location: 1761.a.12.

JUSTEN, Frederic. (2)
Scope: Newspapers cutting about Pope Pius IX (1792-1878), entitled "Pio Nono e la stampa contemporanea nel 1878". Collected by F Justen in 1878.
Location: Cup.651.f.1.


KARG-ELERT, Sigfrid [1877-1933].
Scope: Materials by or relating to the composer and organist Sigfrid Karg-Elert. Comprising typescript and manuscript papers and letters, extracts from periodicals, concert programmes, and photographs dating from about 1905 to 1936. 47 parts.
Location: Cup.410.c.255. [formerly: Cup.900.p.1.]
Access: The collection has been microfilmed (Mic.A.7510), and access to the originals restricted.

KELMSCOTT PRESS. See Proctor, Robert George Collier and Cockerell, Sir Sydney.

KER, John, 3rd Duke of Roxburghe [1740-1804]. "The Roxburghe Ballads".
Scope: 1,341 broadside ballads from the 17th century, mostly English. Originally collected by Robert Harley, Earl of Oxford (1661-1724). Later owned by John Ker, 3rd Duke of Roxburghe. Purchased in 1845.
Location: C.20.f.7 - 10 (also numbered Rox.I - IV).
Access: The collection has been microfilmed (Mic.A.7526 - 7527), and access to the originals restricted. A set of facsimiles printed from the microfilms are shelved in the Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAX Roxburghe.
Reference: The Roxburghe Ballads, edited by W Chappell (London, 1869-99; 9 vols.). * Copy in British Library stacks at Ac.9928/2.
Reference: A Directory of rare books and special collections..., edited by B Bloomfield (2nd ed. London,1997), 'British Library' entry, section Fb. * Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR027.041.

KING'S LIBRARY. See George III, King.

KIPLING, Rudyard [1865-1936].
Scope: Editions of works by Rudyard Kipling, collected by him and formerly housed at Batemans in Sussex. The collection was known as 'The File'. Bequeathed to the British Museum Library by his widow in 1940.
Location: File.
Reference: 'The Kipling Bequest', by L Hanson. British Museum Quarterly, vol. 14 (1939-40), pp. 93-95. * Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR069.0942 (small-sized sequence).

KONING, Jacobus [1770-1832].
Scope: Small collection of mainly Dutch-language items, some in manuscript, dated 1726 to 1854 and mostly from Koning's own library. They relate chiefly to Koning's advocacy of the claim that Laurens Janszoon Coster of Haarlem rather than Gutenberg inventing printing with moveable type. Acquired by the Patent Office library (part of the British Museum Library from 1966) between 1857 and 1880, and transferred to the Humanities collections in 1991.
Location: Koning.1-35.

KROPOTKIN, Prince Peter Alekseevich [1842-1921].
Scope: Printed and manuscript materials dating from 1891 to 1907 on the emancipation of women in Russia. Collected and annotated by Prince Peter Alekseevich Kropotkin.
Location: 1884.a.11.

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