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Named Collections of Printed Materials (L)

Describes collections which are associated with a particular person (e.g. a previous owner). Most are not identified as 'part of a collection' in Explore the British Library.



LACY, Thomas Hailes [1809-1873].
Scope: Four copies of D E Baker's Biographia dramatica (London, 1812), with copious manuscript notes added mainly by the actor and theatrical publisher Thomas Hailes Lacy.
Location: 1795.df ; 11795.k.

Scope: Books by and about Francis Bacon (1561-1626). Donated by Lambeth Public Library (London) in 1952.
Location: Lamb.1 - 102.

LANDON, Perceval [1869-1927].
Scope: Proclamations, tickets and other material connected with the Delhi Coronation Durbar of January 1903. Collected by Perceval Landon.
Location: L.R.271.c.10.

LANDOR, Walter Savage [1775-1864].
Scope: Around 45 books belonging to W S Landor, many with manuscript notes. Presented by Lt Col J W N Landor.
Location: C.134.e.1 - 34.

LANSDOWNE, Marquis of. See Fitzmaurice, Henry Charles Keith Petty.

LARKIN, Philip [1922-1985].
Scope: Over 200 books by or about the poet Philip Larkin, formerly owned by Larkin’s bibliographer.  This extensive collection contains many first and subsequent editions with dust-jackets, proof copies and translations of Larkin’s works.
Location: Larkin
Reference: The Larkin Collection pages on the British Library website.

LEACH, L Vera Pemberton.
Scope: 11 volumes of newspaper cuttings dating from 1914 to 1935, with manuscript indexes. Collected by L V P Leach.
Location: Cup.1247.bbb.25.

LEADER, John Daniel.
Scope: Hymnal broadsheets associated with Sunday schools in Sheffield and elsewhere. Material dates from 1816 to 1869. Compiled and indexed by John Daniel Leader.
Location: 3442.c.17.

LEGG, John Wickham [1843-1921].
Scope: 303 vols. of English and continental liturgical books collected by the physician and liturgiologist John Wickham Legg. Donated in 1921.
Location: Legg.1 - 303.

LEICESTER, Earl of. See Coke, Thomas Edward William.

LELAND, Charles Godfrey [1824-1903].
Scope: 71 vols. of books and pamphlets, 19th and early 20th century, relating to the Basque and Romany peoples and their languages. Collected by the American folklorist and linguist Charles Leland, and donated by his neice, Mrs Elizabeth Robins Pennell, in 1905.
Location: 886.k. - m. (with some material from other sources interfiled).
Note: Manuscript papers on the same subject can be found in the Department of Manuscripts at Add.37168-37174 and Add.39559-39561.

LETSOME, Sampson. [1703/4-1760?].
Scope: 110 volumes of 17th and 18th century sermons. Collected by S Letsome.
Location: 225.f.1 - i.22 ; 226.f.1 - i.18.

LINDSAY, James Ludovic, 26th Earl of Crawford and 9th Earl of Balcarres [1847-1913]. (1).
Scope: 5,000 vols. of books and 4,000 periodical titles on philately, 1866-1913. Bequeathed by James L. Lindsay, Earl of Crawford, in 1913.
Location: Crawford.
Access: The collection has been microfilmed, and records added to the 'Register of Preservation Surrogates' (catalogue subset of the Integrated Catalogue).
Catalogue: Catalogue of the Crawford Library of philatelic literature (rev. ed. 1991). * Copy in British Library stacks at LB.31.c.3660.
Reference: Bibliotheca Lindesiana. Vol. 7: A bibliography of the writings, general, special and periodical, forming the literature of philately, compiled by E D Bacon (Aberdeen, 1911). * Copy in the British Library stacks at Cup.402.h.2 (and on microfilm at Mic.C.12500), annotated with British Library shelfmarks.

LINDSAY, James Ludovic, 26th Earl of Crawford and 9th Earl of Balcarres [1847-1913]. (2).
Scope: 27 sale catalogues, mostly of Parisian book sales, dating from the second half of the 19th century. From the Bibliotheca Lindesiana.
Location: S.C.1362 - S.C.1388.
Access: The collection has been microfilmed (Mic.B.619/333 - 337), and access to the originals restricted.

LITTLE GIDDING. 'The Little Gidding Harmonies'.
Scope: Harmonies of the Gospels and other parts of the Bible produced by the religious community at Little Gidding (Huntingdonshire) in the 1630s. They comprise individual lines cut from printed editions of the Bible and pasted together to make one continuous story, which is then illustrated with engravings. Each item is unique, and examples are held by various libraries.
Location: C.23.e.2 (Gospels, 1636?). - C.23.e.3. (Acts & Revelations, 1635?). - C.23.e.4 (Gospels, 1635).
Access: This material has been microfilmed (Mic.A.20080; Mic.A.20081; Mic.A.20082) and access to the originals is restricted.
Note: Further Little Gidding material is held by the Department of Manuscripts at Add.34657/9 (Religious conversations), MS.Roy.App.65 (History of the Israelites), and Add.71447 (Afflictions the Lott of the Godly).

Note: The Mark Longman Library of material relating to the book trade was initially at the National Book League, then on loan to the British Library, and is now held at Reading University.

Scope: Photocopies of a collection of trade sales catalogues of books, books in quires and copyrights. The sales were held on 11 Dec. 1704 and from 3 Apr. 1718 to 15 Dec. 1768. 167 parts.
Location: Cup.407.e.6.
Note: The originals are owned by Messrs. Longmans, Green & Co. Ltd., but are currently on loan to the British Library (shelfmark: C.170.aa.1).

LOPEZ, Lorenzo. See Dominguez, Luis Lopez.

LUMLEY, John, Lord Lumley [1534-1609].
Scope: Some 1,500 works (2,600 before the sale of duplicates in 1757) originally collected by John, Lord Lumley, owner of perhaps the largest private library in Elizabethan England. The books were acquired in 1609 by King James I for his son Prince Henry and incorporated into the Royal Library (which in turn was given to the British Museum in 1757; see Old Royal Library).
Location: Dispersed throughout the subject arrangement of the Old Library.
Catalogue: The Lumley Library: the catalogue of 1609, edited by S Jayne and F R Johnson (London, 1956). * Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR002.092 LUM.
Reference: 'The Lumley Library: a supplementary checklist', by D G Selwyn, .Electronic British Library Journal (1981), art. 10, pp. 136-48. []

LUTTRELL, Narcissus [1657-1732]. (1)  'Luttrell Ballads'.
Scope: Ballads, broadsides, proclamations etc., mainly from the times of Charles II and James II (approximately 1660-1688). Collected by Narcissus Luttrell. Purchased in 1849 from the portion of the Luttrell Collection once owned by James Bindley (1737-1818).
Location: C.20.f.3 - 5 (also numbered Lutt.I - III).
Access: The collection has been microfilmed (Mic.A.7528 - 7529), and access to the originals restricted. A set of facsimiles printed from the microfilms is shelved in the Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAX Luttrell.
Reference: ‘Reflections on Narcissus Luttrell’, by J M Osborne. The Book Collector, vol. 6 (1957), pp.15-27. * Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR002.075.

LUTTRELL, Narcissus [1657-1732]. (2)
Scope: Six volumes of photocopies, representing a collection of 295 ephemeral tracts and single sheets, in prose and verse. The originals date from 1659 to 1730 and are now in the Newberry Library, Chicago.

LUTTRELL, Narcissus [1657-1732]. (3)
Scope: 45 folio broadsides and pamphlets printed in the years 1688 and 1689. Originally owned by Narcissus Luttrell. Many contain dates and other annotations added in manuscript by Luttrell.
Location: C.122.i.5.
Reference: 'Notable acquisitions'. British Museum Quarterly, vol. 27, no.3-4 (1963-64), p. 103-04. * Copy Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR069.0942 (small-sized sequence).

LUTTRELL, Narcissus [1657-1732]. (4)
Scope: 17th century book sale catalogues. Probably collected by Narcissus Luttrell; later owned by Richard Gough (1735-1809).
Location: 821.i.1 - 11.
Access: The collection has been microfilmed (Mic.B.619/547 - 553), and access to the originals restricted.

LYON, Henry Mayor [d.1951]. 'The Court Bookshop Collection'.
Scope: Around 700 children’s books and over 180 chapbooks bequeathed by H.M. Lyon (bookseller, Court Bookshop, Bloomsbury) in 1951. Material is mainly English from the 18th to 19th century, with some early 20th century titles.
Location: Dispersed within the 12835.a. and Ch. sequences; 11783.f.29a-33; RB.31.c.148 and 149; and elsewhere. Majority of chapbooks are at C.121.aa.5.
Catalogue: H.M. Lyon collection of children’s books: children’s books bequeathed to the British Museum by the late H.M. Lyon [typescript, 1951]; with accompanying title list. *Stored in the British Library stacks at and
Catalogue: [Typewritten card index of the chapbooks]. * Stored in the British Library stacks at C.121.aa.5a.

LYSONS, Daniel [1762-1834]. 'Lysons Collectanea'.
Scope: Part of a larger collection of cuttings dating from 1660 to 1840 entitled "Collectanea: or, A collection of advertisements and paragraphs from the newspapers, relating to various subjects". Of the original 22 volumes formed by Revd Daniel Lysons, the British Museum Library purchased eight during the years 1860-63 (subsequently separated into 13 tomes).
Location: C.191.c.16 (2 v. in 4 parts): cuttings (1660-1825) relating primarily to trades and professions, and to medical cures. - C.103.k.11 (5 v. in 9 parts, numbered Ii-IVii, IV*): cuttings (1661-1840) subtitled 'Publick exhibitions and places of amusement'. - C.103.k.12 (1 v.): cuttings (1726-56) relating primarily to the orator John Henley (1692-1759).
Access: access to the originals is restricted.  

Note: A topographical collection made by Daniel LYSONS is with the Department of Manuscripts at Add.9408 - 9471

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