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Named Collections of Printed Materials (S)

Describes collections which are associated with a particular person (e.g. a previous owner). Most are not identified as 'part of a collection' in our Integrated Catalogue.



SADLER, Sophia Henrietta.
Scope: Two volumes of photographs dating from 1859 to around 1900, relating in part to the Sadler family. Collected by S H Sadler.
Location: C.108.k.2.

Scope: Around 600 volumes originally in the parish library of St George's Lutheran Church in Alie Street, Whitechapel (London E1). Mostly 18th and 19th century German works on theology. Purchased in 1997.
Scope: RB.23.a.16315 - RB.23.a.16737 ; RB.23.b.3233 - RB.23.b.3282 ; RB.23.c.211 - RB.23.c.212. ; each catalogue record contains a provenance note.
Reference: 'The St George’s Lutheran Church Collection', by D Miehe. In: Handbuch deutscher historischer Buchbestände in Europa, Band 10 (2000), pp.84.85. *Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR027.04.
Reference: The St George's Church Library pages on the British Library website.

SCHARF, Sir George [1820-1895].
Scope: Dinner menus, invitation cards, etc. dating from 1869 to 1876. Collected by Sir G Scharf.
Location: 1887.c.14.

SCHLICH, Gertrude, and BROSTER, Dorothy Kathleen [1877-1950].
Scope: 109 leaflets, pamphlets and proclamations relating to Jacobite and anti-Jacobite issues. Mostly printed in Scotland and dating from 1701 to around 1766 (with three manuscript items). The collection was originally formed by John Macdonald of Farnham, and was later jointly owned by Gertrude Schlich and Dorothy Broster. It was donated to the British Museum Library by Miss Schlich in around 1953.
Location: C.115.i.3 (1-109).
Reference: 'Jacobite leaflets and pamphlets', by R G Lyde. British Museum Quarterly, vol. 19 (1954), p. 31-32. * Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR069.0942 (small-sized sequence).

SENNETT, Maud Arncliffe. [1862-1936].
Scope: 37 volumes of press-cuttings, pamphlets, leaflets and letters mainly relating to the movement for women's suffrage in England in the early 20th century (material dates from 1906 to 1936). Collected and annotated by Mrs Alice Maud Mary Arncliffe Sennett (1862-1936), a former actress who work under the stage name 'Mary Kingsley'. She was an active member of the suffragette movement in London from around 1906.
Location: C.121.g.1.
Access: The collection has been microfilmed (Mic.C.10245), and access to the originals restricted.
Reference: 'The Women's suffrage movement', by L Hanson. British Museum Quarterly, vol. 11 (1936-37), p. 173-74. * Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR069.0942 (small-sized sequence).

SHAW, George Bernard [1856-1950].
Scope: Approximately 480 books that were owned by George Bernard Shaw. These include volumes privately printed by him, such as the playscripts he used for rehearsals. A number of these are represented in different states of revision. Also tracts on subjects of interest to Shaw, such as socialism and vegetarianism.
Location: Shaw.
Reference: The Shaw Collection pages on the British Library website.

SLATER, Eliot [1904-1983].
Scope: Books, periodical parts and reports on various national and international chess tournaments, dating from 1905 to 1948. Various European languages are represented. Collection donated in the early 1970s.
Location: X.0615/113.

SLOANE, Sir Hans [1660-1753].
Scope: Some 30,000 printed volumes formerly in the library of Sir Hans Sloane are thought to be in the Library today. They represent one of the Foundation Collections of the British Museum, and were purchased from his executors in 1753. The collection included works on most subjects, but there was an emphasis on medical, scientific and botanical studies.
Location: Scattered throughout the older parts of the collections, with the majority perhaps located within the subject arrangement of the Old Library.
Note: A variety of identifying marks can be used to determine a Sloane provenance, including manuscript annotations, paper labels, and the use of a particular British Museum library-stamp. Many volumes were sold during the Museum's duplicate book sales of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Others were rebound and no longer bear any marks of ownership.
Catalogues: 'Sloane Printed Books Catalogue'. Sloane's own catalogues of his printed books are at Sloane.MS.3972C-D. Medical titles are listed in Sloane’s annotated copy of  Lindenius Renovatus (1868), shelved at 878.n.8 (restricted).
Reference: From Books to Bezoars: Sir Hans Sloane and his Collections, edited by A Walker (London, 2012). *Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR002.092.
Reference: 'Sir Hans Sloane’s printed books in the British Library', by A Walker. In: Libraries within the Library, edited by G Mandelbrote and B Taylor (London, 2009), pp.89-97. * Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR027.541.

Note: Manuscript materials from the Library of Sir Hans Sloane are now in the Department of Manuscripts. Other material can be found in the British Museum Department of Prints and Drawings.

SMART, Sir George Thomas [1776-1867].
Scope: A collection of concert programmes from London and the English regions, 1798-1855, formed by the conductor Sir George Smart. Some with manuscript notes.
Location: C.61.g.1 - 20.
Catalogue: For further details, see entries in a printed edition of the British Library Catalogue to 1975 under the heading 'SMART, Sir George Thomas'.

SMITH, Richard John [1786-1855].
Scope: 25 volumes of material collected during the years 1825? to 1840, intended to illustrated the history of the English stage. Comprises memoirs, plates, playbills, cuttings from books, newspapers and magazines, with copious notes by the actor R J Smith and others.
Location: 11826.r. and 11826.s.

SMITH, Richard John [1786-1855]. See also Haslewood, Joseph.

SOBOLEVSKII, Sergei Aleksandrovich [1803-1870]. (1)
Scope: Facsimiles of Slavonic printing from books dating from 1564 to 1759. The facsimiles were produced from 1850? to 1865? Collected by S A Sobolevskii.
Location: 1803.c.31.

SOBOLEVSKII, Sergei Aleksandrovich [1803-1870]. (2)
Scope: A large part of the library of S A Sobolevskii, bibliographer, bibliophile and close friend of Pushkin. Purchased in 1973.
Access: Volumes dispersed throughout the Library. Apply to the curators of Slavonic and East European Collections for advice.

SOTHEBY, Samuel [1771-1842], and SOTHEBY, Samuel Leigh [1805-1861].
Scope: Specimens of early printing (tracings or facsimiles) and of early watermarks on paper (tracings), and examples of paper with watermarks. Collected and illustrated with copious manuscript notes by S and S L Sotheby.
Location: C.135.k.1.
Catalogue: For further details, see entries in a printed edition of the British Library Catalogue to 1975 under the heading 'SOTHEBY, Samuel and SOTHEBY, Samuel Leigh'.

SOUTHGATE, Henry [1818-1888].
Scope: 40 volumes of plates, cuttings and extracts (printed and manuscript) entitled The Wealth and Wisdom of Literature. Dates from around 1880. Collected by the anthologist H Southgate.
Location: L.R.267.b.1.

SPARLING, Henry Halliday [1860-1924].
Scope: Three volumes of newspapers and reviews relating to socialism, dating from 1868 to 1894. Collected by H H Sparling.
Location: N.Tab.2005/1.

SPENCER, Herbert [1820-1903].
Scope: Books formerly in the possession of the philosopher Herbert Spencer. Mainly editions of Spencer's own works.
Location: 1650/48 - 161.
Reference: 'Books from Herbert Spencer's library', by H Thomas. British Museum Quarterly, vol. 9 (1934-35), p. 112. * Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR069.0942 (small-sized sequence).

SQUIRE, William Barclay [1855-1927].
Scope: London and foreign playbills and theatre programmes, dating from 1847 to 1919.
Location: Playbills 342 - 347; Playbills 349 - 351.
Access: The collection has been microfilmed (Mic.C.13137), and access to the originals restricted
Catalogue: Broadly indexed in the Library's Register of playbills, programmes and theatre cuttings. [Typescript. 1951]. * Copies in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR792.95 and at the Reference Enquiries Desk.

STAINFORTH, Francis John [1797-1866] (1)
Scope: Two volumes of engraved and lithographed portraits of English women poets, dating from 1610? to 1860? With a few autographed letters. Collected by F J Stainforth.
Location: 1876.f.22.

STAINFORTH, Francis John [1797-1866]. (2)
Scope: Newspaper cuttings, containing works by women poets. Dates from 1865?
Location: 11649.bbb.40.

STAINFORTH, Francis John [1797-1866]. (3)
Scope: Short pieces, dating from 1690 to 1861, by English women authors. Collected by F J Stainforth.
Location: 11621.k.2.

STANMORE, 1st Baron. See Gordon, Arthur Charles Hamilton.

STEPHEN, James Leslie.
Scope: Catalogues, diagrams, drawings, manuscript notes and other material relating to pianos. Material dates from 1876 to 1951. Collected by the piano tuner J Leslie Stephen.
Location: 07902.b.1/1 - 13.
Note: Further material collected by J Leslie Stephen can be found in the Department of Manuscripts at MS.Add.49633-49637.

STEVENS, Arthur Henry.
Scope: Programmes of music performed 1878? to 1921? at Worcester College, Oxford, Dover College and elsewhere. Collected by A H Stevens.
Location: 7900.f.41.

STOKER, Bram [1847-1912].
Scope: Programmes of theatrical performances with which Sir Henry Irving (1838-1905) was connected. Material dates from 1879 to 1905. Collected by Abraham 'Bram' Stoker.
Location: C.120.a.1. and C.120.g.1.

STOPES, Henry [1852-1902].
Scope: Presscuttings on brewing, dating from 1870 to 1902.
Location: Cup.1264.c.17.

STOPES, Marie Charlotte Carmichael [1880-1958]. (1)
Scope: 3,000 pamphlets and printed ephemera on birth control and health, dating from about 1861 to 1958. Collected by Marie Stopes and bequeathed in 1959.
Location: Stopes.

STOPES, Marie Charlotte Carmichael [1880-1958]. (2)
Scope: Publisher's copies and personal copies of books by Marie Stopes, and other books belonging to her. Material dates from 1877 to 1956. Some volumes bear manuscript marginal notes, additions and alterations. Bequeathed in 1959.
Location: Cup.362.a.2 (1 - 76).

STRATHNAIRN, Baron. See Rose, Hugh.

Scope: 28 volumes of theatrical notices from newspapers, dating from 1847 to 1892. With index.
Location: Th.Cts.7 - 34.

SUMNER, Gillyat [1793-1875].
Scope: Sale catalogues, principally of the effects of bankrupt or insolvent members of the Beverley Corporation. Material dates from 1801 to 1877.
Location: S.C.1073 (1-32).
Access: The collection has been microfilmed (Mic.B.619/268), and access to the originals restricted.

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