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Named Collections of Printed Materials (U-Z)

Describes collections which are associated with a particular person (e.g. a previous owner). Most are not identified as 'part of a collection' in Explore the British Library.




VOYNICH, Wilfred Michael [1865-1930].
Scope: Some 158 printed books collected by book dealer W M Voynich, the largest part being printed in Italy in the 16th century. Also 14 incunabula. Presented to the British Museum in 1906.
Location: Voyn.1 - 137.
The 15th century printed books from the collection are shelved in the IA., IB. and IC. sequences.


WALKER, Dorothy [1878-1963].
Scope: 45 works printed on vellum at the Kelmscott Press and 11 works printed on vellum at the Doves Press. Donated in 1938 and 1939 respectively by Dorothy Walker, daughter of Sir Emery Walker (1851-1933), the latter associated with both printing houses.
Location: Walker.1-56.
Access: Access is restricted; alternative copies printed on paper are available via the main catalogue.

WALTHERR, László Imre [1788-1865].
Scope: Hungarian pamphlets and other printed material on the history, literature and cultural life of Hungary from 1770 to 1863. Collected by L Waltherr; purchased in 1873.
Location: Hung.
Catalogue: The László Waltherr Collection of Hungarian pamphlets in the British Museum: a catalogue, compiled by L G Czigány (London, 1969). * Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR094.309439 BL.
Reference: 'The László Waltherr Collection', by L G Czigány. British Museum Quarterly, vol. 33 (1968-69), pp. 92-102. * Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR069.0942 (small-sized sequence).

WARE, Samuel Hibbert [1782-1848]. (1)
Scope: Plans, drawings and prints of bridges and aqueducts, dating from 1800? to 1830? With reports and correspondence relating to them, mostly by Samuel Ware. Mounted in two volumes, with manuscript indexes.
Location: 1802.c.17.

WARE, Samuel Hibbert [1782-1848]. (2)
Scope: Views, newspaper cuttings and manuscript notes on bridges and canals, dating from 1750? to 1830? Collected by S Ware.
Location: 1397.f.37.

WATERTON, Edmund [1830-1887].
Scope: 1,014 editions of the De Imitatione Christi. (The Imitation of Christ), the devotional text by Thomas à Kempis (1380-1471). Books date from the late 16th to late 19th century. The core collection was assembled by the antiquary Edmund Waterton, and was purchased by the Museum in 1895. Other editions of the work have been added to this collection from elsewhere in the Library, or acquired in later years.
Location: I.X. The arrangement is alphabetical by language.
Reference: Thomas à Kempis and ‘The Imitation of Christ’, by E Waterton (London, 1883). * Copy in British Library stacks at 4999.e.9.

Scope: Newspaper cuttings, articles extracted from periodicals, typescript material, and illustrations relating to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791). Collected by J A Watson.
Location: 7901.t.30.

WEYMOUTH, 1st Viscount. See Thynne, Thomas.

WILSON, Sir Angus Frank Johnstone [1913-1991].
Scope: Over 400 books from the library of Angus Wilson, many with annotations. The collection includes books by him and translations of his works.
Location: Wilson.

Scope: Opera and ballet programmes from the Covent Garden Opera House (London), dating from 1938 and 1939. Donated in 1941.
Location: Playbills 468 - 471.
Access: The collection has been microfilmed (Mic.C.13137), and access to the originals restricted.
Catalogue: Broadly indexed in the Library's Register of playbills, programmes and theatre cuttings . [Typescript. 1951]. * Copies in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR792.95 and at the Reference Enquiries Desk.

WINSTON, James [1779-1843].
Scope: 19 boxes of memoranda, documents, playbills, newspaper cuttings etc. relating to the Drury Lane Theatre (London). Material dates from 1616 to 1830. Chronologically arranged by J Winston.
Location: C.120.h.1.

WISBEY, Charles Wordsworth [1835?-1883].
Scope: Newspaper cuttings, with letters and memoranda, relating to the explosion of gunpowder along the Canal in Regent's Park, London, on 2 Oct. 1874. Collected by C W Wisbey.
Location: T.C.5.a.4.

WISE, Thomas James [1859-1937]. 'The Ashley Library'.
Scope: Over 5,700 original editions of English  literature from the 17th to 19th centuries. Collected by the bibliographer, collector and forger Thomas James Wise. Sold to the British Museum by his widow in 1937. Named the 'Ashley Library' after the street in which T J Wise lived. Many of the early plays were made up with leaves stolen from other copies; there is also a number of  forgeries and piracies of 19th century texts. (The manuscript materials from this collection are held in the Department of Manuscripts).
Location: Ashley.
Access: The collection has been microfilmed and access to the originals restricted.
Catalogue: The Ashley Library: a catalogue of printed books, manuscripts and autograph letters, collected by T J Wise (11 vols. London, 1922-36). * Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR820.16 (annotated with shelfmarks).
Reference: 'Thomas J Wise and the Pre-Restoration Drama: a Supplement', by D F Foxon and W B Todd, The Library, 5th series, vol. 16 (1961), pp.287-93. *Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR010.
Reference: 'The Workshop of T J Wise', by A Freeman, Times Literary Supplement (17 Sept 1982), p.990. *Available as an electronic resource in all British Library reading rooms.

WOOD, Sir Charles, 1st Viscount Halifax [1800-1885].
Scope: Printed material dating from 1854 to 1858 received with the Halifax Papers (which are in the Department of Manuscripts).
Access: Apply in the Social Sciences Reading Room for access.

WOOD, Sir Henry [1869-1944].
Scope: Programmes for musical concerts conducted by Sir Henry Wood, dating from 1898 to 1944. Many bear manuscript inscriptions by Wood himself. With seven typescript letters from the British Broadcasting Corporations addressed to Wood, dating July and August 1942. Donated by his widow in 1969.
Location: X.435/115.



YEOWELL, James [1803?-1875].
Scope: Newspaper cuttings, extracts from printed books, manuscript memoranda and engraved portaits collected in the mid-19th century by James Yeowell in preparation for a biographical dictionary. Comprises 48 bound volumes and eight parcels.
Location: 010604.p.1.


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