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Asia: Catalogues and guides to Prints, Drawings and Photographs

This page describes the catalogues to the British Library’s collection of Prints, Drawings and Photographs in the Asia, Pacific and Africa Collections. 

This collection is made up of about 250,000 photographs, 12,000 drawings by Indian artists, 16,000 drawings by European artists and a sizeable collection of oil paintings, sculpture, furniture and other ephemera.


Online catalogue

Researchers who wish to consult the Prints, Drawings and Photographs collection should search our comprehensive online database of India Office Select Materials

Alternatively, researchers may wish to look at our published catalogues, which are listed below.

Prints, drawings, paintings and sculpture

British drawings in the India Office Library, by Mildred Archer (London, 1969). 2 vols.

British drawings in the India Office Library Volume III, by Patricia Kattenhorn (London, 1994).

Company drawings in the India Office Library, by Mildred Archer (London, 1972).

A descriptive catalogue of the paintings, statues, &c., in the India Office, by William Foster, C.I.E. (London, 5th ed., 1924).

The India Office collection of paintings and sculpture, by Mildred Archer (London, 1986).

India Office furniture, by John Hardy (London, 1982).

Indian miniatures in the India Office Library, by Toby Falk and Mildred Archer (London, 1981).

Indian popular painting in the India Office Library, by Mildred Archer (London, 1977).

Miniatures from Persian manuscripts in the British Library and British Museum, by N.M. Titley (London, 1977).

Natural history drawings in the India Office Library, by Mildred Archer (London, 1962).

Persian paintings in the India Office Library, by B.W. Robinson (London, 1976).

Prints of South East Asia in the India Office Library, by Pauline Rohatgi and John Bastin (London, 1979).

Raffles’ Ark redrawn: Natural history drawings from the collection of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, by H.J. Noltie (London, 2009).

The Raffles drawings in the India Office Library, by Mildred Archer and John Bastin (Oxford, 1979).


Archaeological Survey of India Photographs in the India Office Collections in the British Library (Haslemere, 1993).

Catalogue of the photographic negatives in the Office of the Director-General of Archaeology in India, Simla (Calcutta, 1921).

A list of the photographic negatives of Indian antiquities in the collection of the Indian Museum: with which is incorporated the list of similar negatives in the possession of the India Office, by T. Bloch (Calcutta, 1900).

List of photographic negatives of the paintings copied from the Ajanta caves between 1872 and 1885 at the Government School of Art, Bombay, by J. Burgess (Edinburgh, 1889).

See also

Portraits in the India Office Library, by Pauline Rohatgi (London, 1983), which lists all the portraits in the Section's various collections, as well as those from other parts of the India Office collections.

The art of the book in India, by J.P. Losty (London, 1982).

Indian book painting, by J.P. Losty (London, 1986).

Scenic splendours: India through the printed image, by Pauline Rohatgi (London, 1989).

Calcutta: city of palaces, by J.P. Losty (London, 1990).

India and British portraiture 1770-1825, by Mildred Archer (London, 1979).

The Raj: India and the British 1600-1947, general editor C.A. Bayly (London, 1991).

A shifting focus: Photography in India 1850-1900, The British Council (London, 1995).

India: Pioneering photographers by John Falconer (London, 2001).


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