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British history: reference sources

This is a selective list of reference sources relating to British history which are available in the Humanities Reading Room. Electronic resources can be accessed in the Electronic Resources Room in both Humanities - Floor 1 and 2. The shelfmark of each item is given at the end of every citation. Another online listing is provided by the Institute of Historical Research. For reference sources relating to British local history see Topography: reference sources.

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[Based on 'The sources and literature of English history from the earliest times to about 1485' by Charles Gross.]


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  1. Auxiliary sciences and general works.
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1934 to 1973/1974 covered by annual or less frequent volumes. London: Cape,


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Continued by the online subscription database Bibliography of British and Irish History (onsite only).
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HLR Enquiry Desk 027.50941(P)
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Texts and calendars since 1982: a survey. Available online only.
HLR Enquiry Desk 941
HLR 941
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HLR Enquiry Desk 941
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HLR Enquiry Desk 941.1


[Works published by the Record Commission.] London, 1783-1869.

HLL941 [RC1-RC78] and also
HLR941 [R]

Rerum Britannicarum Medii Aevi Scriptores or Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland during the Middle Ages. London, 1858-1889.

HLR941 [RS1-RS99]

Calendar of State Papers. London, 1863-.

HLR941 [RS120-]

Calendar of the Patent Rolls. London, 1891-1986.

HLR941 [RS160-RS172]

Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts. [Reports and calendars]. London, 1870-2004.

HLR941 [MC1-MC81]


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HLR941. 003
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C.R. Cheney (ed.), A handbook of dates for students of British history. 2nd ed. Revised by M. Jones. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000. (Royal Historical Society guides and handbooks; no. 4)
A perpetual calendar, which gives any date and the day on which it fell/will fall between 1780 and 2040 is contained in Whitaker's Almanack.
HLR Enquiry Desk 032.02
A perpetual calendar is also available online.
A. and V. Palmer, The Pimlico chronology of British history. London: Pimlico, 1996.


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HLR Enquiry Desk 941.002
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