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National bibliographies and books in print

This is a selective guide to national bibliographies and books in print held on open access in the Humanities Reading Room, arranged by area. Brief title details are given only. Shelfmarks are given at the end of each entry. Electronic resources can be accessed in the Electronic Resources Rooms in both Humanities 1 and 2.

West European
East European
North American

South American/Caribbean
General guides


The English catalogue of books. 1801-1968HLR015.41


British national bibliography. 1950-
Also available online
Whitaker's books in print. 2003
Also available online as BookData Online, onsite access only.


Whitaker's books in print on microfiche. Sept. 2003
Also available online as BookData Online, onsite access only.
Whitaker's 5 year cumulative book index. 1939-1986HLR015.41
Whitaker's book list. 1987-1993HLR015.41
Bibliography of Scotland. 1976-1987
Bibliography of Scotland. 1988-1990
Bibliotheca celtica. 1909-1984HLR015.429

West European

Irish publishing record. 1967-1994HLR015.415
Irish books in print. 1984HLR015.415


Gesamtverzeichnis des deutschsprachigen Schrifttums (GV). 1700-1910, 1911-1965, 1966-1980HLR015.43


Kaysers Bücherlexikon. 1750-1985HLR015.43
Deutsche Bibliographie (Fünfjahres-Verzeichnis). 1945-1965, 1975-1985HLR015.43


Deutsche Bibliographie (Halbjahres-Verzeichnis). 1966-1975HLR015.43


Deutsche Nationalbibliographie. 1986-HLR015.43
DDR : Gesamtkatalog. 1987HLR015.431


Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher. Latest editionHLR015.43


Liechtensteinische Bibliographie. 1974-HLR015.436


Catalogue général de la librairie française. 1840-1933HLR015.44


Biblio. 1933-1970HLR015.44


Bibliographie nationale française
Available on CD-ROM from 1970.
Livres de l'année: Biblio. 1971-1979HLR015.44


Répertoires livres hebdo. 1980-HLR015.44


Livres disponibles. 2004HLR015.44


Catálogo cumulativo 1886-1957HLR015.45


Bibliografia nazionale Italiana. 1958-
Also available on CD-ROM.


Catalogo dei libri in commercio. Latest editionHLR015.45


Catálogo general de la librería española. 1901-1950HLR015.46


Bibliografía hispánica. 1942-1957HLR015.46


Bibliografía española. 1958-
Also available on CD-ROM (1976-2004), and subsequently online.


Libro español. 1958-1986HLR015.46
Libros españoles ISBN. 1973-1999
Base de datos de libros editados en España (Ministerio de Cultura) available online.
Llibres en català. 1972-HLR015.467


Bibliografia nacional de Catalunya. 1982-HLR015.467
Boletim de bibliografia portuguesa. 1935-1964HLR015.469


Catalogo dos livros disponiveis. 1985-HLR015.469


Brinkmans cumulatieve catalogus van boeken.1850-HLR015.492


Bibliographie de Belgique. 1875-HLR015.493


Bibliographisches Bulletin der Schweiz. 1901, 1918-1947HLR015.494


Schweizer Bücherverzeichnis. 1948-HLR015.494


Hellenike bibliographia 1800-1863HLR015.495


Bibliographie hellénique. 1946-HLR015.495




Norsk bokfortegnelse. 1814-HLR015.481


Svenskt boklexikon 1830-1865HLR015.485


Svensk bok-katalog. 1866-1975HLR015.485


Svensk bokförteckning. 1967-HLR015.485


Stikordsregister til den danske skønliteratur 1841-1908HLR015.489


Dansk bogfortegnelse. 1841-HLR015.489


Littérature finnoise. 1544-1936HLR015.489


Suomen kirjallisuus. 1939-1998
Also available online Fennica.


Islensk bokaska, 1974-
Also available online from 1999 Icelandic National Bibliography



East European

Bibliografický katalog. Ceské knihy. 1947-1982
Ceska narodni bibliografie. Knihy. 1997-1999
Also available from 1983 onwards on CD-ROM as Czech national bibliography.


Bibliografický katalog: Slovenské knihy. 1952-HLR015.437
Przewodnik bibliograficzny. 1958-
Also available on CD-ROM as Polish national bibliography from 1982.


Magyar könyveszet. 1860-HLR015.439


Ezhegodnik knigi SSSR. 1936-HLR015.47


Russian national bibliography.
Available on CD-ROM from 1991 and online from 1995.
Russian books in print
Available on CD-ROM from 1989.  
Kniga v 1915. 1927-1931HLR015.47


Sistematicheskii katalog russkim knigam. 1825-1869HLR015.47
Bibliografi shqipe. 1944-1958HLR015.496


Bâlgarski knigopis. 1960-1970HLR015.497


Bibliografija jugoslavije. 1945-HLR015.497


Bibliografija slovenskih bibliografij 1561-1973HLR015.497


Slovenian bibliography
Available on CD-ROM.

North American

National union catalog to 1956, 1957-HLL018.3NUC


Bibliotheca Americana. 1820-1861HLR015.73


American catalogue. 1876-1910HLR015.73


Cumulative book index. 1911HLR015.73


United States catalog. 1912-1928HLR015.73


Cumulative book index. 1928-1999HLR015.73


Books in print. Latest edition
Also available online as part of Global books in print, onsite access only.


Canadian books in print.
Available online as part of Global books in print, onsite access only



South American/Caribbean

Bibliografíá cubana. 1900-HLR015.7


Bibliografíá mexicana. 1967-HLR015.72


Anuario bibliográfico costarricense. 1957-1974HLR015.728
Catálogo nacional Costa Rica ISBN. 1983-HLR015.728


Nicaraguan national bibliography. 1800-HLR015.728


Bermuda national bibliography. 1983-HLR015.729


Jamaican national bibliography. 1964-HLR015.729


Anuario bibliográfico dominicano. 1980-HLR015.729


Anuario bibliográfico puertorriqueño. 1948-1965HLR015.729


Current Caribbean bibliography. 1951-1961HLR015.729


Libros en venta. 1964-HLR015.8


Boletim bibliográfico da Biblioteca Nacional.1953-1982HLR015.81
Bibliografia brasileira. 1983-HLR015.81
Libros argentinos. 1982-HLR015.82


Anuario de la prensa chilena. 1888-HLR015.83


Bibliografía boliviana. 1979-HLR015.84


Anuario bibliográfico peruano. 1944-HLR015.85


Anuario bibliográfico colombiano. 1951-HLR015.861


Ecuador: bibliografía analítica. 1979-1982HLR015.866


Anuario bibliográfico ecuatoriano. 1983-HLR015.866


Anuario bibliográfico venezolano. 1942-1977HLR015.87


Bibliografía venezolana. 1982-HLR015.87


Anuario bibliográfico uruguayo.1946-HLR015.895




African books in print. Latest editionHLR015.6


Nigerian publications. 1950-1970HLR015.669


Bibliografie van afrikaanse boeke. 1861-1970HLR015.68


South African national bibliography. 1926-HLR015.68


South African books in print. Latest editionHLR015.68


Rhodesia national bibliography. 1961-HLR015.689


Zimbabwe national bibliography. 1979-HLR015.689




Bibliography of Indian literature. 1901-1953HLR015.54


Indian books in print . 1994-HLR015.54


Books from Pakistan. 1958-1973HLR015.549


Pakistan national bibliography. 1962-HLR015.549


Philippine national bibliography. 1963-HLR015.599




New Zealand national bibliography to 1889, 1890-HLR015.93


New Zealand books in print. Latest edition.
Also available online as part of Global books in print, onsite access only


Australian national bibliography. 1961-HLR015.94


Australian books in print. Latest edition.
Also available online as part of Global books in print, onsite access only



General guides

Bell, B. L. An annotated guide to current national bibliographies. 2nd ed. München: Saur, 1998HLR015.016


Gorman, G. E. and Mills, J. J. Guide to current national bibliographies in the Third World. 2nd rev. ed. London: Zell, 1987.HLR015.171

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