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Women and gender studies: Microforms

A brief guide to reference works on women on microform held by the British Library. It is a select list only, items marked by an asterisk are not on open access. 



Microform Collections on Women held in The British Library

*Archives Of The British Labour Party, Series 3: General Correspondence And Political Records. Part 4, Minutes And Records Of The Women's Labour League, 1906-1918 Harvester 38 microfiche
Printed list

Document Supply Shelfmark 4103. 160F

Part four contains the papers and records of the Women's Labour League from its' foundation in 1906 until 1918, when it became fully integrated into the Labour Party. The League was founded as an organisation of women to work for Independent Labour representation in close relationship with the Labour Party, and to obtain direct representation of women in Parliament.
*Aristocratic Women

Part 1 Mic.B.940
Part 2 Mic.B.941

The printed reel guide is at:

RAM 305.4
The social political and cultural history of rich and powerful women. Part 1, the correspondence of Jemima, Marchioness Grey (1722-97) and her circle.
Part 2, the correspondence and diaries of Charlotte Georgiana, Lady Bedingfield (formerly Jerningham) 1779-1833 together with the letters of Anna Seward 1791-1804, and Lady Stafford, 1774-1837.
*Bibliofem Catalogue of the Fawcett Library
Held in the OP&SS Reading Area.


British And Irish Biographies
Men and women of the day, a picture gallery of contemporary portraiture
Jan.1888-July 1894 = FICHE NO. 32
Women's who's who 1933 (-55), an annual record of the careers and activities of the leading women of the day = FICHE NO. 99
Women of the day, a biographical dictionary of notable contemporaries = FICHE NO. 58
*The Diaries Of Elizabeth Fry 1780-1845. World Microfilms, 7 reels of microfilm. Hard copy index

Document Supply Shelfmark MFR 2764

Elizabeth Fry was an English philanthropist, and, after John Howard, the chief promoter of prison reforms in Europe. This is a collection of diaries written by Elizabeth Fry between 1797 and 1845, and also includes the diary of Joseph Fry for the year 1855.
*The Diary Of Beatrice Webb, 1873-1943. Chadwyck Healey: 240 microfiche. Hard copy index.

Document Supply Shelfmark MFE 528

Beatrice Webb was an English social reformer and leading Fabian socialist. She was a partner with her husband, Sidney Webb, in projects for social and educational reform, and in research into the history of political and economic institutions. The diary is a continuous, though not daily, record from 1873-1943 in two forms, the original manuscript, written in 57 exercise books, and in typescript.
*Early Women Writers (33 titles )


*The Gerritsen Collection Of Women's History. Microfilming Corporation of America (and also individual series).
Held as microfilm and also microfiche. Hard copy index On site access only
Document Supply Shelfmark MFE 1000


This collection is possibly the greatest single source for the study of international women's history and the feminist movement. Consists of 4311 monographs and 256 periodicals.
*History of Women. Primary source media. 995 reels

MIC. B.955

Intended to document the activities of women up to 1920, the collection comprises monographs, pamphlets, periodicals, manuscripts, and selected photographs taken chiefly from the Sophia Smith collection at the Smith College and the Schlesinger Library at Radcliffe College, augmented from the New York and Boston Public Libraries, among others.

*History of women: guide to the microfilm collection. Woodbridge, 1983.
RAM 305. 4
*Irish women writers of the Romantic era: [microform] papers of Mary Tighe and Lady Sidney Morgan from the national Library of Ireland. Part 1, reels 1-9. Marlborough: Adam Matthew Publications, 2005
Mic.A.20054 part.1
*Maud Arncliffe Sennett Collection

Mic. C.10245

A collection of press cuttings, pamphlets and leaflets, mainly relating to the movement for women's suffrage in England; formed by M.Arncliffe Sennett.
*Social and Political Status of Women in Britain: Radical and Reforming Periodicals for and by Women, Part 1. Harvester: 17 reels of microfilm. Index on reel 1.

Document Supply Shelfmark MFR 1191

*Social And Political Status of Women in Britain:
Series 1, Rare Political And Reforming Journals For And By Women, Part 2 1858-1953 and Part 3 1891-1936. Harvester: 37 reels of microfilm.
Document Supply Shelfmark MFR 1191
Part 2 held on reels 18-38
Part 3 held on reels 39-54
Index on reel 18 and reel 39
*Women and/in Health, Sections 1-7; Women's History Research Center. Research Publications. 13 reels. Hard copy index.

Document Supply Shelfmark. MFR /2392 *1*

This collection is divided into 7 sections, as follows: -

Section 1 covers Physical and Mental Health of Women
Section 2 covers Physical and Mental Illnesses of Women
Section 3 covers Biology, Women and the life Cycle
Section 4 covers Birth Control and Population Control materials
Section 5 covers Sex and Sexuality
Section 6 covers Black and Third World Women and Health
Section 7 covers Special Issues and Mass periodicals
*Women, Industry And Trade Unionism. Harvester Microform. 17 reels.


The Gertrude Tuckwell collection of press cuttings, pamphlets, reports and papers, deposited at the Trades Union Congress. Most dated from the period 1890 to 1920, but continue until 1951

*[Guide]. Brighton, 1981.

YC. 1995. b.2948
*Women's Suffrage Collection. Adam Matthew Publications. 30 reels.


Reproduces the Women's Suffrage collection at Manchester Central Library, in particular the papers of Lydia Becker and Millicent Garrett Fawcett. It includes a set of the Women's Suffrage Journal (reels 4 - 7), and of The Common Cause (reels 8 -9), as well as many pamphlets and offprints.

*Listing and guide. Marlborough, 1995.
RAM 324. 623

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