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Women and gender studies: Other sources of interest

This page is a brief guide to other resources of interest for reference works for women & gender studies held by the British Library. It is a select list only, concentrating on bibliographies, biographies, and other finding aids. Much relevant material will also be found in our online catalogues. Items marked by an asterisk are not on open access. 



Other Sources of Interest

Bloomfield, B. (ed.) A directory of rare book and special collections, in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, 2nd edition. Lists holdings of places like the TUC library, which has collections relating to women. London: Library Association Publishing in association with the Rare Books Group of The Library Association, 1997.

HLR Enquiry Desk


*Brenner, Athalya. (ed.) A feminist companion to wisdom literature.
Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press,1996


*Brooke, Elisabeth. Women healers through history. Women's Press, 1993
YK. 1993.a.5287
*Creese, Mary R. S. Ladies in the laboratory?, American and British women in science, 1800-1900, A survey of their contributions to research. Lanham, Md.; London: Scarecrow Press, 1998.
Creese, Mary R.S. Ladies in the laboratory 111 South African, Australian, New Zealand, and Canadian women in science: Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries- A survey of their contributions. Lanham, Toronto, Plymouth, UK: Scarecrow Press, 2010

Dickson, Katherine Murphy. Sexism and reentry, job realities for women librarians.
Lanham, Md., Oxford: University Press of America, 1997



*Griffiths, Morwenna. Women review philosophy, new writing by women in philosophy, special issue of Women's Philosophy Review. edited by Morwenna Griffiths and Margaret Whitford. Nottingham: University of Nottingham, 1996.

YC.1996.a. 2890


*Fenton, Thomas P. and Heffron, Mary J. (compilers and eds.) Women in the Third World, a directory of resources. Annotated listings of printed and audio-visual materials by and about women in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East. MaryKnoll, N.Y.: Orbis, 1987.

YH. 1987. a.719


*Huls, Mary Ellen. United States government documents on women, 1800-1990, a comprehensive bibliography. Vol. 1. Social Issues, Vol. 2. Labor.
Westport, Conn.; London: Greenwood Press, 1993.



International Federation Of University Women. Lexique international des termes universitaires. French & English. [London;] Paris printed, 1939.


*Jafe, Deborah. Ingenious women, from tincture of saffron to flying machines.Foreword by Sandi Toksvig. Stroud,Sutton, 2003
YC. 2003.a. 21894
Law, Cheryl. Women, a modern political dictionary. London: Tauris, 2000

*Maksey, Joan & Kenneth. The Guinness guide to feminine achievement.
Enfield: Guinness Superlatives, 1975.


*Miedema, Baukje (et al.) Women's bodies/women's lives, health, well-being and body image. Toronto, Ont. Sumach, 2000

National directory of black women's organisations, 1996-
London: Winchester house, 9 Cranmer Road, London, 1996


*New horizons, a hundred years of women's migration, by Una Monk. [With plates, including portraits]. London: Departments of state and official bodies, Commonwealth relations office, 1963

Partnow, Elaine. (compiler and ed.) The Quotable woman 1800-1981.
New York: Facts on File, 1982.


Partnow, Elaine. The Quotable woman; from Eve to 1799. New York;Bicester: Facts on File, c1985 (1986 [printing])
Partnow, Elaine. The New Quotable woman: from Eve to the present day London: Headline, !993

*Schmittroth, Linda. Statistical record of women worldwide. New York, London: Gale Research, 1995.

YC.1992.b.1389. (1991, ed.)

Seager, Joni. The atlas of women. London: Women's Press, 2003

Women In India.
IOR lists, OIOC education guide.

OIH reading room open access.

Women's organisations in the United Kingdom 1997/98. A directory, (updated yearly). London: London's Women's National Commission, 1998.

HLR Enquiry Desk 305.4


*Women's Suffrage Collection. Reproduces the Women's Suffrage collection at Manchester Central Library, in particular the papers of Lydia Becker and Millicent Garrett Fawcett. It includes a set of the Women's Suffrage Journal (reels 4-7) and of The Common Cause (reels 8-9) as well as many pamphlets and offprints. Marlborough: Adam Matthew Publications, 1995

Mic.B 949

*Listing and guide. Marlborough, 1995

RAM 324.623


See Reader Guide No. 9 'Named Special Collections of Printed Books in the Humanities & Social Sciences' under the heading 'Women'.

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