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Women and gender studies: Periodicals

This page is a brief guide to reference sources for women & gender studies concentrating on periodicals, journals, serials and magazines held by the British Library. There is also a list of external websites that covers the same topic.

Much relevant material will also be found in our online catalogues. Items marked by an asterisk are not on open access.



Periodicals, Journals, Serials, Magazines

*Adburgham, Alison. Women in print, writing women and women's magazines from the Restoration to the accession of Victoria. London: George Allen & Unwin, 1972.
*ASAP: a pro-feminist newsletter for people in London, [No.1 (198-)?]- London: ASAP Collective, [198-]- (Description based on No.8 (Oct. 1982)
ZK. 9.b.14
ASSIA (Applied Social Sciences Index & Abstracts) on CD-ROM. Held by SPIS (Social Policy and Information Service) updated quarterly, Bowker-Saur
Social Science Reading Area
*Australian feminist studies, appears twice a year, and publishes material in the field of women's studies and feminist scholarship. It includes reports on national and international conferences. Abingdon: Carfax, 1985-
*Braithwaite, Brian. Women's magazines, the first 300 years, records the history of the women's magazines, by Brian Braithwaite. London: Peter Owen Publishers, 1995.
* Dancyger, Irene. A world of women, an illustrated history of women's magazines.
Dublin: Gill and Macmillian, 1978
*Danky, James P. (ed.) Women's periodicals and newspapers from the 18th century to 1981, a union list of the holdings of Madison, Wisconsin, libraries. The scope of the guide is broad, including literary, political and historical journals as well as general newspapers and feature magazines. Some of the titles may be found in the British Library catalogue. Boston, Mass: G.K.Hall & Co., 1982.
* Doughan, David; Sanchez, Denise. Feminist periodicals, 1855-1984, an annotated critical bibliography of British, Irish, Commonwealth and international titles.
Brighton: Harvester, 1987
* The English woman's review, and drawing room journal of progress, literature and art. Edited by E. Duckworth. 1857-1859. London, 1857
Multiple shelfmarks see Explore the British Library
* The Englishwoman's domestic magazine. Began with V.1. 1852; ceased with : ser. 3, V.27, 1879. Later incorporated in 'The milliner, dressmaker & draper'; monthly. London: S.O. Beeton, 1852-1879
3775.172500 DSC
*European journal of women's studies. It is a quarterly interdisciplinary, academic, feminist journal, aiming to involve scholars from all European regions. Vol. 1, issue 1 (Spring 1994) -
London: Sage, 1994-
ZC.9. a. 4056
*Feminism and psychology, an international journal. Vol. 1, no. 1 (Feb.1991)- London: Sage, 1991-
*Feminist periodicals 1855-1984, an annotated critical bibliography of British, Irish, Commonwealth and International titles. David Doughton , Denise Sanchez. Brighton: Harvester, 1987
*Feminist theology, issued 3 times a year. No. 1 (Sept. 1992)- Sheffield Academic Press, 1992
ZC. 9.a.3350
* Feminist review. Published 3 times a year, by a collective based in London, with help from women and groups all over the country. No. 1, 1979- Last 12 months only Social Science journals display. London: [distributed by] Publications Distribution Co-op, 1979-
DSC 3905.197600
*The freewoman, A weekly feminist review. nos. 1-47 23rd November 1911- 10 October 1912. Discontinued. London, 1911, 1912
MIC. A. 2558
*Glo, a journal of lesbian and gay studies. Quarterly, Vol. 1, no. 1 (1993)- Gordon and Breach, 1993
*Humphreys, Nancy. American women's magazines, an annotated historical guide.
New York, London: Garland, 1989
*International journal of women's studies, published five times a year, and covers articles on critical analysis and speculative studies on women. Vol. 1, No.1, January/February 1978-
Montreal : Eden Press Women's Publications, 1978-
*Iris, a journal about women. Includes book reviews, poetry, short stories and feature articles. Published twice yearly. No. 1-
Charlottesville: Women's Center, University of Virginia, 1980-
*Journal of women's history. Bloomington, In. : Indiana University Pres, 1989- Three issues yearly.
ZA. 9.a.6710
DSC 5072.634500
LISA (Library Information Science Abstracts) , mainly articles from international journals and periodicals. All abstracts are in English, updated quarterly. Bowker- Saur
Also available online as LISAnet, onsite only.
HUR020.5 (hard copy)
*McCracken, Ellen. Decoding women's magazines, from "Mademoiselle" to "Ms"
London: Macmillan , 1992.
*Manushi, a journal about women and society, within India. The magazine provides articles on women's lives, work, civil liberties and human rights issues , it also covers interviews, historical pieces, film and book reviews.[19- ]- description based on Vol. 4, no.3 (Mar.-Apr. 1984) Delhi: Madhu Kishwar on behalf of Manushi trust, [19- ]-
*Mslexia, for women who write. First issue No. 1, (spring 1999)- Newcastle upon Tyne: Mslexia publications,1999-
*Newsletter: Feminist Library and Information Centre, six issues yearly, covers news, reviews and catalogued books of the Feminist Library. First issue No. 1, (Jan. /Feb. 1984)-
London: 5 Westminster Bridge Road, Southwark, SE1 7XW, UK.


*Psychology of women section review. It aims to promote and support academic research and debate on issues related to the psychology of women and encourage the development of theory and practice concerning gender and other social inequalities. Vol.1, No.1 (spring 1999)- published twice a year.
Leicester, Psychology of Women Section, the British Psychological Society, 1999
ZC. 9.a.5365
*Review, ((UCG) University College, Galway) Women's Studies Center, Covers women's history, women and the arts and the roles of women in society both nationally and internationally, has illustrations. Vol.1,(1992)-
Published by Women's Studies Centre, National University of Ireland.
*Scottish women's liberation journal. Vol.1, no.1-; Spring 1977- [Edinburgh] c/o Sally Henry, [The Scottish women's liberation journal collective] 1977-
*Studies on women abstracts. The major focus is on education, employment, female sex and gender role socialisation, female culture, media treatment of women, biography, literary criticism and historical studies. Published bi-monthly. Vol.1, No.1, (1983)- Abingdon: PO Box 25, Abingdon, Oxon. OX14 1RW: Carfax Pub.Co. 1983.
(OPL305.412), the last 5 years are held by SPIS.
*WSN (Women's Studies Network) newsletter: Resource Centre for Women's Studies, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Wolverhampton. Three issues a year, first issue No.1, 1988. Dudley: Resource Centre for Women's Studies, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Wolverhampton, Dudley Campus, 1988- (Holdings: No. 22 (Nov 1995)-
The Wellesley index to Victorian periodicals 1824- 1900. Premier research tool for nineteenth-century studies, it provides access to printed sources, from thousands of articles written in the nineteenth century. It is an invaluable guide, covering numerous subjects including the writings of women in the Victorian age.
5 vols. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1966-1989.
*White, Cynthia L. Women's magazines, 1693-1968.
London: Joseph, 1970
*The woman's magazine.Nos. 1-16, April 1906 -July 1907. Discontinued.
1906 LOU.LON299 [1906]
1907 LOU.LON746 [1907]
*Women in wartime: the role of women's magazines 1939-1945, Jane Waller and Michael Vaughan-Rees, London: Macdonald, Optima, 1987
*Women's journals of the nineteenth century, part 1, The women's penny paper and women's herald, 1888-1893, a listing and guide to part 1 of the microfilm collection.Marlborough: Adam Matthew, 1997
Women's magazines, 1693-1968 White, Cynthia.  London:  Joseph, 1970
72/5271 DSC
*Women's liberation review. Published, designed and typed by The Women's Literature Collective, printed by The Falling Wall Press. No.1, October 1972, no. 2 October 1973. London 1972-1973
*Women's philosophy review. WPR seeks to review books on feminist theory and gender theory likely to be of interest to philosophers, as well as books in philosophy likely to be of interest to those working on women and gender. Published three times a year.
Editor Christine Battersby. No. 10, (Nov. 1993) - Warwick: c/o Department of Philosophy, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4.
ZC.9.b. 6887
*Women's studies international forum, (formerly Women's studies international quarterly, established in 1978) is a bimonthly journal to aid the distribution and exchange of feminist research in the multidisciplinary, international area of women's studies and in the feminist research in other disciplines.

(Last 12 months in Social Science Reading Area)

*Zuckerman, Mary Ellen. A history of popular women's magazines in the United States, 1792 - 1995. Westport, Conn.; London: Greenwood, 1998

Zuckerman, Mary Ellen. (compiler). Sources on the history of women's magazines, 1792-1960, an annotated bibliography. New York; London: Greenwood Press, 1991.

Feminist Review New book reviews are free to view
Feminist Times Online Feminist magazine, with articles, community and events
Mslexia for women who write Literary agents and BBC producers scan Mslexia every quarter on the lookout for fresh talent. Many women have launched their writing careers in the pages of the magazine.
Women's magazines of the 1920s 1930s and the 40s This web page looks at women's magazines and some of the adverts they contained.
Vogue magazine Archive Vogue archive, limited search of covers , (incl photographers, editor and cover models) dates back to Sept 1916
VIVA A free webzine, the first international website magazine for women.

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