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Women and gender studies: Suffrage

This page is a brief guide to reference sources and databses for women & gender studies held by the British Library. It is a select list only, concentrating on bibliographies, biographies, and other finding aids. Much relevant material will also be found in our online catalogues. Items marked by an asterisk are not on open access. 

The Suffragette

The Suffragette 13 June 1913. Copyright © The British Library Board



Suffrage , including suffrage songs

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37 vol. 1906-36.
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*Suffrage March: song, words and music by Lucenia W. Richards. Chcago; Richards and Richards, 1914
*Woman's suffrage songs, words and music. by P.R.Browne etc. Indianapolis: P.R.Browne, (1913)
*That Ragtime Suffragette, etc. [song] by Nat D. Ayer, New York: Harry Williams Music Co, [1913]
*I want a man ! (suffragette song.) words by Louis Weslyn, New York : M. Witmark & Sons, [1910]
*My wife is a suffragette, words and music by Nellie V. O'Grady. New York : O'Grady Music Publishing., 1913
*Votes for women, song, by Ed. Markel Des Moines, Ia., : Ed. Markel, 1916. 1 score (5p)
*John Bull's Daughter. The great suffrage war song, words and music by E.Wood. London: Reynolds & Co. [1908]
*Suffragettes to she-devils, women's liberation and beyond. Liz McQuiston, foreword by Germaine Greer. London: Phaidon, 1997
Document Supply Shelfmark q97/17531
*Van Wingerden Sophie. The women's suffrage movement in Britain, 1866-1928. Basingstoke: Macmillan, 1999
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*Women's suffrage collection from Manchester Central Library, a listing and guide to the microfilm collection.Which includes papers of Lydia Becker and Millicent Garrett Fawcett and also includes a set of the Women's Suffrage Journal (reels 4-7) and The Common Cause (reels 8-9) as well as many pamphlets and offprints. Marlborough: Adam Matthew, 1995.
*Woman suffrage, history, arguments and results, a collection of seven popular booklets covering practically the entire field of suffrage claims and evidence, designed especially for the convenience of suffrage speakers and writers and for the use of debaters and libraries. New York: National woman suffrage publishing co. 1915.
MIC. A. 16699
Listing and guide, Marlborough, 1995
RAM 324.623


National American Woman Suffrage Association Collection 1848-1921
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