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Women and gender studies: War

This page is a brief guide to reference sources for women & gender studies held by the British Library. It is a select list only, concentrating on bibliographies, biographies, and other finding aids. Much relevant material will also be found in our online catalogues. Items marked by an asterisk are not on open access. 

Women Soldier

Kit Cavanagh- also known as Christian Davies (1717)


Women and War

*Anderson, Karen. Wartime women: sex roles, family relations, and the status of women during World War 11 Wesport, Conn.; London: Greenwood Press, 1981
3461.480000 no. 20 DSC
*Biddle, Margaret Schulze. The women of England,etc. [An account of women's organizations in wartime. with plates] Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1941
*Brittain, Vera. Testament of youth, an autobiographical study of the years 1900-1925
Cook, Bernard A. Women and war: a historical encyclopedia from antiquity to the present Santa Barbara, Calif.; Oxford: ABC-CLIO, 2005. 2 Vols. v. 1. A-K v. 2. L-Z
YC.200 7.b.28
*Cockburn, Cynthia. From where we stand: War, women's activism and feminist analysis. London: Zed, 2007
m07/18375 DSC
*Durham, Helen and Tracey Gurd (eds.) Listening to the silences: women and war. Leiden: Martinus Nijhoff; Biggleswade: Extenza Turpin [distributor], 2005
4540.795000 vol. 8 DSC
*Drummond, John Dorman. Blue for a girl, the story of the W.R.N.S [with plates].London: W.H.Allen., 1960
*Grayzel, Susan R. Women and the First World War. Harlow : Longman,2002
m06/28919 DSC
*Hartley, Jenny. Hearts undefeated: women's writing of the Second World War. London: Virago, 1994 (1995 printing)
*Higonnet, Margaret Randolph. Behind the lines: gender and the two world wars.New Haven; London: Yale University, 1987
*Honey, Maureen. Bitter fruit: African American women in World war 11. Columbia, Mo. : University of Missouri Press, 1999
*Katin, Zema. "Clippie" The autobiography of a war time conductress. London: John Gifford, 1944
*Landis.Carole. Four Jills in a jeep Washington: Library of Congress Photoduplication Service, [s.d] 1 microfilm reel; 35mm.
*Lesinska, Zofia P. Perspectives of four women writers on the Second World War: Gertrude Stein, Janet Flanner, Kay Boyle, and Rebecca West. New York : Peter Lang, 2002
8491.036000.Vol. 17 DSC
*MacLaren, Barbara, Hon. Mrs. Francis MacLaren. Women of the war.....with an introduction by the right Hon. H.H.Asquith. Hodder and Stoughton: London, 1917
*Marlow, Joyce The Virago book of women and the Great War, 1914-18. London: Virago, 1998
m00/35643 DSC
*Sheldon, Sayre P. Her war story: twentieth-century women write about war. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1999
*Sheridan, Dorothy. Wartime women, a mass-observation anthology 1937-45 London: Phoenix Press, 2000
Summerfield, Penny. Reconstructing women's wartime lives: discourse and subjectivity in oral histories of the Second World war Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1998
98/23086 DSC
Townsend, Colin and Eileen Townsend (eds.) War wives: a second world war anthology. London: Grafton, 1989
89/10751 DSC
*Tylee, Clare M. The Great War and women's consciousness: images of militarism and feminism in women's writings, 1914-64. Basingstoke : Macmillan, 1990
*Waller, Jane. Women in wartime: the role of women's magazines 1939-1945. Jane Waller and Michael Vaughan-Rees. London: Macdonald Optima, 1987
*Waller, Marguerite R. Frontline feminisms: women, war, and resistance. New York; London : Garland, 2000
*What did you do in the war, Grandma? Somerset County Federation of Women's Institutes. Newbury : Countryside Books, 2005. World War, 1939-1945
*Winchell, Meghan K. Good girls, good food, good fun: the story of USO hostesses during World War 11. Chapel Hill, N.C.: University of North Carolina Press; London: Eurospan [distributor], 2008.
YK 2009.a.31794
*Women in Wartime, the role of women's magazines 1929-1945. Jane Waller & Michael Vaughan-Rees, London: Macdonald & Co. 1987

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