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National Life Stories: who's who

The following is a list of personnel involved with National Life Stories.

  • President
    Lord Asa Briggs
  • Founder
    Professor Paul Thompson
  • Chairman
    Sir Nicholas Goodison
  • Director
    Dr Robert Perks
  • Associate Director
    Jennifer Wingate
  • Treasurer
    Bob Boas
  • Past Chairman
    Martyn Goff CBE
  • Project Director
    Cathy Courtney
  • Deputy Director
    Mary Stewart
  • Archivist
    Elspeth Millar
  • Assistant Archivist
    Emily Hewitt
  • Senior Academic Consultant
  • Dr Sally Horrocks (An Oral History of British Science)
  • Volunteers
  • Claire Fons
  • Audrie Mundy
  • Project workers

  • Frances Cornford (Crafts Lives)
  • Niamh Dillon (Tesco: An Oral History, Architects’ Lives, Chefs)
  • Katharine Haydon (An Oral History of Barings)
  • Thomas Lean (An Oral History of British Science)
  • Paul Merchant (An Oral History of British Science)
  • Sarah O’Reilly (Authors’ Lives)
  • Elizabeth Wright (Oral History of Theatre Design and Crafts Lives)


  • Susan Hutton
  • Susan Nicholls
  • Business Friend

    Freelance oral history interviewers

  • Louise Brodie (Pioneers in Charity and Social Welfare, Oral History of the British Press, Down to Earth: An Oral History of British Horticulture)
  • Catherine Croft (Architects' Lives)
  • Rachel Cutler (Oral History of British Athletics)
  • Geraint Franklin (Architects' Lives)
  • Kirstie Gregory (Artists’ Lives)
  • Shirley Read (Oral History of British Photography)
  • Jenny Simmons (Artists’ Lives)
  • Ann Sproat (Artists’ Lives)
  • Robert Wilkinson (An Oral History of Oral History)
  • Jon Wood (Artists’ Lives)


  • Bob Boas
  • Lord Asa Briggs
  • Roger Gavin
  • Sir Nicholas Goodison
  • Baron Hennessy of Nympsfield
  • Bill Knight OBE
  • Dr Scot McKendrick
  • Dr Jo Reilly
  • Dr Robert Perks
  • Professor Dorothy Sheridan MBE
  • Professor Paul Thompson
  • David Webster
  • Jennifer Wingate
  • Advisors

  • Sir Peter Bazalgette
  • Eric de Bellaigue
  • Lord Bragg
  • Professor Mary Chamberlain
  • Sir Roger Gibbs
  • Dr Mark Girouard
  • Martyn Goff CBE
  • Professor Leslie Hannah
  • Lord Rees of Ludlow OM
  • Jonathan Taylor CBE
  • Caroline Waldegrave OBE
  • Bill Williams


    Advisory committees for individual National Life Stories projects are listed on the web page of the respective project. 

    Further information

    Contact us

    Oral History
    The British Library
    96 Euston Road
    NW1 2DB
    United Kingdom

    T +44 (0)20 7412 7405 (Rob Perks, Lead Curator, Oral History  / Director of National Life Stories)
    T +44 (0)20 7412 7406 (Mary Stewart, Curator, Oral History / Deputy Director of National Life Stories)
    T +44 (0)20 7412 7404 (Elspeth Millar, Archivist, Oral History)