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Electronic text sites

The following are links to a selection of freely available Internet sites which are known to contain digitised (and in many cases searchable) texts. Another page on the website provides links to selected digital facsimile sites. The Library also subscribes to a number of full-text databases; these are available in the Library's Reading Rooms but cannot be accessed off-site for licensing reasons.

General and world literatureGreek and Latin
Particular periodsHispanic
English language and literatureBible and religion

 General and world literature

 Classics of literature, nonfiction, and reference. Searchable within categories (fiction, verse, reference, non-fiction), and by author, title, or subject.
Electronic Texts 
 Includes electronic texts such as historical letters and diaries, government documents, and technical reports.
Based at the University of Washington.
Hathi Trust Digital Library
 An online digital archive/ library of leading American university research libraries. Includes the full text of books, monographs and pamphlets out of copyright. All subject areas of the arts and humanities, sciences and social sciences are covered.
Humanities Text Initiative
 Texts in the humanities, e.g. English language and literature, the Bible, American history, and travel. Based at the University of Michigan.
Internet Public Library
 Over 16,000 texts searchable by author, title or Dewey Decimal Classification. The site is especially strong on 19th century English language items and has a large section on Shakespeare texts and criticism. Hosted by the University of Michigan.
On-line Books Page
 More than 13,000 works in English, searchable by author, title and subject. Hosted by the University of Pennsylvania Library.
Oxford Text Archive
 The Oxford Text Archive develops, collects, catalogues and preserves electronic literary and linguistic resources.
Page by Page Books
 Mainly works of English or American literature, or English translations of works from other literatures. Includes inaugural addresses of many U.S. presidents. Searchable by author or by title.
WESSWEB: Electronic Text Collections in Western European Literature
 WESSWEB is a project of the West European Studies Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries.This page lists Internet sources for literary texts in the Western European languages other than English.

 Particular periods

Online Medieval and Classical Library
 A collection of some of the most important literary works of Classical and Medieval civilization.
Internet Medieval Sourcebook: Full text sources
 Full text sources for mediaeval history. Part of ORB: the Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies.
Early Modern Literary Studies: Electronic Texts
 Links to select electronic texts of fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth century materials which are on the Internet, as well as others which have bearing upon this time period.
18th Century E-Texts
 Eighteenth-century works publicly available on the network. "Eighteenth century is understood extremely broadly -- this very long eighteenth century runs from Milton through Byron, or thereabouts."
Nineteenth Century in Print
 A collection of nineteenth-century American imprints, dating mainly from between 1850 and 1880. The topics covered are wide-ranging, with an emphasis on social history.

 English language and literature

Alex Catalogue
 Public domain documents from American and English literature as well as Western philosophy, searchable by author, title and date.
 Searchable texts of thousands of classic literary works from around the world, in English translation where appropriate. Also, several important reference works.
British Women Romantic Poets 1789-1832
 Electronic editions of works published by British women poets between 1789 and 1832. An electronic collection of texts from the Shields Library, University of California, Davis.
English Online Resources (Electronic Text Center)
 Includes two collections which mainly comprise publicly accessible texts: the Middle English Collection and the Modern English Collection (1500 to date). Based at the University of Virginia.
Literary Gothic
 A guide to literary Gothicism, which includes ghost stories, "classic" Gothic novels and Gothic fiction (1764-1820), and related pre- and post-Gothic and supernaturalist literature written prior to the mid-C20.
 Anthologies of Middle English, Renaissance and early 17th century English literature (1350-1660).
Perseus Project
 Includes texts relating to the Classics and to the English Renaissance (including Marlowe's works and Shakespeare's First Folio). The Perseus Project is based in the Department of the Classics, Tufts University.
TEAMS Middle English Texts
 Middle English texts, published for TEAMS (The Consortium for the Teaching of the Middle Ages) in association with the University of Rochester by Medieval Institute Publications, Western Michigan University.
UTEL (University of Toronto English Library)
 A full text collection of poetry, drama, and prose and non-fiction works, together with criticism and theory resources, etc.
Victorian Women Writers Project
 Transcriptions of works by British women writers of the 19th century, including poetry, novels, children's books, political pamphlets, religious tracts, and other forms of expression. Library Electronic Text Resource Service, Indiana University Bloomington Libraries.


 Pages within the website of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France that provide access to a large collection of digitised texts and images covering the period from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century. The material can be approached in various ways, e.g. via a chronology, or themes, or by searching a catalogue. The site includes language and biographical dictionaries.

 Greek and Latin

An Analytic Bibliography of On-Line Neo-Latin Texts
 An analytic bibliography of Latin texts written during the Renaissance and later that are freely available to the general public on the Web.
Perseus Project
 Includes texts relating to the Classics and to the English Renaissance. The Perseus Project is based in the Department of the Classics, Tufts University.
Project Libellus
 A library of classical texts donated (or released into the public domain) by the editor, and texts whose copyright has expired. The archive is located at the University of Washington, Seattle.
The Internet Classics Archive
 Over 400 works, mainly Greco-Roman (some Chinese and Persian), all in English translation.


Biblioteca Digital Hispánica
 An online resource of the National Library of Spain, which provides free access to thousands of digitized documents

 Bible and religion

Ecole Initiative
 Translations of Judæo-Christian and Islamic Primary Sources to 1500. The Ecole Initiative is a service of the University of Evansville.
New Testament Gateway
 Bible versions and translations, and related resources. Based at Duke University,


Alex Catalogue
 Public domain documents from American and English literature as well as Western philosophy, searchable by author, title and date.
EServer: Philosophy
 Canonical philosophic texts and links to scholarly philosophic organizations. Based at the University of Washington.

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