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Philosophy: a guide to resources

A list of online reference sources relating to Philosophy selected by our experts.

•  Philosophy resources available electronically



 Philosophy resources available electronically

 General reference works:

A dictionary of philosophy, Macmillan, edited by Antony Flew and Stephen Priest, Credo Reference, onsite access only.

Bloomsbury guide to human thought, edited by Kenneth McLeish, Credo Reference, onsite access only.

The Cambridge dictionary of philosophy, general editor: Robert Audi, Credo Reference, onsite access only.

The internet encyclopedia of philosophy, general editor: James Feiser..

The Oxford companion to philosophy, edited by Ted Honderich, Oxford Reference Online, onsite access only.

The Oxford dictionary of philosophy, edited by Simon Blackburn, Oxford Reference Online, onsite access only.

The Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy, principle editor Edward N. Zalta.

 Philosophy research resources and electronic texts:

Alex catalogue, documents from American and English literature as well as Western philosophy, searchable by author, title and date.

Marxist internet archive, contains histories, biographies and electronic texts of primary source material relating to Marxism including the  Encyclopedia of Marxism, edited by Brian Basgen & Andy Blunden.

Philosophy pages, a general website on western philosophical tradition.

 Philosophy gateways:

EpistemeLinks, includes over 16,500 categorised links to philosophy resources on the Internet.

Voice of the Shuttle, links to humanities and humanities-related resources on the internet.

WWW Philosophy Virtual Library, a philosophy resource gateway.

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