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Maps: Scanned collections online

Comprising collections of static, scanned-in images viewable online. For links to selected interactive web mappers, see our page for Interactive Mapping on the Web.

  Historical Maps

 Great Britain

The British Library collections

  • Online Gallery: Some of the world's finest early maps, such as Matthew Paris' Map of Great Britain and The Anglo-Saxon Mappa Mundi, as well as selections from several collections, such as the Crace Maps of London, are available via an interactive viewer and are accompanied by extensive curator's notes. 
  • Images Online: Over 1100 maps are available via the picture library. Designed for commercial uses, it offers licensing of images and ordering in digital format.
  • Mapping History, an online educational area focussing on four maps from the British Library's collections.
  • Turning the Pages: See the link for "First Atlas of Europe" for an interactive presentation of the complete volume of Mercator's 16th century Atlas of Europe.
  • Roy Map: searching and viewing of this 18th century military mapping treasure. A joint project of the National Library of Scotland and the British Library.
  • Ordnance Surveyors' Drawings: Part of the Online Gallery. Refer to the graphic map index to determine the sheet number visually (rather than searching by placename, which is possible). Then search for "OSD" followed by the number, eg "OSD 152". High quality digital scans of the Ordnance Surveyors' Drawings may be viewed and printed by readers in the Maps Reading Room.

The National Archives of England, Wales and the United Kingdom
View samples of images in their image library.

Natural Science Museum - Picture Library 
This collection of images contains expedition maps and miscellaneous maps from around the world (most interestingly, William Smith's maps of the geology of Great Britain). Many may be purchased as digital or transparency, or a low resolution may be downloaded free online.
Late 19th-century OS mapping. Zoomable and accompanied by modern maps and aerial photos.

England and Wales

MAPCO : Map And Plan Collection Online
A small but high-quality collection of scanned 18th and 19th century maps and plans of London and the British Isles. Includes an exceptional reproduction of Civitas Londinum: A Survey Of The Cities Of London And Westminster, The Borough Of Southwark And Parts Adjacent In The Reign Of Queen Elizabeth c1560.

Genmaps: England, Wales and Scotland
Links to numerous projects gathered from the web, offering scanned historic maps of varying quality. Organized by county. Also a segment on administrative boundary changes for those looking for historic county boundaries.

Gardiner's Atlas of English History
Scanned copy of "A School Atlas of English History" ed. by Samuel Rawson Gardiner. London: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1892. Images are presented in html with no zoom or pan features, but good as reference. Scanned and posted to the web by Pam Rietsch of

Old Hampshire Mapped
An excellent selection of high-resolution historical maps of Hampshire County, with text.

Map of London
Outstanding-quality images of Edward Stanford's Library Map of London and its Suburbs, 1862-1871. Find areas by text or graphic.

MOTCO Reproductions
Maps of London from 1705 to 1862, including Stanford's (1862) Cary's (1786) Horwood's (ca 1799) and Roque's (1746).

Charles Booth Online Archive, London School of Economics
Poverty maps of London that show the social and housing situation in London at the turn of the century. The interface compares Charles Booth's maps with modern street mapping.

Maps of London
A number of large-scale, 19th and early 20th c. maps, including some focussing on the London docks, and thematic maps such as for transport and cycling.


Charting the Nation: maps of Scotland and associated archives 1550-1740
A University of Edinburgh project to provide access to over 3500 maps of Scotland,1550 to 1740.

National Library of Scotland online maps
A collection of online maps of Scotland, containing some of Pont's work, military surveys, bathymetrical charts, town plans, and early maps of Scotland. Reproductions may be ordered from this site.

 From the Western Hemisphere

American Memory, Library of Congress (USA) map collections, 1500-Present.
An excellent site, containing more than 10,000 online maps from 1500 to the present, depicting areas all over the world. Requires free viewers to download maps.

David Rumsey Map Collection
A superb collection containing 8000 items, focusing on 18th and 19th century maps of the Americas, but also including maps from other parts of the World.

Bibliotheque nationale Quebec Digital Collections: maps and plans
A collection of more than 1,000 maps of Québec, from the days of New France to the mid-20th century

Michigan State University, Map Collections  
Foci are Michigan, US and Canada, and Africa.

MAGIC Scanned historical map collection, Univ. of Connecticut
Maps of the US Northeast and Connecticut from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Produced by a library, this has excellent metadata and a selection of formats/ways to view.

The Yale map collection
Several collections have been scanned in, including antiquarian maps, historical city plans, and globe collections, offering world-wide coverage.

 Modern Maps

UK Geography, National Statistics
This government site presents pdf maps of the main territorial units used in UK National Statistics and other administrative and governmental work. Includes health, administrative, Census, postal, electoral boundaries and more. See Interactive Mapping for more maps of contemporary UK government statistics.

Outline maps of Great Britain, Ordnance Survey
Simple, small scale, outline maps freely downloadable in a number of formats: tif, eps, pdf, gif.

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, Univ. of Texas, Austin, Libraries
A geographically wide-ranging collection of current map images of counties, continents,and regions. Because most are produced by the U.S. Central Intellegence Agency, copyright does not present considerable difficulties.

Military Topographic Maps: Mapstor
Digital images of Soviet military topographic maps, published during 1960-2003, for download, free of charge.

United Nations Cartographic Section
Maps of every country in PDF format for easy printing. Also world maps and thematic maps.

The Atlas of Canada
An excellent site containing viewable and downloadable archives of national atlases, plus modern thematic maps covering both the human and physical geography of Canada.