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Business information

The British Library's free business enquiry service provides information which may be used to gain new clients, find new suppliers, or contribute to either the business plan or marketing strategy. This is a quick information service with each enquiry limited to a maximum of 30 minutes research time.

Information we can provide

If you would like someone to find the information for you, we can provide:

  • Company information - Contact details, names of key personnel and shareholders, turnover figure.
  • Market information - Market size, names of major players.
  • Product information - Suppliers of particular products or services, name of the company that manufactures a product with a specific trade name.

Helping you to do your own research

If you prefer to carry out your own research, we may be able to help by providing:

  • Helping you search the Library‚Äôs business and IP collections using Explore the British Library
  • Assistance to those trying to find relevant information via the web.
  • Advice and guidance for those wishing to use The British Library's business collections.
  • Signposting to other organisations for more specialist information.
  • Industry Guides on specific industry sectors.

Further Information

Staff are available to answer enquiries 9.30-17.00, Mondays to Fridays. Telephone calls will be answered within 15 seconds; email enquiries will be answered within 2 working days. The maximum length of research time per enquiry is 30 minutes.


Business and Intellectual Property enquiries
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E-mail: Ask the Business & IP Reference Team