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Austria: Intellectual Property Documentation

The following is a detailed list of the Austrian intellectual property documentation held within the British Library IP collection.

Material on this list may only be available in German. We cannot translate items for you.

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Österreichisches Patentamt


Patent Specifications

1899 - to date

Patentschrift (B specs):505418 - to dateCD/DVDIP Open Access
 393901 - 505417CD/DVDIP Reserve North
 388115 - 394702MicroformIP Reserve North
 387081 - 388300PaperIP Reserve South
 1 - 387080PaperIP Reserve North (015268614)
German Patents Entered in Austrian Patent Register (specifications of DE patents valid in Austria during Anschluss and still valid after 1945)Bound vol. 1938 - 1945PaperIP Reserve South


Beschreibung der Erfindungen und Verbesserungen (annual publication of illustrated brief specifications of Austro-Hungarian patents, includes name and classified indexes)1821 - 1847PaperIP Reserve South

Patent Databases

Austrian Publication Server15th Oct 2005 - to dateOnline

Indexes and Abstracts

Oester-Ungar Patentblatt (abstracts, includes name index to 1883, classified index from 1885)1881 - 1898PaperIP Reserve South
Jahreskatalog (name and classified indexes, list of patents in force)1899 - 1922PaperIP Reserve South
Classified Index1923 - 1929PaperIP Reserve South
Oesterreich Priviligien Katalog (annual lists of patents, format and content varies)1860 - 1913PaperIP Reserve South
Oesterreich Priviligien Katalog (Monatlich) (monthly liats of patents, format and content varies)1873 - 1913PaperIP Reserve South
Verzeichniss Der Priviligien (chronological lists)1853 - 1859PaperIP Reserve South

Official Journals

Oesterreichisches Patentblatt Teil II (includes annual name index)last 12 monthsOnline
 1981 - 2002PaperIP Reserve South
Oesterreichisches Patentblatt (name indexes to 1913)1899 - 1980PaperIP Reserve South

Legal Decisions

Oesterreichisches Patentblatt Teil Ilast 12 monthsOnline
 1981 - 2002PaperIP Reserve South

Miscellaneous Patent Publications

Annual Report2004CD/DVDIP Reserve North
 1987 - 2002PaperIP Reserve South
75 Jahre Oesterreichisches Patentamt (75th Anniversary celebration book)1974PaperIP Reserve South
List of Specifications (manuscript)1821 - 1847PaperIP Reserve South
Ergänzung zum Stichwörterverzeichnis zur Ermittlung der Patentklassen, Unterabteilungen und Gruppen1969PaperIP Reserve South
Stichwörterverzeichnis zur Ermittlung der Patentklassen, Unterabteilungen und Gruppen1954PaperIP Reserve South
Gruppenverzeichnis der Patentklassen1952PaperIP Reserve South

Utility Models (Gebrauchsmuster)

Specifications11204 - to dateCD/DVDIP Open Access
 Dec 1995 - 11203CD/DVDIP Reserve North
Gebrauchsmusterblatt (official journal)last 12 monthsOnline

Trade Marks

Oesterreichisches Marken Anzeiger (includes name index to 2002)last 12 monthsOnline
 1948 - 2005PaperIP Reserve South
Zentral Marken Anzeiger1905 - 1938PaperIP Reserve South
Zentral Markenregister1903 - 1904PaperIP Reserve South
Central Markenregister1891 - 1902PaperIP Reserve South
General Markenübersicht1881 - 1890PaperIP Reserve South
Wortmarken Verzeichnis1900, 1909, 1952, 1961, 1967PaperIP Reserve South
Wortmarken Verzeichnis Annual Index1953 - 1959PaperIP Reserve South

Designs (Muster)

Muster Anzeiger2012 - to dateOnline
 1991 - 2005PaperIP Reserve South