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Canada: Intellectual Property Documentation

The following is a detailed list of Canadian patent documentation held within the British Library's intellectual property collection. 

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Canadian Intellectual Property Office


Patent specifications

1990 - to date
Applications (A specs):2012 - to dateCD/DVDIP Open Access
 1999 - 2011CD/DVDIP Reserve North
 2000001 - 2269842 (some gaps)MicroformIP Reserve North
Granted (C specs):2012 - to dateCD/DVDIP Open Access
 2000 - 2011CD/DVDIP Reserve North
 2000001 - 2271931MicroformIP Reserve North
1869 - 1990
Granted:1051601 - end of seriesMicroformIP Reserve North
 445931 - 1051600PaperIP Reserve North (015268649)
(1 - 445931 are not held.  Illustrated abridgements were published in the official journal from patent number 1645, published in 1873, onwards)
1824 - 1869
Specifications1 - 489PaperIP Reserve South
(These specifications are very short, often only a single paragraph.  They were collected in two bound volumes, one for 1824 - 1849 and one for 1849 - 1854, each of which contains a name index and alphabetical title list for those which it contains.  The remaining specifications in the series, 490 - 3325, are not held.)

Patent databases

Canadian Patents Database (status and specifications)bibliographic data 1869 - to date
full documents 1920 - to date
Canadian Patents 1869 - 1919 (scanned manuscript specification, full claimed date range currently not available)1869 - 1894Online

Indexes and abstracts

Canadian Patent Office Record (abridgements in numerical order, name and title indexes bound in until 19041873 - 1976PaperIP Reserve South
Canadian Patent Office Record Index (name indexes and, until 1967, alphabetical title lists)1905 - 1998PaperIP Reserve South
List of Patents (includes first series 1824 - 1869 and second series until start of official journal in 1873)1824 - 1872PaperIP Reserve South
Classified Patent Lists1869 - 1986 cumulatedMicroformIP Reserve North
Derwent World Patent Abstracts1975 - 1998PaperIP Reserve North

Official Journals

Canadian Patent Office Record1999 - to dateOnline
 1873 - 2003PaperIP Reserve South
Annual Index to CPOR (cross-reference of numbers and publication dates only)1999 to dateOnline

Legal decisions

Institute of Canada Patent and Trade Mark Newsletter1967 - 1986PaperIP Reserve South
(Main legal decision journal since 1952 is Canadian Patent Reporter, shelved in Business & IP Centre at (P) BM00 - E(1))

Miscellaneous patent publications

Annual Report2010 - to dateOnline
 1919 - 2002 (some gaps)PaperIP Reserve South
Patent Classification Scheme1985, 1990MicroformIP Reserve North
Patent Classification (loose-leaf)1952 - 1984PaperIP Reserve South
Patent Classification Superseded Sheets1952 - 1980PaperIP Reserve South
Alphabetical Index to Classification1979 - 1980, 1986PaperIP Reserve South

Trade Marks

Trade Mark DatabaseAll registered 1979 - to date, all in force, some older expired marksOnline
Trade Marks Journal1954 - 2000PaperIP Reserve South
Directory of Canadian Trade Marks1995PaperIP Reserve South
(Trade marks were included in the main official journal from 1888 to 1953.)

Registered Designs

Industrial Designs Database1861 - to dateOnline
(Design information was included in the main official journal from 1900 to 1960)

Old Newfoundland intellectual property system

Newfoundland Royal Gazette (includes patent notices)1904 - 1939PaperIP Reserve South
Lists of Letters Patent1851 - 1951PaperIP Reserve South
Lists of Trade Marks1890 - 1949PaperIP Reserve South