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Denmark: Intellectual Property Documentation

The following is a detailed list of the Danish intellectual property documentation held within the British Library IP collection.

Material on this list may only be available in Danish. We cannot translate items for you.

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Patent -og Varemærkestyrelsen


Patent specifications

1968 - to date

Unexamined applications (Patentansøgning, front page only, shelved by week)2005 - to datePaperIP Reserve South
Examined applications or granted patents (B specs):2012 - to dateCD/DVDIP Open Access
 157383 - 2011CD/DVDIP Reserve North
 125481 - 167860MicroformIP Reserve North
Note: circa 1993 the examined application stage was abandoned and granted patents were published with document type B: the microform and CD contain both types of B specification.
Examined applications (B specs):111001 - 154860PaperIP Reserve North (015268692)
Granted specifications (C specs):111001 - 154654PaperIP Reserve North (015268693)

1895 - 1967

Granted specifications1 - 110252PaperIP Reserve North (015268693)

Patent databases

PVS Online (all types of Danish IP)1982 - to date (and in force 1982)Online

Indexes and abstracts

Årsregistre (name and class index)1998 - 2009Online
Tillæg Til Dansk Patentidende (claims and drawings of unexamined applications, arranged by IPC)1978 - 2004PaperIP Reserve South
Dansk Patentregister (name and classified indexes)1990 - 1997PaperIP Reserve South
Patent Index (name index and classification index)1970 - 1988PaperIP Reserve South
Over Dankse Patenter Ordnet Efter Klasser (two-volume classified index)1895 - 1937PaperIP Reserve South
Patent Index (chronological list, name index and subject index)1864 - 1889PaperIP Reserve South
Derwent World Patent Abstracts (section P-X)1975 - 1998PaperIP Reserve North

Official Journals

Dansk Patentidende (name and classified indexes to 1969, then bound in in 1998 - 2001)1998 - to dateOnline
 1894 - 2002PaperIP Reserve South

 Miscellaneous patent publications   

Annual Report 1976 - 1997 (gaps)PaperIP Reserve South
Ny Litteratur (patent office library newsletter) 1994PaperIP Reserve South
Patent Statistics 1894 - 1951PaperIP Reserve South
Confiscated Applications (by enemy aliens)1940 - 1945PaperIP Reserve South

 Utility Models   

Dansk Brugsmodeltidende (front page and abstracts)1999 - to dateOnline
 1992 - 2002PaperIP Reserve South

Trade Marks

Dansk Varemærketidende (trade mark journal)1998 - to dateOnline
 1988 - 2002PaperIP Reserve South
Arsregistre (name and class index)1998 - 2009Online
Navneregister Dansk Varemærketidende (name index)1993 - 1997PaperIP Reserve South
Registeringstidende for Vare- og Fællesmaerker A (main trade mark journal with annual name index)1964 - 1987PaperIP Reserve South
Registeringstidende for Vare- og Fællesmaerker B (trade mark journal for events other than first advertisement and registration)1964 - 1987PaperIP Reserve South
Registeringstidende for Vare- og Fællesmaerker (trade mark journal with annual name index)1881 - 1963PaperIP Reserve South
List of Trade and Collective Marks Registered by German and Japanese Nationals1946PaperIP Reserve South


Årsregistre (name and class index)1998 - to dateOnline
Dansk MønstertidendeOct 2001 - to dateOnline
 1989 - 2002PaperIP Reserve South
Registeringstidende for Mønstre (name indexes to 1985)1971 - 1987PaperIP Reserve South
 Dansk Mønsterregister (name index and classified index) 1986 - 1992 (gaps)PaperIP Reserve South