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Netherlands: intellectual property documentation

The following is a detailed list of the Netherlands intellectual property documentation held within the British Library IP collection.

Material on this list may only be available in Dutch. We cannot translate items for you.

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Patents: NL Octrooicentrum

Trade marks and designs: Benelux-Bureau voor de Intellectuele Eigendom


Patent specifications

Terinzagelegging: (unexamined A applications)1989/13089 - 2011CD/DVDIP Reserve North
 1988/00001 - 1999/00036PaperIP Reserve South
 1964/00001 - 1987/03200PaperIP Reserve North (015268718)
 108001 – 303059PaperIP Reserve North (015268718)
Applications Withdrawn or Unaccepted40001 - 107984PaperIP Reserve North (015268720)
 1 - 1000PaperIP Reserve South
Openbaarmaking: (examined B applications)190351 – 195034PaperIP Reserve South
 120001 – 190350PaperIP Reserve North (015268723)
Octrooi: (granted C specs)1000131 - 2011CD/DVDIP Reserve North
 1000001 - 1025916PaperIP Reserve South
 177221 – 195098PaperIP Reserve South
 1 - 177220PaperIP Reserve North (015268726)

Patent databases

Dutch Patent Register1912 - to dateOnline

Indexes and abstracts

Derwent Netherlands Patent Abstracts A-M1988 - 1995PaperIP Reserve South
Derwent Netherlands Patents Reports CH1976 - 1988PaperIP Reserve South
Derwent Netherlands Patents Reports Granted1964 - 1975PaperIP Reserve South
Industriele Eigendom Index (name index and class lists)1982 - 1989PaperIP Reserve South
(Bound into official journal earlier and later)
Derwent World Patent Abstracts (Sections T-X)1975 - 1998PaperIP Reserve North

Official Journals

Hoofdblad de Industriele EigendomWeek 36 2009 - to dateOnline
 De Industriële Eigendom (annual name index and class lists bound in except during 1980s.  From 1969 - 1981 divided into Deel I: unexamined and Deel II: examined publications)1912 - 2009PaperIP Reserve South

Legal decisions

Bijblad (also contains administrative announcements and general articles)1969 - to dateOnline
 1933 - 2010PaperIP Reserve South

Miscellaneous patent publications

Annual Report1893 - 2001PaperIP Reserve South
Indeeling der Technik in Uitvindingsklassen (classification)1912PaperIP Reserve South
Patents In Force1982, 1983, 1988PaperIP Reserve South
Octrooiaanvragen (list of patents granted)1984 - 1989PaperIP Reserve South
Octrooi- en Merkenblad (unofficial IP journal)1927 - 1940PaperIP Reserve South
Industrie en Intellect (original title of above)1926PaperIP Reserve South
Index to Classification1965PaperIP Open Access
Alphabetisch Trefwoorden Register (index to classification)1930, 1952PaperIP Reserve South
Patent Classification1930 - 1935, 1968 - 1972PaperIP Reserve South
IPC in Dutch1968 - 1972PaperIP Reserve South

Trade Marks (Merken)

Fabriks- en Handelsmerken (trade marks journal, name index and subject index bound in)1894 - 1970PaperIP Reserve South
Merkenwijzer (trade marks in force)1984PaperIP Reserve South
(From 1971 Netherlands was covered by the multi-national Benelux trade marks and designs system)

Curacao and Netherlands Antilles Intellectual Property

Patent applications164 - 166PaperIP Reserve South
Merkenblad (trade marks journal)1965 - 1982PaperIP Reserve South
Bijlage tot de "De Curaçaosche Courant" (IP excerpts)1912 - 1926PaperIP Reserve South