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Spain: intellectual property documentation

The following is a detailed list of the Spanish intellectual property documentation held within the British Library IP collection.

Material on this list may only be available in Spanish. We cannot translate items for you.

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Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas



Patent specifications

1986 - to date

Applications (A specs):2011203 - 2010CD/DVDIP Reserve North
 2000001 - 2045499MicroformIP Reserve North
(Spanish national phase versions of granted EPO patents are numbered within this series but not published)

1981 - 1986

Granted patents (A specs):8100001 - end of seriesMicroformIP Reserve North

1929 - 1980

Granted patents (A specs):377041 - 478600 (gaps)PaperIP Reserve South

Patent databases

INVENES1826- 1878, 1929 - to dateOnline
Status database1979 (all patents in force) - to dateOnline
Historical database1826 - 1966Online

Abstracts and Indexes

Boletín de Resumes de Patentes (abridgements of patents granted under post 1986 law)1989 - 2001PaperIP Reserve South
Información Tecnologica de Patentes (abridgements of patents granted under 1929 - 1986 law)1981 - 1988PaperIP Reserve South
BOPI Indice Invenciónes (name and classified indexes for patents,  utility models and designs)1981 - 1985PaperIP Reserve South
BOPI Indice Patentes (name and classification indexes)1960 - 1976PaperIP Reserve South
BOPI Indice (name and classification indexes for patents, utility models, trade marks, and designs)1889 - 1959 (gaps)PaperIP Reserve South
Almanaque de la Gaceta Industrial (administrative material and chronological indexes)1875 - 1880PaperIP Reserve South

Official journals

Boletín Oficial de la Propiedad Industrial (includes all forms of IP)1998 - to dateOnline
 1886 - 1965Online
 2005 - 2009CD/DVDIP Reserve North
 1885 - 1964PaperIP Reserve South
BOPI II: Patentes1065 - 2004PaperIP Reserve South

Legal Decisions

Base de Datos de Jurisprudencia2007 - to dateOnline

Miscellaneous patent publications

Annual Report1979 - 1998 (gaps)PaperIP Reserve South
Filing to Publication Number Concordance1981 - 1988PaperIP Reserve South

Utility Models

Specifications (arranged by publication date then IPC)1980 - 1985MicroformIP Reserve North
BOPI Indice Modelos de Utilidad1968 - 1976PaperIP Reserve South
(Abridgements included in main official journal 1904 to date)

Trade Marks

Localizador de Marcas (TM database)Currently valid or pendingOnline
BOPI I: Marcas y Otros Signos Distintivos1998 - to dateOnline
 1965 - 2004PaperIP Reserve South
BOPI Indice Marcas (name and classified indexes)1980 - 1985PaperIP Reserve South

Designs (Modelos Industriales)

BOPI III: Modelos1998 - to dateOnline
 1965 - 2004PaperIP Reserve South
BOPI Indice Modelos (name and classified indexes)1967 - 1976PaperIP Reserve South