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Switzerland: Intellectual Property Documentation

The following is a detailed list of the Swiss intellectual property documentation held within the British Library IP collection.

Material on this list may only be available in a Swiss language. We cannot translate items for you.

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Eidgenössisches Institut für Geistiges Eigentum


Patent Specifications

Granted Specifications679197 -697657CD/DVDIP Reserve North
 623442 – 677500MicroformIP Reserve North
 1 - 623441PaperIP Reserve North (015268651)
Patents of Addition1 - 699PaperIP Reserve North (015268652)

Patent Databases

Swissreg1978 - to dateOnline

Indexes and Abstracts

Patente Jahreskatalog (annual name index, classified index and statistics for patents and designs)1889 - 1995PaperIP Reserve South
Catalogue Annuel1993 - 1996PaperIP Reserve South
Translated Swiss Patents (claims in English, prepared by USA patent office)1962 - 1964PaperIP Reserve South
Repertoire des Titulaires des Brevets Horlogers (index to clock & watch patents)1888 - 1960PaperIP Reserve South
Patente Funfjaringer-Katalog (five-yearly cumulated index)1888 - 1998PaperIP Reserve South
Derwent World Patent Abstracts (Section P-X)1975 - 1998PaperIP Reserve North

Official Journals

Patentblatt2002 - 2004PaperIP Reserve South
Patent und Muster und Markenblatt II: Erfindungspatente1996 - 2008Online
 1975 - 2008PaperIP Reserve South
Patent und Muster und Markenblatt (also trade marks and designs)1996 - 2001CD/DVDIP Reserve North
 1962 - 1974PaperIP Reserve South
Patent Liste1890 - 1961PaperIP Reserve South

Miscellaneous Patent Publications

Annual Report2000 – to dateOnline
 1978 - 2000PaperIP Reserve South
Spezialhefte Europaische Patente (details of EPs valid in Switzerland)Jan - June 1996PaperIP Reserve South
Patent und Muster und Markenblatt I :Allgemienes (announcements and administration)1975 - 1994PaperIP Reserve South
Patent und Muster und Markenblatt V :Plant Varieties1986 - 2007PaperIP Reserve South
Patent Classification1958PaperIP Reserve South
 1908PaperIP Open Access
Concordance of 1908 and 1958 ClassificationsPaperIP Open Access
Concordance of Classification to IPC1966PaperIP Open Access

Trade Marks

Swissreg2006 (all in force) - to dateOnline
Marken Jahres Sammlung (name index)1995 - 1996PaperIP Reserve South
Patent und Muster und Markenblatt IV: Fabrik- und Handelsmarken (name index to 1996)1975 - 2001PaperIP Reserve South
 1997 - 1998Online
Marken (includes annual name index)1955 - 1973PaperIP Reserve South
Marques de Fabrique Horlogerie (trade marks for clocks and watches)1894 - 1911PaperIP Reserve South
Fabrik- Und Handelsmarken (includes name index, classified until 1897 but then simple alphabetical order of proprietors)1880 - 1954PaperIP Reserve South
Ausländische Fabrik- und Handelsmarken (foreign marks registered in Switzerland)1880-1885PaperIP Reserve South
Schweizerische Namenregister1880 - 1889PaperIP Reserve South
Ausländische Namenregister1865 - 1889PaperIP Reserve South


Swissreg1981 - to dateOnline
Modelles Deposes2003 - 2004PaperIP Reserve South
Patent und Muster und Markenblatt III: Muster Und Modelle1996 - 2008Online
 1975 - 2008PaperIP Reserve South
Liste des Dessins1905 - 1961PaperIP Reserve South
(In main official journal 1962-1974)