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Soviet Union: intellectual property documentation

The following is a detailed list of the Soviet Union intellectual property documentation held within the British Library IP collection. This list covers only material published during the USSR period: for earlier or later material see the Russia page or ask us about material from other former Soviet states.

Material on this list may only be available in Russian. We cannot translate items for you.

Intellectual Property stock locations

IP Open Access: Always available in the Business & IP Centre

IP Reserve South: In secure storage, can be delivered to the Centre in typically 1-3 hours

IP Reserve North: In secure storage, can be delivered to the Centre in 48+ hours. If a nine-digit number is shown under "location", these can be ordered for use in the Centre by registered readers through Explore the British Library. Please type the number into the Explore search box to rapidly retrieve the record.

IP Reserve Material cannot be ordered for same-day delivery after 16:00. Sometimes the service may not be available all day on Saturday due to staffing. Some Reserve Material may not be available at times due to stock movements. Please contact us before your visit to check.


Patent specifications

Granted (B and C specs):1924 - 1992CD/DVDIP Reserve North
 153371 - 2001539MicroformIP Reserve North
 1591001 - 1837642PaperIP Reserve South
 109000 - 1591000PaperIP Reserve North (015268754)
 56701 - 109000MicroformIP Reserve North
 56867 - 99278PaperIP Reserve North (015268754)
 1917 (year) - 56800PaperIP Reserve North (015268754)

Patent databases

Rospatent Search System (charged)1924 - 1994Online
Register of Inventions (search by number only)1924 - 1994Online

Indexes and abstracts

Derwent Soviet Patents Abstract   
A - M1988 - 1992PaperIP Reserve South
P - Q1988 - 1992PaperIP Reserve South
S - X1988 - 1992PaperIP Reserve South
Derwent Soviet Inventions Illustrated   
A - M1962 - 1988PaperIP Reserve South
P - Q1962 - 1988PaperIP Reserve South
S - X1962 - 1988PaperIP Reserve South
Patents Journal Indexes (name and national classification, in Russian)1965 - 1992PaperIP Reserve South
USSR Patents Subject List in IPC Classes1924 - 1969PaperIP Reserve South
Classified Patent Lists (incomplete)1917 - 1954PaperIP Reserve South

Official Journals

Otkrytiya Izobreteniya1983 - 1992PaperIP Reserve South
USSR PatentsJuly 1987PaperIP Reserve South
Izobreteniya Promyshlennye Obraztsy Tovarnye Znaki1967 - 1982PaperIP Reserve South
Byulleten' Izobretenií i Tovarnykh Znakov1963 - 1966PaperIP Reserve South
Byulleten' Izobretenií1948 - 1949, 1957 - 1962PaperIP Reserve South
Byulleten' Buro Posleduyschei Registratsii Izobretenií1939 - 1946PaperIP Reserve South
Official Journal of Patents and Trade Marks1924 - 1938PaperIP Reserve South
Official Bulletin of Patents and Inventions (in English)1961 - 1962PaperIP Reserve South
Patents and Inventions Abstracts Journal (in English)1959 - 1960PaperIP Reserve South

Miscellaneous Patent Publications

Ukazatel' Klassov Izobretenií SSSR (classification details, volume 4 only)PaperIP Reserve South
Patent Classification1965PaperIP Reserve South
Index to classification1950PaperIP Reserve South
Patentna Informetsua1989PaperIP Reserve South

Trade Marks

Designs and Trade Marks Journal1990 - 1992PaperIP Reserve South
Promyshlennye Obraztsy Tovarnye Znaki1983 - 1989PaperIP Reserve South
Trade Marks Journal1957 - 1962PaperIP Reserve South
Index of Trade Marks1990 - 1992PaperIP Reserve South