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France: intellectual property documentation

The following is a detailed list of the French intellectual property documentation held within the British Library IP collection.

Material on this list may only be available in French. We cannot translate items for you.

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Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle

Patent Specifications

1969 - to date
Applications (A specs)2693078 - end 2010CD/DVDIP Reserve North
 2000001 - 2817110PaperIP Reserve North
 2576251 - 2725400MicroformIP Reserve South
Granted (deuxième) (B spec)2722602 - end 2010CD/DVDIP Reserve North
 2000001 - 2781448 (gaps)MicroformIP Reserve South
(See blue ring binder at Reference Desk for patent number/ microfilm reel number cross-reference)
1897 - 1969
Specifications284609 - end of seriesPaperIP Reserve North
Publication In Extenso (additional copies)286778 - 302562 (gaps)PaperIP Reserve South
Pharmaceutical Patent specifications (Médicaments, suffix M)1M - 8496MPaperIP Reserve South
Patents of Addition specifications (suffix E)1E - 96700EPaperIP Reserve South
Pharmaceutical Patents of Addition (suffix Cam)1Cam - 357CamPaperIP Reserve South
Revue Générale des Matières Colorantes (full reproductions of all dye patents)1898 - 1901PaperIP Reserve South
(Specifications 262738 - 284609 and 302563 - 317502 were never published)
Pre-1897 Patents were published intermittently in subject-based collections (Tomes)
(Series 2 and Nouvelle Series patents were published in full only if they were renewed for at least two years. For number/year crossreference see the green ring binders kept at the BIPC desk, or spare copy in filing cabinet)
Nouvelle Série: Tomes 1-97 (1870 - 1897)91391 - 262737PaperIP Reserve South
Série 2: Tomes 1-116 (1844 - 1870)1 - 91390PaperIP Reserve South
Série 1: Tomes 1-93 (1791 - 1844)1 - 12543PaperIP Reserve South
Brevets Francais XIV.2 (full text of patents on dyes and colorants)200401 - 302499PaperIP Reserve South

Patent Databases

Base de données Statut des brevets (status)1978 - to dateOnline
Base brevets du 19e siècle1791 - 1855Online

Indexes and Abstracts

Brevets d'Invention Catalogue1791 - 1883PaperIP Open Access
(Contains alphabetical annual name and subject indexes. Until 1827 [and 1840 in "Supplements"] give Tome and page references, patent application [not publication] numbers from 1843. From 1856 main body of work is a list in application number order with brief name and subject indexes.)
Descriptions des Brevets1791 - 1890PaperIP Open Access
(Two volumes cover Series 1. First covers Tomes 1-40 - subject and name indexes to entire block. Second covers Tomes 41-93 - name index and classified list. Four volumes cover Series 2 - class list and name index for each block of 20 Tomes with page refs but not patent numbers. )
Name Index (gives Tome page references, not numbers)1862 - 1895PaperIP Open Access
USPTO Subject Matter Index in English1791 - 1876PaperIP Open Access
Dictionnaire des Brevets (brief unofficial subject index)1900, 1903 - 1905PaperIP Open Access
Brevets d'Invention Tables (annual classified list and name index)1904 - 2002 (missing 1983 - 1985)PaperIP Open Access
Brevets d'Invention Subject Index1927 - 1928PaperIP Reserve South
BOPI: Abrégés Descriptifs des Brevets d'Invention (abridgements)1963 - 1982PaperIP Reserve South
BOPI: Brevets d'Invention (abridgements)1958 - 1962PaperIP Reserve South
BOPI: Brevets d'Invention Abrégés et Listes (abridgements and name and number lists)2005 - to dateOnline
 1982 - 2006PaperIP Reserve South
BOPI: Brevets Spéciaux des Médicaments Résumés (abridgements of M series pharma patents)1961 - 1973PaperIP Reserve South
Derwent French Patent Abstracts (Chemistry only)1963 - 1995PaperIP Reserve South
Brevets d'Invention Horlogerie (index and brief abridgements of patents on clocks and watches)1792 - 1869PaperIP Reserve South

Official Journals

Bulletin Officiel de la Propriété Industrielle (BOPI) (official journal)1884 - 1886PaperIP Reserve South
(Includes separate annual name indexes for patents and trade marks. From 1887 split into separate BOPI for patents (brevets d'invention) and trade marks (marques de fabrique). Further BOPI journals introduced later for other subjects)
BOPI: Brevets d'Invention1887 - 1962PaperIP Reserve South
(Includes annual name indexes and classified lists until 1943, abrigements from 1958)
BOPI: List des Demandes Brevets d'Invention (name and classified lists for each issue1969 - 1982PaperIP Reserve South

Legal Decisions

Base de données Jurisprudence Online
Coverage: patents since 1823, trade marks since 1904 (oppositions since 2004), designs since 1994
BOPI: Legislation (laws, decisions, statistics)1908 - 1959PaperIP Reserve South
From 1968 published in "Propriete Industrielle - Bulletin Documentaire": shelfmark (P) BH00 - F(8)

Miscellaneous Patent Publications

Annual reportMost recent issueOnline
 1990 - 1994PaperIP Open Access
 1976 - 1989PaperIP Reserve South
Min. de Commerce Office Nat. de la Propriété Industrielle Rapport (Annual report)1921 - 1937PaperIP Reserve South
Conservatoire Nat. des Arts et Métiers: Office Nat. de la Propriété Industrielle Rapport (Annual report)1901 - 1920PaperIP Reserve South
Index Destiné a Faculter les Recherches (index to 19th-century subject classification) PaperIP Reserve South
BOPI: Statistiques1983 - 1998PaperIP Open Access
 1958 - 1982PaperIP Reserve South
Table of Nat. Reg. Nos. aka BOPI: Concordance (annual application to publication number concordance)1969 - 1992PaperIP Open Access
BOPI: Concordance (monthly lists)1989 - 1992PaperIP Open Access
Tables of Second Publications (application numbers with publication numbers and grant dates for granted patents)1969 - 1992PaperIP Open Access
Tables of Second Drafts of Novelty1977 - 1984PaperIP Open Access
BOPI: Listes des Brevets d'Invention Presumés en Vigueur (lists of patents in force)1961 - 1963PaperIP Reserve South
Patents Endorsed Licence of Right1980 - 1988PaperIP Reserve South
Protection des Inventions en France et à l'Etranger Statistiques (statistics)1958 - 1964PaperIP Reserve South
Propriété Industrielle Traités & c. (international law agreements)1904PaperIP Reserve South
BOPI: Qualif. et Org. Prof. (attorney lists)1995 - 2009PaperIP Open Access
"La Creation Saleriée" (conference proceedings)1988PaperIP Reserve South

Trade Marks

Base de données Marquesin forceOnline
BOPI: Marques de Fabrique New Edition (new law trade mark journal)2006 - to dateOnline
Vol. 1 (applications)1992 - 2010PaperIP Reserve South
Vol.2 (registrations)1994 - 2010PaperIP Reserve South
BOPI: Marques de Fabrique (trade mark journal)1887 - 1999PaperIP Reserve South
(Includes name and classed or alphabetical mark indexes bound in until 1952. From 1977-80 two separate series overlapped under different laws, with differing issue numerations)
BOPI: Marques de Fabrique: Tables (indices. NB: "names" on spine refers to trade mark text, not name of holder)1953 - 1994PaperIP Reserve South
Liste Alphabetique des Depots de Marques Françaises (CompuMark name index)1984 - 1993PaperIP Reserve South
Répertoire Alphabetique des Marques Françaises Enregistrées (CompuMark list of marks in force)1984 - 2001PaperIP Reserve South
Tabulaire Revue (list of TM in force)1913PaperIP Reserve South
Tabulaire-Revue1920 - 1922PaperIP Reserve South


Base de données Dessins et modèles1910 - to dateOnline
BOPI: Dessins et Modèles (design journal)2006 - to dateOnline
 1910 - 2010PaperIP Reserve South
(Contains annual name indexes to 1985)