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India: intellectual property documentation

The following is a detailed list of the Indian intellectual property documentation held within the British Library IP collection, with links to free material online.

Intellectual Property stock locations

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IP Reserve North: In secure storage, can be delivered to the Centre in 48+ hours. If a nine-digit number is shown under "location", these can be ordered for use in the Centre by registered readers through Explore the British Library. Please type the number into the Explore search box to rapidly retrieve the record.

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Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks


Patent Specifications

Granted specifications1 - 182590 (some gaps)PaperIP Reserve South

Patent Databases

iPAIRS1912 - to dateOnline
Patents of Invention for British India1856 - 1890Online

Indexes and Abstracts

Official Journal of the Patent Office2005 - to dateOnline
Inventions and Designs Notifications1973 - 2003PaperIP Reserve South
Classified Abridgements of Specifications20001 - 70000PaperIP Reserve South
Patent Office Journal (includes annual chronological list, name index, subject index, and registered design index)1912 - 1983PaperIP Reserve South
Consolidated Name Index1921 - 1931PaperIP Reserve South
Consolidated Subject Matter Index1912 - 1932PaperIP Reserve South
Inventors and Designs (chronological, name and subject indexes)1905 - 1911PaperIP Reserve South
Name and Subject Matter Index/ Chronological Index1900 - 1920PaperIP Reserve South
Index to Applications (quarterly by name and subject)1888 - 1904PaperIP Reserve South
Name Index1880 - 1891PaperIP Reserve South
List of Applications1963, 1969PaperIP Reserve South
Derwent World Patent Abstracts1963 - 1969PaperIP Reserve North

Official Journal

Gazette of India2003 - 2005PaperIP Reserve South
Patents and Designs Notifications1931 - 2003PaperIP Reserve South
Inventions and Designs Notifications1889 - 1931PaperIP Reserve South

Legal Decisions

Patent Decisions Search2006 - to date 

Miscellaneous Patent Publications

Annual Report2001 - to dateOnline
 1884 - 1998PaperIP Reserve South
List of Patents Granted1856 - 1879PaperIP Reserve South
Indian Patents on Biotechnology (also includes foreign patents by Indian applicants)1972  - 1990PaperIP Reserve South
Geographical Indications database1 - to dateOnline
Reference Index to Patent Classification1962PaperIP Reserve South

Trade Marks

Trade Mark Status Enquiry (number only)CurrentOnline
Trade Mark Public SearchCurrentOnline
Trade Mark JournalMost recent twelve monthsOnline
 1943 - 2001PaperIP Reserve South
Annual Report of the Trade Marks Registry (included in main annual report after 1974)1940 - 1974PaperIP Reserve South

Registered Designs

Design Application Information Retrieval SystemCurrentOnline
List of Designs1890 - 1905PaperIP Reserve South
See also patent journals above

State Intellectual Property Publications

Baroda Trade Mark Journal1947 - 1951PaperIP Reserve South
Cochin Trade Mark Journal1947 - 1951PaperIP Reserve South
Jaipur Trade Marks Journal1949 - 1951PaperIP Reserve South
Jammu and Kashmir Patent List1921 - 1938PaperIP Reserve South
Jodhpur Patent List1921 - 1937PaperIP Reserve South
Kolhapur Trade Marks Journal1948 - 1950PaperIP Reserve South
Mysore Patent Lists1897 - 1914PaperIP Reserve South
Mysore Patent Office Bulletin1926 - 1939PaperIP Reserve South
Mysore Trade Mark Journal1948 - 1951PaperIP Reserve South
Travancore Trade Mark Journal1947 - 1950PaperIP Reserve South