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World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO): documentation

The following is a detailed list of World Intellectual Property Organisation documentation held within the British Library's intellectual property collection. 

Intellectual Property stock locations

IP Open Access: Always available in the Business & IP Centre

IP Reserve South: In secure storage, can be delivered to the Centre in typically 1-3 hours

IP Reserve North: In secure storage, can be delivered to the Centre in 48+ hours. If a nine-digit number is shown under "location", these can be ordered for use in the Centre by registered readers through Explore the British Library. Please type the number into the Explore search box to rapidly retrieve the record.

IP Reserve Material cannot be ordered for same-day delivery after 16:00. Sometimes the service may not be available all day on Saturday due to staffing. Some Reserve Material may not be available at times due to stock movements. Please contact us before your visit to check.


Patent specifications

1978 to date
Applications: (A specs)1979/584- 2009/158731CD/DVDIP Reserve North
 1999-2003PaperIP Reserve North
 1978-1998PaperIP Reserve North
 1978- 1992MicrofilmIP Reserve South
(WIPO applications are granted as national patents in individual countries, and so no WO granted specifications exist)

Patent databases

PatentScope1978- to dateOnline 


Derwent World Patent Abstracts:
A-X Complete1979- to datePaperIP Reserve North
Delayed Search Reports1993-1998PaperIP Reserve North

Official journals

PCT Gazette1978- 2006PaperIP Reserve North
 1978-2002PaperIP Reserve South
PCT Newsletter1994- to datePaperIP Reserve North

BL patent registers

Stages of Progress Registers (blue)1978-2003PaperIP Reserve South

Miscellaneous patent publications

Annual Reports1995- to dateOnline 
PCT Guidelines PaperIP Reserve South
Handbook of Industrial Property information and Documentation PaperIP Reserve South
PCT Applicant's Guide PaperIP Reserve South
World Directory of Sources of Patent Information PaperIP Reserve South
Consultative and Conference Papers1979-1999PaperIP Reserve South

CD/DVD databases

Espace First1988- to dateCD/DVDIP Reserve North
PCT Index2003CD/DVDIP Reserve North
Access PCT CD/DVDIP Reserve North

Trade marks (Madrid agreement)

Global Brand Database (combined Madrid marks, reserved phrases and logos, Lisbon appellations)CurrentOnline
Gazette of International Marks1996- 2008PaperIP Reserve South
 1997 - to dateOnline
 1997- 2006CD/DVDIP Reserve North
Madrid Express Trademark Databaseall in force or pendingOnline 
Marques Internationales1893-1995PaperIP Reserve South
Les Appelations D'Origine1968-1997PaperIP Reserve South
Lisbon AO Databaseall in forceOnline 
Repertoire Alphabetique et Phonetique des Marques Internationales1970, 1989, 1992-4PaperIP Reserve South
Repertoire Alphabetique des Marques Internationales1925-1952PaperIP Open Access
Romarin Trade Mark Search1976- to dateCD/DVDIP Open Access
 1976- to dateOnline 


Bulletin des Dessins et Modeles Internationaux1999- 2010CD/DVDIP Reserve North
 1928-2001PaperIP Open Access
Hague Express Design Database1999- to dateOnline