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United States of America: intellectual property documentation

The following is a detailed list of the USA intellectual property documentation held within the British Library IP collection.

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United States Patent and Trademark Office

Patent Specifications





Applications (current series)2001000001 - 2011CD/DVDIP Reserve North
Granted specifications1 - 2011CD/DVDIP Reserve North
 (chemical subjects only)3930791 - 4980357CD/DVDIP Reserve South
 1790 - 5274845MicroformIP Reserve North
 1790 - 1836 (unnumbered)PaperIP Reserve North (015268755)
Reissue specifications (E suffix)34158E - 2011CD/DVDIP Reserve North
 1 - 27539MicroformIP Reserve North
Plant variety specifications1 - to datePaperIP Reserve South
Statutory Invention RegistrationsH1133 - 2011CD/DVDIP Reserve North
 H1 - H1825 (abstracts only)PaperIP Reserve South
Alien Property Custodian Applications17398 - 758606PaperIP Open Access
NTIS Applications6-268423 - 8-898714 (gaps)MicroformIP Reserve North

Patent Database

USPTO Full-text Databases1790 - to dateOnline
(All types of document are included. However prior to 1976 documents can only be searched by patent number or US classification code)
PAIR (status and file wrappers) Online 

Indexes and Abstracts

Official Gazette of the US Patent Office (abstracts in number order)last twelve monthsOnline
 July 2002 - 2011CD/DVDIP Reserve North
 Feb. 1975 - Sep. 2002PaperIP Reserve North
 1872 - Feb. 1975PaperIP Reserve South
 1872 - 1988MicroformIP Reserve South
Patent Office Report (annual report, name indexes, alphabetical title lists and abstracts in numerical order)1837 - 1871PaperIP Open Access
US Index of Patents2001 - 2003CD/DVDIP Reserve North
US Index of Patents Part I (name index)1966 - 2000PaperIP Open Access
US Index of Patents Part II (classified list)1966 - 2000PaperIP Open Access
US Index of Patents (name indexes and title lists for patents, designs, and pre-1926 trademarks)1872 - 1965PaperIP Open Access
General Index to the Official Gazette (name indexes to patents, designs and trademarks)1872 - 1873PaperIP Open Access
Plant Patents With Common Names1931 - 1973PaperIP Reserve South
Early Unnumbered Patents (classified list, name index and chronological list)1790 - 1836PaperIP Open Access
Patent Lists1790 - 1836PaperIP Open Access
Classified Index1837 - 1968PaperIP Reserve South
Classified Index of Plant Patents1930 - 1968PaperIP Reserve South
Patent Acts and Decisions, Name and Subject Index1790 - 1829PaperIP Open Access
Derwent US Patent Abstracts (A-M) (chemical)1971 - 2004PaperIP Reserve North
Derwent US Patent Abstracts (P-Q) (electrical)1976 - 1998PaperIP Reserve North
Derwent US Patent Abstracts (S-X) (other)1976 - 1998PaperIP Reserve North
Gas Appliance Manufacturers' Association Patent Digest1974 - 1990PaperIP Reserve South
Institute of Appliance Manufacturers Patent Digest1964 - 1973PaperIP Reserve South
Commercial Food Patents1969 - 1980PaperIP Reserve South
Graphic Arts Patent Abstracts1969 - 1977PaperIP Reserve South
Airplane Patent Digest1944 - 1975PaperIP Reserve South
Manufacturers of Aircraft Association Abridgements of Current US Airplane Patents1930 - 1943PaperIP Reserve South
Adhesive Patents1955 - 1963PaperIP Reserve South
US Patents Chemical (cumulated single volume)1790 - 1960PaperIP Reserve South
National Catalogue of Patents (Chemical)1961 - 1962PaperIP Reserve South
National Catalogue of Patents (Electrical)1961 - 1962PaperIP Reserve South
Early US Barbed Wire Patents1867 - 1897PaperIP Open Access

British Library Patent Registers

Specification registers2482740 - 6020000PaperIP Reserve South

Legal Decisions

Selected decisions were included in the Official Gazette until 1970. Since 1937 the main legal report journal has been the United States Patents Quarterly: search on Explore the British Library for the shelf mark.

Miscellaneous Patent Publications

Annual Reports1884 - 2008PaperIP Open Access
Manual of Patent Examining Procedure1948 - to dateOnline
Assignee Index of Patents1975 - 1992PaperIP Open Access
Report on Government Patent Policy1971/2PaperIP Open Access
US Government Inventions For Licensing1982 - 2012PaperIP Reserve South
Catalog of Government Patents1966 - 1974PaperIP Reserve South
Significant NASA Inventions for Licensing in Foreign Countries1984 - 1986PaperIP Reserve South
Alien Property Custodian Patents of Enemy Nationals Index (chronological list of patents by enemy nationals as at 16th Jan 1943)16/1/1943PaperIP Reserve South
Missing Patents List PaperIP Open Access
Alphabetical Index to the Classification System1963 - 2003PaperIP Open Access
Classification Index1871 - 1920PaperIP Open Access
Classification1868, 1902PaperIP Open Access
US To IPC3 Concordance PaperIP Open Access
US To IPC2 Concordance PaperIP Open Access
IPC3 To US Concordance PaperIP Open Access
Manual of Classification Access PaperIP Open Access
Manual of Classification Access (superseded pages) PaperIP Reserve South
Classification OrdersNo. 500 (1976) - to datePaperIP Reserve North
Class Definitions PaperIP Reserve South

Trade Marks (trademark is a single word in US English)

Trade mark information was included in the main Official Gazette until 1970, and indexed in the main US Index of Patents until 1926.
Trademarks Electronic Search System (trade mark database)Current or pendingOnline
TMQuest (unofficial database that may be easier to use than TESS)1881 - to dateOnline
Official Gazette of TrademarksMost recent yearOnline
 1971 - 2004PaperIP Reserve South
US Index of Trademarks1927 - 1994PaperIP Reserve South
Design Code Manual For Trademarks1990PaperIP Open Access
Trade Marks Directory Company Index1985/6PaperIP Reserve South
Trademark Register1961 - 2003PaperIP Reserve South

Registered Designs (known in USA as Design Patents)

Specifications332170 - 2011CD/DVDIP Reserve North
 1 - 341660MicroformIP Reserve North
Classified Index of [early] Design Patents1 - 196PaperIP Reserve South
Design specifications and records are also included in the patent database and index/abstract publications listed above.