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Patent and other links

Use this page to find patent and other intellectual property rights databases, libraries and patent agents. The British Library is home to the national collection of patents and related documentation.

Subject-based patent databases

  • [Britain] Patents Database Online
    NHS database on pharmaceutical patents. This service is provided for healthcare professionals in primary and secondary care. Access is without charge, but requires registration
  • [Britain] Supplementary Protection Certificate Search
    Official database at the UK Intellectual Property Office of pharmaceutical and agrochemical patents with extended terms.
  • Patent Commons Project
    Software patent database of unenforced patents
  • IOI Lens
    Database by Australian organisation CAMBIA featuring all the EPO's DocDB content, plus full-text US (since 1976), EP grants and PCT documents. Contains detailed searching functionality for DNA and protein sequences.
  • [US] Consolidated listing of patents
    [Pharmaceutical] patents extended under 35 USC 156 (e) (1)
  • [US] Electronic Orange Book
    Database of approved US pharmaceuticals. Can be searched by applicant [company], proprietary name [trade mark] or by active ingredient. Results often give US patent number and when due to expire

Other intellectual property right databases and gazettes

Intellectual Property Offices

Patent libraries

Lists of agents or attorneys

Agents' or attorneys' associations

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