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Fashion reference resources

Open access books in the Humanities Reading Room 1

  • Benbow-Pfalzgraf, T., Contemporary fashion. Detroit, 2002.
    Shelfmark: HLR 746.92
  • Cumming, V., The dictionary of fashion history : based on a dictionary of English costume 900-1900. Oxford, 2010.
    Shelfmark: HLR 391.00942
  • Kellogg, A., In an influential fashion : an encyclopedia of nineteenth-and twentieth-century fashion designers and retailers who transformed dress.  London, 2002.
    Shelfmark: HLR 746.92
  • Kennedy, A and Stoehrer, E., Fashion design, referenced : a visual guide to the history, language, and practice of fashion. Gloucester, Mass, 2012.
    Shelfmark: HLR 746.9
  • Leach, R., The fashion resource book : research for design. London, 2012.
    Shelfmark: HLR 746.92
  • Marsh, J., A history of fashion : new look to now. London, 2012.
    Shelfmark: HLR 746.92
  • Newman, and Shariff, Z., Fashion A-Z : an illustrated dictionary. London, 2009. 
    Shelfmark: HLR 746.92
  • Owen-Crocker, G., Encyclopaedia of medieval dress and textiles. Leiden, 2011.
    Shelfmark: HLR 391.009
  • Schoeser, M., Textiles : the art of mankind. London, 2012.
    Shelfmark: HLR 746.09
  • Seeling, C., Fashion : the century of the designer, 1900-1999. Cologne, 1999.
    Shelfmark: HLR 746.09
  • Smith, M., Art/fashion in the 21st century. London, 2013.
    Shelfmark: HLR 746.92
  • Steele, V, ed., The Berg companion to fashion. Oxford, 2010.
    Shelfmark: HLR 391
  • Steele, V., A queer history of fashion : from the closet to the catwalk. Connecticut, 2013.
    Shelfmark: HLR 391.009
  • Steele, V., Encyclopedia of clothing and fashion. London, 2005.
    Shelfmark: HLR 391.003
  • Sterlacci, F and Arbuckle, J., The A to Z of the fashion industry. Lanham, 2009.
    Shelfmark: HLR 746.92

Electronic resources

Only available in the reading rooms.

  • The Vogue Archive‎ information: full contents of Vogue magazine (US edition) in full color page image, from the first issue in 1892 to the present, with monthly updates for new issues
  • Design and Applied Arts Index This database is the premier source of information for all aspects of design and crafts, from textiles and ceramics to vehicle design, advertising and sustainability. Covers journal articles, exhibition reviews and news items from 1973 to the present.


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