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Select list of British company histories: A - E

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The Abbey Line: history of a Cardiff shipping venture, by P.M. Heaton. P.M. Heaton, 1983. Shelfmark: X.809/56857

[Abbey National Building Society] Abbey National: conversion to PLC: the inside story of Abbey National's conversion and flotation, by Margaret Reid. Pencorp Books, [1991]. Shelfmark: YK.1992.b.7615

[Abbey National Building Society] Bricks and mortals. A study of the building society movement and the story of the Abbey National Building Society 1849-1949. Hutchinson, 1949. Shelfmark:

[Abbey National Building Society] A Key to the door: the Abbey National story, Berry Ritchie. Abbey National, 1989. Shelfmark: YC.1989.a.9971

[Abbey Road Building Society] The Thrifty three millions: a study of the building society movement and the story of the Abbey Road Society. Abbey Road Building Society, 1935. Shelfmark: 8232.b.9.

Ackermann 1783-1983: the business of art, by John Ford. London: Ackermann, 1983. Shelfmark: X.425/4813

Activated Sludge Ltd: the early years, by Eric Procter Coombs. C. Roy Coombs, 1992. Shelfmark: YK.1993.b.7457

[AEC] 80 years of AEC, Alan Townsin and Brian Goulding. Senior, 1992. Shelfmark: YK.1993.b.2767

[AEC] 75 years of AEC, Alan Townsin. Transport Publishing, 1987. Shelfmark: YK.1988.b.2682

[Akros] Forward from Hugh MacDiarmid, or, Mostly out of Scotland: being fifteen years of Duncan Glen, Akros Publications 1962-1977. Akros Publications, 1977. Shelfmark: X.909/41428

[Albright & Wilson Ltd ] The Story of 100 years of phosphorus making, 1851-1951. By Richard E. Threlfall. Oldbury, 1951. Shelfmark: 8219.n.31.

[Alexandra Towing Company Limited] Blow fire: a history of the Alexandra Towing Company Limited. Journal of Commerce and Shipping Telegraph, [1976]. Shelfmark: YA.1992.a.20072

All-British Standard Motor Company Limited, Canley - Coventry: the illustrated history: including Standard-Triumph, Brian Long. Veloce, 1993. Shelfmark: YK.1994.b.4600

[Allen & Hanburys] At the sign of the Plough: 275 years of Allen & Hanburys and the British pharmaceutical industry, 1715-1990, by Geoffrey Tweedale. John Murray, 1990. Shelfmark: YC.1990.b.6466

[David Allen & Son] David Allens: the history of a family firm, 1857-1957. [By] W. E. D. Allen. [With plates]. John Murray, 1957. Shelfmark: 11918.s.46.

[Allen & Unwin] Fifty years with father: a relationship, David Unwin. Allen & Unwin, 1982. Shelfmark: X.529/47134

[Allied Ironfounders Ltd] Grand alliance: a chapter of industrial history. By Basil H. Tripp. Chantry Publications, 1951. Shelfmark:

Andersons of Islington. The History of C. F. Anderson & Son Limited, 1863-1963. By Augustus Muir. [With plates, including portraits]. Newman Neame, [1963]. Shelfmark: 8279.l.7.

The Anglo-South American Bank, Limited. A record of expansion. The Bradford branch. [With notes on the history and monuments of Bradford, and illustrations]. Waterlow & Sons, [1921]. Shelfmark: 08245.f.30.

[A.P.V. Company] From little acorns: a history of The A.P.V. Company Limited, G.A. Dummett. Hutchinson Benham, 1981. Shelfmark: X.622/11926

[Armstrongs] Armstrongs of Elswick: growth in engineering and armaments to the merger with Vickers, Kenneth Warren. London: Macmillan, 1989. Shelfmark: YC.1990.a.2859

[Armstrongs] Down Elswick slipways: Armstrongs ships and people, 1884-1918, Dick Keys and Ken Smith. Newcastle upon Tyne: Newcastle City Libraries, 1996. Shelfmark: LB.31.a.7171

Edward Arnold: one hundred years of publishing, Bryan Bennett, Anthony Hamilton. Edward Arnold, 1990. Shelfmark: 2708.e.1838

[Ashanti Goldfields Corporation Ltd] A Short history: Ashanti Goldfields Corporation, Ltd., 1897-1947. By G. W. Eaton Turner. [1947]. Shelfmark: 8218.d.19.

[Assam Company] A History of the Assam Company, 1839-1953, by H.A. Antrobus. Edinburgh: [Assam Company?], 1957 Shelfmark: V 10444: OIOC. Another copy, Shelfmark: V 13791: OIOC. Another copy, Shelfmark: V 23113: OIOC

[Assam Company] Labour and management: first twenty years of Assam Company Limited, 1839-1859. Shelfmark: V 26932 (a): OIOC

The Aston story: a history of Aston Charities Trust Limited, by Evelyn Ray Keen. [The Trust?], [1988?]. Shelfmark: YC.1988.a.12277

[Atlantic Steam Navigation Company] 'By road' - across the sea: the history of Atlantic Steam Navigation Company Ltd, [Miles Cowsill]. Ferry, 1990. Shelfmark: YK.1993.b.3595

The Auchenharvie Colliery: an early history, compiled by the Three Towns Local History Group. Richard Stenlake Publishing, [1996?]. Shelfmark: YK.1996.b.13974

[Austin] Herbert Austin: the British motor car industry to 1941. London: Europa, 1979. Shelfmark: X.629/12629

[Australian Mercantile Land and Finance Company] Wool before the wind: a history of the Ronald family and the Australian Mercantile Land and Finance Company. Landvale, 1987. Shelfmark: LB.31.b.5255

[Avery] Soho Foundry. By W. K. V. Gale, etc. [A history of the Soho Manufactory, afterwards Soho Foundry, Birmingham, occupied successively by Boulton & Watt, and by W. & T. Avery, Ltd. With illustrations]. [Avery?], 1946. Shelfmark: 8233.b.65.

[Avery] Weighing the world: an impression after two hundred years of the past history of an English house of business, and of its present activities and influence throughout the world of weighing, 1730-1930. By E.P. Leigh-Bennett. W. & T. Avery, [1930]. Shelfmark: X.525/1117.

Avro: the history of an aircraft company, Harry Holmes. Airlife, 1994. Shelfmark: YK.1995.b.15313

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[Ballymena Gas Works] A Short history of Ballymena Gas Works: including some notes on coal processing and the manufacture of town gas, researched, compiled and written by Andrew W. Allen. Ballymena Borough Council, [1991]. Shelfmark: YK.1996.b.1616

[Bank of British North America] Upon the history, principles, and prospects of the Bank of British North America, and of the Colonial Bank. Wm. S. Orr & Co. etc., 1838. Shelfmark: 1560/514.(2.)

[Bank of England] The Bank of England: a history from its foundation in 1694, etc. London, 1966. Shelfmark: X.512/265.

[Bank of England] The Enemy within the Empire: a short history of the Bank of England. M.F. Canavan, printer, [1942?]. Shelfmark: X.529/36539

[Bank of England] The Story of the Bank of England: a history of English banking, and a sketch of the money market. Jordan & Sons, 1903. Shelfmark: 8248.g.25.

[Bank of Ireland] A Short history of the Irish Parliament House, now the Bank of Ireland. By H. O. Brunskill. Dublin, [1934]. Shelfmark: 7817.t.17.

The Baptist Insurance Company Limited: a short history of seventy-five years 1905-1980, C.J.L. Colvin. [Baptist Insurance Co. Ltd], [1980]. Shelfmark: X.529/40419

[Barclay's Bank] History of Barclays Bank Limited, including the many private and joint stock banks amalgamated and affiliated with it. Compiled by P. W. Matthews ... Edited by Anthon W. Tuke. Blades, East & Blades, 1926. Shelfmark: 8229.k.36.

[Barker Perkins] The History of Baker Perkins. By Augustus Muir. W. Heffer & Sons, 1968. Shelfmark: X.519/5948.

[Barloch Proprietors Ltd] The Laird of Barloch 1631-1984: being a short history, with notes on the lands of Barloch, Milngavie, their owners and traditions: issued to mark the 75th anniversary of Barloch Proprietors Limited (1909-1984), by Alistair Lindsay. Barloch Proprietors Limited, 1986. Shelfmark: YC.1987.a.11166

[Barr & Stroud] Range and vision: the first hundred years of Barr & Stroud, Michael Moss and Iain Russell. Mainstream, 1988. Shelfmark: LB.31.b.1296

Bartholomew, 150 years, by Leslie Gardiner. J. Bartholomew, 1976. Shelfmark: X.802/10277

A Batsford century: the record of a hundred years of publishing and bookselling, 1843-1943, edited by Hector Bolitho. Batsford, 1943. Shelfmark: 2719.x.12562

[Baxendale] A Fifty years' chapter of Manchester history: the jubilee of Baxendale & Co. Ltd.: a short history of the firm, by an onlooker. 1913. Shelfmark: RB.23.a.17367

[Belfast Telegraph] The Tele: a history of the Belfast Telegraph, Malcolm Brodie. Blackstaff, 1995. Shelfmark: YC.1995.b.8011

[Berry Brothers and Rudd Ltd] Number Three Saint Jame's Street: a history of Berry's, the wine merchants. By H. Warner Allen. [With plates]. Chatto & Windus, 1950. Shelfmark: 8219.c.21.

[Bertrams Ltd] Within a mile of Edinburgh Town: the history of Bertrams Limited. Edinburgh, [1955]. Shelfmark: 8228.l.51.

[Birds Eye] 50 years of change. Birds Eye Wall's Limited, [1988]. Shelfmark: YC.1989.b.2174

Blackie & Son, 1809-1959: a short history of the firm. By Agnes A. C. Blackie. Blackie, [1959]. Shelfmark: Another copy, Shelfmark: 2719.x.12556

Blackwell's 1879-1979: the history of a family firm, A.L.P. Norrington. Blackwell, 1983. Shelfmark: X.800/40546

[Blackwood] The House of Blackwood, 1804-1954: the history of a publishing firm. By F. D. Tredrey. Blackwood & Sons, 1954. Shelfmark: 11918.c.12. Another copy, Shelfmark: 2719.x.12555

[Bletchley and Calvert Brickworks] Bucks bricks: a history of Bletchley and Calvert Brickworks and the London Brick Company, by Robert Cook. Baron, 1997. Shelfmark: YK.1997.a.2353

Bloomsbury Book Auctions 10th anniversary: a celebration. London: The Firm, 1993. Shelfmark: YA.1993.a.23129

Blue Bus Services: an illustrated history of the well known Derbyshire bus company whose operations ended on 5 January 1976 following a disastrous fire, D.J. Stanier. Moorley's Bible and Bookshop, 1979. Shelfmark: X.615/2371

[Body Shop] Anita Roddick and The Body Shop, Paul Brown. Exley, 1996. Shelfmark: YK.1997.a.467

M. Bolson & Co. Ltd, embossing press makers, Columbia Road, London E2: a short record of the firm's history, work and equipment, by David G. Thomas & R.P. Vickers. Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society, 1976. Shelfmark: X.512/5323

[J Bolson & Son] Any more for the Skylark?: the story of Bournemouth's pleasure boats: including a complete history of J. Bolson & Son Limited and Croson Limited, written and published by David L. Chalk. D. Chalk, [1980]. Shelfmark: X.622/14542

Thomas Bolton & Sons Limited 1783-1983: the bi-centenary history of a major copper and brass manufacturer, John Morton. Moorland, 1983. Shelfmark: X.800/36641

Boodle, Hatfield and Co.: the history of a London law firm in three centuries, Victor Belcher. Boodle, Hatfield and Co, 1985. Shelfmark: YC.1987.b.16

[Booth's Distillers Ltd] The Kindred spirit: a history of gin and of the House of Booth. By Lord Kinross. Newman Neame, 1959. Shelfmark: 08248.r.13.

[Boots] 100 years of shopping at Boots, 1877-1977, [compiled by Elizabeth Walker]. [Boots Co. Ltd], [1978]. Shelfmark: X.700/25860

[Boots] Jesse Boot of Boots the Chemists: a study in business history. Hodder and Stoughton, 1974. Shelfmark: X.320/4188.

Boulton & Paul aircraft: the history of the companies at Norwich and Wolverhampton, by Gordon Kinsey. Lavenham: Terence Dalton, 1992. Shelfmark: YK.1993.b.4391

[Boulton & Watt] An Early experiment in industrial organisation: being a history of the firm of Boulton & Watt, 1775-1805. Longmans & Co, 1930. Shelfmark: 08245.k.60. [A reissue, 1968] Shelfmark: X.519/5630.

[Bovril Ltd] The History of Bovril advertising. Compiled by Peter Hadley, etc. London, [1972]. Shelfmark: Cup.26.e.46.

[Boyd's Hair Factory] Castle Cary: a sketch of its industrial and social history with special reference to Boyd's Hair Factory, by Michael McGarvie. Avalon Industries, 1980. Shelfmark: X.800/33936

History of the Bradford Property Trust Limited, 1928-1978, written by John Brennan. [Watmoughs Ltd], 1978. Shelfmark: X.510/16348

Bradley: building on a name: the history of Edwin H. Bradley & Sons Limited. [Edwin H. Bradley & Sons], [1983?]. Shelfmark: X.800/36803

[Bradley & Craven] The First hundred years ...: the early history of Bradley & Craven, Ltd. [Wakefield, 1964]. Shelfmark: X.510/887. Another copy, Shelfmark: X.510/815.

The History of Brandon Colliery, 1856 to 1960, by Laurie Moran. L. Moran. 1988. Shelfmark: YC.1989.a.7796

The Bristol Gas Light Company: the Breillat dynasty of engineers, Harold Nabb. Historical Association, Bristol Branch, 1993. Shelfmark: YK.1994.a.8997

[British and Irish Steam Packet Company] The B & I line: a history of the British and Irish Steam Packet Company, Hazel P. Smyth. Gill and Macmillan, 1984. Shelfmark: X.622/24007

[British Aeroject] Shadow to shadow: a history of the Bristol Aeroplane Banwell Shadow Factory and Bristol Aeroject (BAJ) 1941-1991. BAJ Coatings Limited, 1993. Shelfmark: YK.1995.b.6958

100 years of British Engine: the centenary story of British Engine Insurance Limited, founded in Manchester, England, on 12 November, 1878. [British Engine], 1978. Shelfmark: X.622/20080

[British Industrial Plastics Ltd] Growth of a Group ... : a history of the B.I.P. Group, 1895-1949. London, [1953]. Shelfmark: 8290.k.7.

[British Linen Bank] The History of the British Linen Bank. By Charles A. Malcolm. Privately printed by T. & A. Constable, 1950. Shelfmark: X.525/487.

The British Linen Company, 1745-1775, edited by Alastair J. Durie. Edinburgh: Scottish History Society, 1996. Shelfmark: YC.1996.a.5005

The History of The British Petroleum Company, J. H. Bamberg. Cambridge University Press, 1982-. Shelfmark: ZC.9.a.3885

[Brocklebank] From Cumberland to Cape Horn: the complete history of the sailing fleet of Thomas & John Brocklebank of Whitehaven and Liverpool - :The world's oldest shipping company: and the early history of their associated company Robert & Henry Jeffersons of Whitehaven, plantation owners, merchants and shipownwers. Established 1734, by D. Hollett. Fairplay, 1984. Shelfmark: X.800/42268

[Brooke Bond Oxo] Taking stock: over 75 years of the Oxo cube: issued by Brooke Bond Oxo Ltd to commemorate the diamond jubilee of the Oxo cube, Penny Vincenzi. Collins, 1985. Shelfmark: X.809/66609

[Brownlee] Brownlee 125: the history of Brownlee & Co. Ltd, 1949-1974, by J.F. Carnegie. Brownlee and Company Limited, [1977?]. Shelfmark: X.800/27481

[Brownlee] One hundred years in timber: the history of the City Saw Mills, 1849-1949. By John L. Carvel. Glasgow, [1949]. Shelfmark: 08229.s.68.

The Story of BSA motor cycles, Bob Holliday. Stephens, 1978. Shelfmark: X.620/17571

The Roots of BSW Timber plc: 150 years in the timber industry, Nigel Watson. St Matthew's Press, 1998. Shelfmark: YK.2000.b.4453

A History of the Burmah Oil Company, T.A.B. Corley. Heinemann, 1988. Shelfmark: T 45057: OIOC. Another copy, Shelfmark: YC.1988.a.11628

A History of the Burmah Oil Company, 1886-1924, T.A.B. Corley. Heinemann, 1983. Shelfmark: T 45057: OIOC

[James Burn & Company] Bookbinding then and now: a survey of the first hundred and seventy-eight years of James Burn & Company, by Lionel S. Darley. Faber, 1959. Shelfmark: 2719.x.14901.

[Burrup, Mathieson and Company] At the sign of the crane: 350 years of Burrup, Mathieson and Company Limited, 1628-1978, by Brian McConnell. Burrup, Mathieson and Company, 1978. Shelfmark: X.529/33064

[Butler & Tanner] A Hundred years of printing, 1795-1895. By John Rhode. Frome, 1927. Shelfmark: 11917.e.7.

Butterley Brick: 200 years in the making, Roy Christian. Henry Melland, 1990. Shelfmark: YK.1992.b.392

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[Cable and Wireless] A Century of service: a brief history of Cable and Wireless Ltd., 1868-1968. By K. C. Baglehole. Bournehall Press, [1969]. Shelfmark: X.529/13200.

[Caird and Rayner] Water under the bridge: the first 100 years of Caird & Rayner, Kenneth Palfrey. Caird & Rayner-Bravac, [1989?]. Shelfmark: YK.1990.b.1229

[Caledonian Steam Packet Company] To the coast: one hundred years of the Caledonian Steam Packet Company, Ian McCrorie. Fairlie Press, 1989. Shelfmark: YK.1992.a.9074

[I & I Calvert Ltd] Wainstalls Mills: the history of I. & I. Calvert Ltd., 1821-1951. By W. Onslow Garnett. Halifax: I. & I. Calvert, 1951 [1952]. Shelfmark: 8219.p.10.

[Cambridge Scientific Instrument Company] Horace Darwin's shop: a history of the Cambridge Scientific Instrument Company 1878 to 1968, M.J.G. Cattermole, A.F. Wolfe. Hilger, 1987. Shelfmark: YK.1987.b.2827

[Cambridge University Press] Four hundred years of university printing and publishing in Cambridge 1584-1984: catalogue of the exhibition in the University Library Cambridge, [written by] David McKitterick. Cambridge University Press, 1984. Shelfmark: 2708.e.511

Cammell Laird: the golden years, by David Roberts. Printwise Publications, 1992. Shelfmark: YK.1994.a.12971

[Cannock Chase Colliery Company] A History of Cannock Chase Colliery Company, by J. Roger Francis. Staffordshire Industrial Archaeology Society, 1980. Shelfmark: X.805/1149

Caphouse Colliery and the Denby Grange collieries: a history, by John Goodchild. Wakefield Historical Publications, [1983]. Shelfmark: X.809/57741

[William Caple & Company] 500 years of printing, 1476-1976. Leicester: [William Caple & Company], [1976]. Shelfmark: 2708.ff.16

Carlisle & Gregson, Jimmy's, Ltd.: a centenary memoir, 1864-1964. [By Philip P. R. Nichols]. [London, 1964]. Shelfmark: X.639/949.

[Carnegie Steel Company] The Carnegie millions and the men who made them: being the inside history of the Carnegie Steel Company, by James H. Bridge. Limpus, Baker & Co., 1903. Shelfmark: YA.1993.b.9399

[Carnegie Steel Company] Fort Frick, or, the Siege of Homestead: a history of the famous struggle between the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers and the Carnegie Steel Company (Limited) of Pittsburg, Pa, by Myron R. Stowell. Pittsburg Printing Co, 1893. Shelfmark: Mic.A.16635

[Carnegie Steel Company] Homestead: a complete history of the struggle between the Carnegie Steel Company and the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers, July 1892. A. M. Kelly, 1971. Shelfmark: YA.1991.a.13565

[Carnegie Steel Company] The Inside history of the Carnegie Steel Company: a romance of millions, by James Howard Bridge. University of Pittsburgh Press, 1991. Shelfmark: YC.1994.a.1081

Celltech: the first ten years of a biotechnology company, Mark Dodgson. University of Sussex, Science Policy Research Unit, 1990. Shelfmark: YK.1992.b.7116

History of the firm of Chance Brothers & Co., Glass and Alkali Manufacturers. London: Printed for private circulation, 1919. Shelfmark: Mic.A.12847(3)

A Hundred years of publishing: being the story of Chapman & Hall Ltd., by Arthur Waugh. Chapman & Hall, [1930]. Shelfmark: 2719.x.12581

[Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China] Realms of silver: one hundred years of banking in the East. Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1954. Shelfmark: 08218.e.2. Another copy, Shelfmark: V 12845

The Charterhouse Group 1925-1979: a history, Laurie Dennett. Gentry, 1979. Shelfmark: X.800/42104

Chatto and Windus: a brief account of the firm's origin, history and development. Chatto & Windus, [1955]. Shelfmark: 12298.k.26.

Chatto & Windus: a brief account of the firm's origin, history and development, Chatto & Windus, 1973. Shelfmark: YA.2000.a.681

A History of Chesters Brewery Company, by Frank Cowen. [Neil Richardson], [1982]. Shelfmark: X.805/3157

The Chislet Colliery, Limited: outline of history, 1913 to 1945. [Chislet?, 1946?]. Shelfmark: X.325/139.

[Christy and Co]. The Chronicles of Canal Street. From B.C. (before Christys) to 1868 ... With introduction and notes by John Christie-Miller. Swain & Co, 1965. Shelfmark: X.510/511.

Churchill and Sim, 1813-1963: a short history. By Augustus Muir. London: Newman Neame, [1963]. Shelfmark: 8279.l.10. Another copy, Shelfmark: 8280.aa.18.

[City of Glasgow Bank] Official list of shareholders, and appendix containing a complete list of trustees on estates holding stock. Compiled from the latest returns. With an introductory narrative of the principal events in the history of the bank. Edinburgh Publishing Co., 1878. Shelfmark: 8219.p.29.(2.)

The T. & T. Clark story: a Victorian publisher and the new theology: with an epilogue covering the twentieth-century history of the firm, by John A. H. Dempster. Pentland, 1992. Shelfmark: YC.1993.b.6072

[Clarkson, Gordon & Co]. The Story of the firm 1864-1964: Clarkson, Gordon & Co. Garland, 1989. Shelfmark: YC.1991.a.431

[Clay Cross Company] A Hundred years of enterprise: centenary of the Clay Cross Company Ltd. 1837-1937. Clay Cross Company, 1937. Shelfmark: LB.31.c.6469

[Clifford-Turner] Legibus: a history of Clifford-Turner, 1900-1980, by John Scott. Clifford-Turner, 1980. Shelfmark: X.529/37666

[William Clowes and Sons] Family business, 1803-1953. By W. B. Clowes. London, [1953]. Shelfmark: 08230.g.46.

The History of the Clydesdale Bank, 1838-1938. Blackie & Son, 1938. Shelfmark: 8231.f.5.

Clyde Shipping Company Limited: a history. Robert Maclehose, 1956. Shelfmark: YA.1994.a.16884

A History of Coates Brothers & Company Limited, 1877-1977, [edited by Gillian McGregor]. Westerham Press, 1977. Shelfmark: YA.1993.b.3769

[Cockburn & Campbell] A Centenary retrospect. R. & J. Cockburn, 1805, Cockburn & Campbell, 1831-1931. [By Harry Archibald Cockburn. With a manuscript genealogy of the Cockburn family by J. M. Bulloch]. MacCorquodale & Co, [1931]. Shelfmark: 8245.aa.43.

The Coneygre story. By W. K. V. Gale. [A history of Coneygre Foundry Ltd]. Tipton, 1954. Shelfmark: 08218.a.11.

[William Cook Company] The History of the William Cook Company and the Cook family: from the 18th century to 1985, Philip Hansen. William Cook Ltd, 1998. Shelfmark: YC.1998.b.6430

[William Cook Company] Thrice through the fire: a history of the William Cook Company from 1985 to 1998, Andrew Cook. William Cook, 1999. Shelfmark: YC.2000.b.1231

[Cooperative Insurance Society Ltd] C.I.S. centenary, 1867-1967. [Manchester, 1967]. Shelfmark: X.515/371.

The Early history of Coopers & Lybrand: fiftieth anniversary, 1898-1948. Garland, 1984. Shelfmark: X.800/41753

[Cornish Copper Company] CCC: the history of the Cornish Copper Company, by W.H. Pascoe Redruth: Truran, [1982]. Shelfmark: X.529/53863

The Cornish Match Company: the history and labels of a pioneering match concern 1962-1986, compiled by Ian W. Blewitt. British Matchbox Label and Booklet Society, 2000. Shelfmark: YK.2000.b.4237

[Coubro and Scrutton] Safe working loads of lifting tackle. London: Coubro & Scrutton, 1945. Shelfmark: 08774.m.4.

Courtaulds: an economic and social history. By D. C. Coleman. 3 vol. Clarendon Press, 1969, 1980. Shelfmark: X.800/37294

[Coventry Savings Bank] The Life and times of The Old Lady of Hertford Street ... By R. J. MacRae. Coventry, 1935. Shelfmark: 8230.f.18.

Cox & Wyman Ltd: a company history. Cox & Wyman, 1977. Shelfmark: YA.1992.a.646. Another copy, Shelfmark: T 30453: OIOC

A History of Craig Gardner & Co.: the first 100 years, Tony Farmar. Gill and Macmillan, 1988. Shelfmark: YC.1989.a.3093

[Crosslé Car Company] 30 years of winning, Alan Tyndall. Crosslé Car Company and The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, 1988. Shelfmark: YK.1989.a.1948

[Cunard] Port Line, A.G. Russell. [Cunard Steam Ship Company PLC], 1985. Shelfmark: YC.1989.b.2275

[W. Cuninghame and Co] A Scottish firm in Virginia: 1767-1777: W. Cuninghame and Co, edited by T.M. Devine. Printed for the Scottish History Society by Clark Constable, 1984. Shelfmark: Ac.8256.c.(20)

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[Davison, Newman & Company] A Brief history of the firm of Messrs. Davison, Newman & Company, now incorporated with the West Indian Produce Association Limited. By Owen Rutter. London, 1938. Shelfmark: X.809/51613.

De Gruchy's: the history of Jersey's department store of distinction, by Beth Lloyd. Hale, 1982. Shelfmark: X.809/54396

[De La Rue Company]. Great Britain: the De La Rue years, 1878-1910, W.A. Wiseman. Stanley Gibbons, 1990. Shelfmark: YC.1994.b.365

DeLittle 1888-1988: the first years in a century of wood letter manufacture 1888-1895. Alembic, 1988. Shelfmark: YC.1988.b.6827

Dennis: 100 years of innovation, Stewart J. Brown. Ian Allan, 1995. Shelfmark: YK.1995.b.11685

Denny, Dumbarton. (1844-1932.) E. J. Burrow & Co, [1932]. Shelfmark: Cup.1254.m.19.

[Devitt and Moore] Sea trading and sea training: being a short history of the firm of Devitt and Moore. [With special reference to Sir Thomas Lane Devitt]. E. Arnold, 1936. Shelfmark: 010822.i.61.

John Dickinson & Co. Mills ... Calcutta, [1884]. Shelfmark: 10803.l.2.

History of the Distillers Company, 1887-1939: diversification and growth in whisky and chemicals, R. B. Weir. Oxford University Press, 1995. Shelfmark: YC.1996.b.726

[Dobson] One hundred years: a history of Dobsons, 1879-1979. [Dobson of Edinburgh], [1979]. Shelfmark: X.809/45846

[Dobson and Barlow]. Samuel Crompton, the inventor of the spinning mule: a brief survey of his life and work, with which is incorporated a short history of Messrs. Dobson & Barlow, Limited. Bolton, 1927. Shelfmark: X.619/477.

Bryan Donkin & Co.: some notes on the history of an engineering firm during the last century, 1803-1903. [1912]. Shelfmark:

[Dublin Glass & Paint Co]. 50 years of glass. The Dublin Glass and Paint Co., [1977]. Shelfmark: LR:425/347

The Duncan Group: being a short history of Duncan Brothers & Co. Ltd., Calcutta and Walter Duncan & Goodricke Ltd., London, 1859-1959. London, 1959 [1958]. Shelfmark: 08234.s.4. Another copy, Shelfmark: T 17333

Dundas & Wilson CS: the first two hundred years, David M. Burns. [Dundas & Wilson], [1987]. Shelfmark: YC.1988.b.8660

[Dunhill Group] Our family business, Mary Dunhill. Bodley Head, 1979. Shelfmark: X.529/33994

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Eaden Lilley: 250 years of retailing, by Ian Ormes. W. Eaden Lilley & Co., c2000. Shelfmark: YC.2000.b.1631

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