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Select list of British company histories: M - R

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[MacNamara and Co] A Historical review of MacNamara's. Issued ... to mark the company's centenary. [By S. P. B. Mais and others]. London, [1937]. Shelfmark: 8232.b.71.

Maguire Miller and Company of Liverpool, S. B. Gwyn-Smith and Georgina Grant. Gwyn-Smith, 1986. Shelfmark: YV.1989.a.1312

[Manchester Ship Canal] A Hundred years of the Manchester Ship Canal, Ted Gray. Aurora, 1993. Shelfmark: YK.1995.a.4055

[March, Racing Car Builder] The Story of March, Mike Lawrence. Aston, 1989. Shelfmark: YK.1990.b.6767

A History of the Marconi Company, W. J. Baker. Routledge, 1996. Shelfmark: YK.1997.b.2820

[Mardon, Son & Hall] Landmarks in the history of a Bristol firm, 1824-1904. Noted by an active operator (H. Mardon) in it for more than half a century. Mardon, Son & Hall, 1918. Shelfmark: 08245.h.28.

[Market Harborough (and District) Motor Traction Company] The Rise and fall of the Harborough bus: the history of the Market Harborough (and District) Motor Traction Company, by Peter J. Blakeman. P.J. Blakeman, 1982. Shelfmark: X.622/15440

[Marks and Spencer] A Chapbook of memories of Marks and Spencer: from 1946 to 1980, by Alexandrina MacGregor. A. MacGregor, [1994?]. Shelfmark: YK.1995.b.14283

Marks & Spencer: 100 years of partnership 1894 - 1994, [material from Marks and Spencer archives selected and edited by Angela Burns and Barry Hyman]. Marks and Spencer, [1994?]. Shelfmark: YK.1998.a.1153

Marks and Spencer: a history, Goronwy Rees. Weidenfeld and Nicolson, [196?]. Shelfmark: Cup.410.g.769

[Marsh Brothers and Co] Three centuries of Sheffield Steel: the story of a family business. By Sidney Pollard. Sheffield, 1954. Shelfmark:

[Marston's] A Brewer of pedigree: a celebration of Marston's, its people and beers, in words and pictures, by Khadija Buckland. M.W.F. Hurdle, 1999. Shelfmark: YK.2000.b.4452

[R W Martin and Brothers] A Catalogue of the collection of Martinware formed by Mr. Frederick John Nettlefold, together with a short history of the firm of R. W. Martin and Brothers of Southall. By Charles R. Beard. Waterlow & Sons, 1936. Shelfmark: 556*.f.12.

The Best: a history of H.H. Martyn & Co.: carvers in wood, stone and marble ..., researched and written by John Whitaker. J. Whitaker, 1985. Shelfmark: YV.1988.c.20

[Massey-Ferguson] A Global corporation: a history of the international development of Massey-Ferguson Limited. ([By] E. P. Neufeld.). University of Toronto Press, 1969. Shelfmark: X.322/1547.

A History of the Medway Navigation Company, compiled from various sources by John Hilton. J. Hilton, [1977]. Shelfmark: X.709/31215. 1978 issue, Shelfmark: X.809/43571

A History of the Mercantile and General Reinsurance Company plc 1907-1982, [written by David Brewerton]. The Company, [1982]. Shelfmark: YA.1995.a.16629

[Merchant Ivory Productions] The Wandering company: twenty-one years of Merchant Ivory films, by John Pym, comments by James Ivory. British Film Institute, 1983. Shelfmark: X.950/26751

[Merrydown Wine]. Merrydown: forty vintage years, Graeme Wright. Merrydown Wine plc, 1988. Shelfmark: YC.1989.a.2038

[Merryweather and Sons] A Record of two centuries: being a short history of the house of Merryweather & Sons, of Long Acre & Greenwich, 1690-1901. Merritt & Hatcher, 1901. Shelfmark: 8248.g.21.

Metal Manufactures Limited: a golden jubilee history, 1916-1966. By M. H. Ellis. Sydney, [1966]. Shelfmark: X.622/2556.

Metcalf Motor Coasters Limited: a history and fleet list of the company. By P. N. Quartermaine. World Ship Society, 1965. Shelfmark: X.639/891.

[Methodist Insurance Company Limited] Century of service 1872-1972. Methodist Insurance Company Ltd, 1972. Shelfmark: X.200/47067

Metrobus: the company's first ten years, Andrew Boag. Capital Transport, 1994. Shelfmark: YK.1996.a.14781

Midland: 150 years of banking business, A.R. Holmes & Edwin Green. Batsford, 1986. Shelfmark: YC.1987.b.3921

[Midland Red] A History of Midland Red, R.C. Anderson. David & Charles, 1984. Shelfmark: X.622/20048

Midland Red, Mike Greenwood. Ian Allan, 1998. Shelfmark: LB.31.a.8316

Midland Red: a history of the Company and its vehicles from 1940 to 1970, by Paul Gray, Malcolm Keeley, John Seale. Transport Publishing Company, [1979]. Shelfmark: L.49/754

Midland Red in the Western Midlands, compiled by D.R. Harvey. Birmingham Transport Historical Group, 1990. Shelfmark: YK.1991.a.10781

History of W. H. Moore & Sons Limited, Birmingham, etc… Birmingham, [1951]. Shelfmark: 8222.e.3.

Morels of Cardiff: the history of a family shipping firm, by John Morel Gibbs. Amgueddfa Genedlaethol Cymru, 1982. Shelfmark: X.809/52276

Morgan Grenfell 1838-1988: the biography of a merchant bank, Kathleen Burk. Clarendon, 1989. Shelfmark: YC.1990.b.29

[Morgan Grenfell] The Pride of Lucifer: Morgan Grenfell 1838-1988: the unauthorized biography of a merchant bank, Dominic Hobson. Hamish Hamilton, 1990. Shelfmark: YC.1990.b.5226

Morgan Guaranty's London heritage: a brief history of the Bank's London Office 1897-1985, incorporating the reminiscences of some of its former staff, written by Charles Short. [Morgan Guaranty Trust Company], 1986. Shelfmark: YC.1987.a.6201

Murex: the history of a company and its people, Ernie Bird. [E. Bird], [1983?]. Shelfmark: X.809/56781

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The History of the National Mutual Life Assurance Society 1830-1980, compiled by Eric Street. The Society, 1980. Shelfmark: X.525/3879

[National Provident] The Squirrel and the clock: National Provident Institution, 1835-1985, Norman Toulson. Melland, 1985. Shelfmark: YC.1988.b.1275

National Security Savings Bank of Paisley. Notes of its history from year 1838 to 1888. J. & R. Parlane, 1889. Shelfmark: 8227.f.48.(5.)

A Short history of the National Shell Filling Factory Chilwell, Notts, 1915-1918. [Publisher Unknown], [1918]. Shelfmark: YA.1994.a.20278

Harry Neal Ltd: a family of builders, Martin Gaskell. Granta, 1989. Shelfmark: YK.1989.b.4771

[Neath & Cardiff Luxury Coaches Ltd] 40 years of Brown Bombers: a history of Neath & Cardiff Luxury Coaches Ltd, Gerald Truran. Avonlea, 1998. Shelfmark: YK.1999.a.4418

The House of Neill, 1749-1949. Edited by Moray McLaren. Bicentenary edition. Neill & Co, 1949. Shelfmark: 11916.h.7.

A History of Newbury & District Motor Services Limited: 1932 to 1952, [written and published by] Paul Lacey. The Author, 1987. Shelfmark: YK.1991.a.5444

[Newcastle and Gateshead Water Company] Water to Tyneside: a history of the Newcastle and Gateshead Water Company, by Robert William Rennison. The Company, 1979. Shelfmark: X.622/11904

[News on Sunday] Disaster!: the rise and fall of News on Sunday: anatomy of a business failure, Peter Chippindale and Chris Horrie. Sphere, 1988. Shelfmark: YC.1988.a.10889

[North British Distillery Company] The NB: the first hundred years, Leslie Gardiner. [North British Distillery Company?], 1985. Shelfmark: YA.2000.b.387

The Northern Banking Company, Limited: an historical sketch ...1824-1924 ... By Edwin Darley Hill. Belfast, 1925. Shelfmark: 8246.eee.35.

North of England Match Co.: a history of the Company and catalogue of matchbox labels issued, [by A.E. Middleton]. [The Author], 1979. Shelfmark: X.529/36691

[North Wales Newspapers] The Advertizer family: a history of North Wales Newspapers Limited, by Robbie Thomas. North Wales Newspapers, [1988]. Shelfmark: 2708.e.1388

[Norton, Motorbike Manufacturer] Norton from 1946, compiled and introduced by Cyril Ayton. Bay View Books, 1988. Shelfmark: YK.1990.b.6656

[Novello and Company] A Century and a half in Soho: a short history of the firm of Novello, publishers and printers of music, 1811-1961. London, [1961]. Shelfmark: 2737.b.5.

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[Ocean Steam Ship Company] The Blue Funnel legend: a history of the Ocean Steam Ship Company, 1865-1973, Malcolm Falkus. Macmillan, 1990. Shelfmark: YK.1993.b.14582

[Octel] 50 years of Octel. [Associated Octel Company], [1988]. Shelfmark: YC.1989.b.4107

[Odhams Press] The Business and I. Martin Secker, 1935. Shelfmark: 08235.c.72.

Oldacre: a Gloucestershire family and business 1881-1986, Denys Charnock. Book Guild, 1990. Shelfmark: YC.1990.a.8761

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[P & O] Business in great waters: the war history of the P. & O., 1939-1945. Faber 1951. Shelfmark: Another copy, Shelfmark: T 14642

P & O: a fleet history, Stephen Rabson and Kevin O'Donoghue. World Ship Society, 1988. Shelfmark: YK.1991.b.6570

The P&O line and princess cruises: a celebration in pictures of the Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company, Carola Ingall. Ship Pictorial Publications, 1997. Shelfmark: YK.1999.a.10228

Penfolds of Arundel: agricultural engineers 1833-1983: a history of 150 years of service to farmers. James Penfold Ltd, 1983. Shelfmark: YA.1994.a.15093

60 Penguin years. Penguin Books, [1995]. Shelfmark: YA.1995.b.6926

Fifty Penguin years. Penguin, 1985. Shelfmark: 2708.e.1405

Ten years of Penguins. Penguin Books, [1946]. Shelfmark: 2719.x.12587

[George Philip & Son] The Story of the last hundred years: a geographical record, by George Philip. George Philip & Son, [1934]. Shelfmark: 2719.x.12681

Philipp Brothers: the history of a trading giant, 1901-1985, by Helmut Waszkis. Metal Bulletin, 1987. Shelfmark: YC.1988.a.11734

Pick of Stamford: a history of Pick Motor Company, Michael Key. P.Watkins, 1994. Shelfmark: YK.1995.b.7082

Alex. Pirie & Sons, Limited, Paper Manufacturers. Stoneywood and Waterton Works, 1770-1945: the history of a notable enterprise and world-known incorporation. [By James Cruickshank]. [1945]. Shelfmark: 8222.c.17.

[Pollok, Gilmour and Co.] A History of our firm: being some account of the firm of Pollok, Gilmour and Co., and its offshoots and connections, 1804-1920. Second edition, revised. H. Young & Sons, 1921. Shelfmark: 08245.k.26

Premier's progress 1936-1986: the history of Premier Travel Limited. Premier Travel Group in association with The Pevensey Press, [1986]. Shelfmark: YC.1987.b.2251

[Price's Patent Candle Company] A Brief history of Price's Patent Candle Company Limited, Belmont Works, Battersea, London, and Bromborough Pool Works, near Birkenhead. Waterlow & Sons, 1891. Shelfmark: X.519/615.

[Price's Patent Candle Company] Still the candle burns. [A history of candlemaking and of the company. With illustrations, including a portrait]. Privately printed, [1947]. Shelfmark: 8248.c.32.

The Principio Company: iron-making in colonial Maryland, 1720-1781, Michael W. Robbins. Garland, 1986. Shelfmark: YK.1988.b.3430

The Protector Lamp and Lighting Company Limited, 1873-1973: the first hundred years, [written by] Philip Heyes. [The Company], 1973. Shelfmark: YA.1992.a.18891

[Prudential] A Sense of security: 150 years of Prudential, Laurie Dennett. Granta, 1998. Shelfmark: YC.1998.b.5974

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[Rabone Chesterman Limited] The First 200 years: a short history of Rabone Chesterman Limited, Douglas J. Hallam. Rabone Chesterman, 1984. Shelfmark: X.529/67636

Raleigh and the British bicycle industry: an economic and business history, 1870-1960, Roger Lloyd-Jones and M.J. Lewis. Ashgate, 2000. Shelfmark: YC.2000.a.4463

Ransomes of Ipswich: a history of the firm and a guide to its records. University of Reading, Institute of Agricultural History, 1975. Shelfmark: X.322/2367.

[F Read & Son] The First hundred years: a history of F. Read & Son (Polar Works) Ltd. Old Vicarage, 1989. Shelfmark: YK.1991.a.13103

A History of the firm of Read, Holliday and Sons. Huddersfield, 1914. Shelfmark: 8219.d.9.

Thomas Reed - the first 200 years: a brief history 1782-1982, by David Bean. [The Firm], [ca. 1975]. Shelfmark: YA.1994.a.10634

[Reed & Barton] The Whitesmiths of Taunton: a history of Reed & Barton, 1824-1943. Harvard University Press, 1943. Shelfmark: Mic.A.8727

[Republic Aviation Corporation] The Thunder factory: an illustrated history of the Republic Aviation Corporation, Joshua Stoff. Arms & Armour, 1990. Shelfmark: YK.1990.b.8088

[Richards Shipbuilders] The First hundred years: the story of Richards Shipbuilders, Charles Goodey. Boydell Press for Richards (Shipbuilders) Ltd, 1976. Shelfmark: X.800/25676

[Westley Richards & Co] A Brief history of the Westley Richards Firm, 1812-1913. [With illustrations]. Shakespeare Head Press, 1913. Shelfmark: 08768.dd.8

The Rio Tinto Company: an economic history of a leading international mining concern: 1873-1954, by Charles E. Harvey. Alison Hodge, 1981. Shelfmark: X.529/44920

[Henry Robb Ltd] Leith built ships on war service: being the war-time history of the firm of Henry Robb, Ltd. Leith, [ca.1947]. Shelfmark: X.525/986.

[Rolland Decorators Ltd] A Pot of paint: one hundred years of Rolland Decorators Limited, [text by J.B. Barclay]. Rolland Decorators Ltd, 1975. Shelfmark: X.519/25958

Rolls-Royce & Bentley: sixty years at Crewe, Malcolm Bobbitt. Sutton, 1998. Shelfmark: YK.1999.b.7873

[Rolls-Royce] The Magic of a name ... G. T. Foulis & Co, [1938]. Shelfmark: 8232.eee.37.

[Rootes Group] Geoffrey Rootes' dream for Linwood: pictorial look at a landmark in British car manufacture, Robert J. Allan. Bookmarque, 1991. Shelfmark: YK.1996.b.6812

[Rootes Group] The Rootes brothers: story of a motoring empire, John Bullock. P. Stephens, 1993. Shelfmark: YK.1994.b.597

[John Rose and Company] Coalport, 1795-1926: an introduction to the history and porcelains of John Rose and Company, Michael Messenger. Antique Collectors' Club, 1995. Shelfmark: YC.1996.b.1924

[Rose, Downs & Thompson Ltd] At the tail of two centuries: being the brief history of the foundation and development of Rose, Downs & Thompson Ltd. [Hull, 1948?]. Shelfmark: 8772.d.18.

Rotol: the history of an airscrew company, 1937-1960. Sutton, 1990. Shelfmark: YK.1992.b.6402

A History of the Royal Bank of Ireland Limited. Allen Figgis, 1964. Shelfmark: X.519/1091.

The History of the Royal Bank of Scotland, 1727-1927. R. & R. Clark, 1928. Shelfmark:

[Royal British Bank] The Suppressed pamphlet: the curious and remarkable history of the Royal British Bank. By One behind the Scenes. London: Effingham Wilson, [1856?]. Shelfmark: 8227.e.40.(2.)

[Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Ltd] We the Undersigned ...: a history of the Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Limited and its times, 1861-1961. By W. Gore Allen. Newman Neame, [1961]. Shelfmark: 8233.h.34.

Alexander Russell plc: the first hundred years, John Pollock. Alexander Russell plc, 1992. Shelfmark: LB.31.a.4310

[Ruston and Hornsby Ltd] One hundred years of good company. [Lincoln, 1957]. Shelfmark: 8769.m.13.