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Select list of British company histories: S - Z

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[Sainsbury's] SuperMarketing, the news weekly for the food and drink business, celebrates 125 years of quality & good value at Sainsbury's. Reed Business Publishing, 1994. Shelfmark: YK.1995.b.13048

[Salvation Army Assurance Society Ltd] A Unique society: a history of the Salvation Army Assurance Society Limited. By Bernard Watson. Salvationist Publishing & Supplies, 1968. Shelfmark: X.519/5584.

[Schermuly Pistol Rocket Apparatus Ltd] From ship to shore: the biography of William Schermuly and the history of the Schermuly Pistol Rocket Apparatus, Ltd. Compiled by C. R. Thompson. Victoria House Printing Co, [1946]. Shelfmark: 8803.dd.10.

[Schott] 150 years of music publishing in London. Schott, [1985]. Shelfmark: YM.1986.a.215

[Scotsman] Scotland's paper: the Scotsman 1817-1992, by Albert Morris. [The Scotsman Publications], [1992]. Shelfmark: 2708.e.2098

[Scottish Amicable] SALAS 150: a history of Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society, 1826-1976. The Society, 1976. Shelfmark: X.809/59665

[Scottish Aviation Limited] Lion rampant and winged: a commemorative history of Scottish Aviation Limited, predecessor company of British Aerospace plc, Civil Aircraft Division, Prestwick, by Alan Robertson. A. Robertson, 1986. Shelfmark: YC.1989.b.7289

[Scottish Life] One hundred years of Scottish Life: a history of the Scottish Life Assurance Company, 1881-1981, James M. Denholm. Chambers, 1981. Shelfmark: X.800/36917

[Scottish Provident] Count all men mortal: a history of Scottish Provident 1837-1987, by Maurice Lindsay. Canongate, 1987. Shelfmark: YC.1990.b.3990

[Scottish Widows] The Bookmarkers of the Scottish Widows' Fund, Abraham Jonker. Neopardy Publications, 1981. Shelfmark: X.529/43417

[Scott Rae Stevenson] "Pavement, Glasgow": Scott Rae Stevenson Ltd, 1838-1988, Nicholas J. Morgan. Scott Rae Stevenson, [1989?]. Shelfmark: YC.1990.a.8889

[Seahm Colliery] Troubled seams: the story of a pit and its people, etc. J. Greenwood & Sons, [1955]. Shelfmark: 10368.w.46.

Martin Secker & Warburg: the first fifty years, a memoir by George Malcolm Thomson. Secker & Warburg, 1986. Shelfmark: 2708.e.731

The History of Selkirk Merchant Company 1694-1994, Allan Massie. Selkirk Merchant Company, 1994. Shelfmark: YK.1996.a.18376

Sheepbridge: a history of the Sheepbridge Coal & Iron Company Ltd., David E. Jenkins. Bannister, 1995. Shelfmark: YK.1996.b.14689

The Sheffield Banking Company Limited: an historical sketch, 1831-1916. J. W. Northend, 1916. Shelfmark: 8226.t.17.

[Shell-Mex and BP Ltd] Fifty years of Shell advertising: an exhibition ... catalogue. [London, 1969]. Shelfmark: X.519/40532.

[Shell-Mex and BP Ltd] The First 25 years: history as mirrored in advertising of Shell-Mex and B.P. Ltd., 1932-1957. [London, 1957.] Shelfmark:

[Shell-Mex and BP Ltd] Shell war achievements. London, 1948. Shelfmark: 9103.f.6.

The Story of Shotts: a short history of the Shotts Iron Company Limited. Shotts Iron Company, [1952]. Shelfmark: YA.1989.a.20474

[Siddeley] Armstrong Siddeley: the Parkside story 1896-1939, Ray Cook. Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust, 1988. Shelfmark: YC.1990.a.4791

The Sitmar Liners & the V Ships, 1928-1998: the history of the shipping companies founded by Alexandre and Boris Vlasov and of their vessels, by Maurizio Eliseo. Carmania, 1998. Shelfmark: YC.2000.b.117

Skilbecks: Drysalters, 1650-1950. By Donovan Dawe. Skilbeck Bros, 1950. Shelfmark: 8219.g.10.

Slaughter and May: a short history, Laurie Dennett. Granta, 1989. Shelfmark: YC.1989.b.6982

[H & J Smith] A Province and a stone: 75 years of looking to the future. [H. & J. Smith], [1976]. Shelfmark: YA.1989.b.1578

The History of Smith, Mackenzie and Company, Ltd. Smith, Mackenzie & Co, 1938. Shelfmark: . 8232.e.19.

Smiths Industries at Cheltenham: the story of fifty years at Bishops Cleeve 1940-1990. Published for Smiths Industries Aerospace and Defence Systems by Kristall Productions Ltd., 1990. Shelfmark: YK.1993.b.7334

[Somerville] The Last mill on the Esk: 150 years of papermaking, Nigel Watson. Scottish Academic, 1987. Shelfmark: YC.1988.b.3753

Sotheby's Hong Kong: twenty years, 1973-1993. Sotheby's in association with Tai Yip Company, 1993. Shelfmark: YK.1995.b.2842

Sotheby's: portrait of an auction house, by Frank Herrmann. Chatto & Windus, 1980. Shelfmark: X.520/22820

[South British Insurance Company] Risks and rewards: a policy of enterprise 1872-1972: a centennial history of the South British Insurance Company Limited, [by] C. W. Vennell. Wilson and Horton, 1972. Shelfmark: YA.1989.b.1123

The Southdown story: a history of Southdown Motor Services Limited, 1915-1965. [Brighton, 1965]. Shelfmark: X.510/560.

[Southern Newspapers Ltd] Echoes of a century: the centenary history of Southern Newspapers Limited (1864-1964). Compiled from the Company's records by Gordon Sewell. Southampton, 1964. Shelfmark: X.709/1039.

Spode: a history of the family, factory and wares from 1733 to 1833, Leonard Whiter. Barrie and Jenkins, 1978. Shelfmark: X.423/10697

Edward Stanford 1902. With a note on the history of the firm from 1852. [London, 1902]. Shelfmark: 8248.k.11.

[Steel Brothers and Company] Calling to mind: being some account of the first hundred years (1870 to 1970) of Steel Brothers and Company Limited, compiled by H.E.W. Braund. Pergamon, 1975. Shelfmark: X.525/2028. Another copy, Shelfmark: V 22259: OIOC

[Alexander Stephen and Sons] A Shipbuilding history, 1750-1932: a record of the business founded, about 1750, by Alexander Stephen at Burghead, etc. E. J. Burrow & Co, [1932]. Shelfmark:

The Sterling years: small-arms and the men, by James Edmiston. Cooper, 1992. Shelfmark: YK.1993.b.5472

A History of Stone's Chop House. (Written by Virginia Curle. Illustrated by William Feilding.). [London, 1964]. Shelfmark: 10099.s.28. Another copy, Shelfmark: X.708/8612.

The Stratford connection: a fleet history of Stratford-upon-Avon Blue Motors Ltd, Leamington and Warwick Transport Company Ltd, Guide Friday Ltd. P.S.V. Circle, 1998. Shelfmark: YK.1999.a.148

The Sugdens of Leek: a brief history of a family business, G.A. Lovenbury. ['Leek Post and Times'], 1975. Shelfmark: X.519/25941

The Illustrated history of Sunbeam bicycles and motorcycles. Haynes, 1989. Shelfmark: YK.1989.b.3552

The Sun Life story, 1810-1985, Jack Minnitt. Sun Life Assurance Society, [1985]. Shelfmark: YC.1989.a.3692

[Swan, Hunter, & Wigham Richardson Ltd]. Launching ways, etc. [A history of the firm, commemorating its jubilee]. Wallsend-on-Tyne, 1953. Shelfmark:

Swan, Hunter, & Wigham Richardson, Limited. Wallsend and Walker-on-Tyne. [1906]. Shelfmark: 08805.i.31.

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[Tangyes Ltd] A Hundred years of engineering craftsmanship. By Rachel E. Waterhouse. Smethwick, 1957. Shelfmark: 8764.w.25.

[Tarmac Ltd] A Century of road materials: the history of the Roadstone Division of Tarmac Ltd. [By] J. B. F. Earle. Blackwell, [1971]. Shelfmark: X.629/3453.

The Story of Tattersalls, Peter Willett. Stanley Paul, 1987. Shelfmark: YK.1988.b.4566

A History of the Thames Valley Traction Company Limited, 1920 to 1930, written and published by Paul Lacey. P. Lacey, 1995. Shelfmark: YK.1996.b.465

[Thermal Syndicate Ltd] Commemorating the Jubilee of the Thermal Syndicate Limited, 1906-1956. [Wallsend, 1956]. Shelfmark: 8906.t.4.

[Richard Thomas, Steelmaker] Men of steel: a history of Richard Thomas and his family, David Wainwright. Quiller, 1986. Shelfmark: YC.1989.b.7622

The Norman Thompson file: the history of the Norman Thompson Flight Company, and White & Thompson Ltd, Michael H. Goodall. Air-Britain, 1995. Shelfmark: YC.2000.b.1682

[William Thomson & Co] The Ben Line: the history of Wm. Thomson & Co. of Leith and Edinburgh, and of the ships owned and managed by them, 1825-1955. By George Blake. London: Thomas Nelson & Sons, 1956. Shelfmark: 08809.s.19. A reissue, 1957, Shelfmark: 08809.s.22.

Thorn EMI: 50 years of radar: 50 years of company involvement with radar technology 1936-1986, Derek Martin. Thorn EMI Electronics, Radar Division, 1986. Shelfmark: YK.1988.b.1222

[Robert Thornton and Sons] A Story of woollen rag sales, 1860-1960. Harley Publishing Co, [1960]. Shelfmark: 8291.k.5.

Tillotsons, 1850-1950: centenary of a family business. Tillotson & Son, 1950 [1951]. Shelfmark: 11861.e.56.

[Times Newspaper]. The History of the Times. Vol 1-. 1935-. Shelfmark: 11853.t.38.

[William Timpson Ltd] Seventy years agrowing; or, An Early history of Timpsons. John Bellows, 1938. Shelfmark: 7937.b.27.

The Torbay Paint Company: its origins and history in Brixham and Dartmouth 1848-1961, by Bridget Howard. Dartmouth History Research Group, in association with the Dartmouth Museum, c2000. Shelfmark: YK.2000.a.5260

[Tottenham & District Gas Company] 1847-1947: a brief account of Tottenham & District Gas Company's first hundred years. [Tottenham]: [The Company], [1947]. Shelfmark: YA.1991.b.7834

[Trollope and Colls] A Brief guide to the history, organisation and activities of the Company. Newman Neame, [1963]. Shelfmark: X.519/81.

Truscon: the first fifty years: a short history of the Trussed Concrete Steel Company Limited, 1907-1957. Truscon House, 1957. Shelfmark: YA.1988.b.7219

[Trust Houses Ltd] Tales of old inns: the history, legend and romance of some of our older hostelries. 2nd ed. Trust Houses, 1929. Shelfmark: YA.1987.a.17048

[Hugh Twaddle & son] The Plumber in Glasgow: the history of the firm of Hugh Twaddle & Son ... from 1848 to 1948. By Jack House. Robert Maclehose & Co, [1949]. Shelfmark: X.629/7784.

[Richard Twining & Co] Two hundred and twenty-five years in the Strand, 1706-1931: being a short history of the firm of Messrs. R. Twining & Co. Ltd ...and embodying an account of the descendants of Thomas Twining, 1675-1741. By Stephen H. Twining. London, 1931. Shelfmark: 8244.e.30.

[Tyne, Blyth and Wear Tug Companies] 150 years of the Maltese cross, 1840-1990: the story of Tyne, Blyth and Wear Tug Companies, John H. Proud. Tyne & Wear Tugs Ltd, 1993. Shelfmark: LB.31.c.6582

Tyne Tees Television: the first 20 years: a portrait, by Antony Brown. Tyne Tees Television Ltd, 1978. Shelfmark: X.622/6659

[UAPT-Infolink] The Growth of credit information: a history of UAPT-Infolink plc, C. McNeil Greig. Blackwell, 1992. Shelfmark: YK.1993.b.4444

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[Unilever] Fifty years of Unilever, 1930-1980, W.J. Reader. Heinemann, 1980. Shelfmark: X.520/15181

The History of the Union Bank of Scotland. J. Smith & Son, 1930. Shelfmark: 8224.ff.1.

[United Counties Omnibus Company] An Illustrated history of United Counties Omnibus Company Limited, by Roger M Warwick. R.M. Warwick, 1977- . Shelfmark: X.0519/1029

United Fruit Company: the history, ships & cancellations of the Great White Fleet, Philip Cockrill. P. Cockrill, [1982?]. Shelfmark: X.629/26649

[United Newspapers] The Men that carry the news: a history of United Newspapers Limited, by Guy Schofield. Cranford Press, 1975. Shelfmark: X.981/20355

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[Vacher & Sons Ltd] At the sign of the red pale: being a short history of the house of Vacher & Sons, Ltd., of Westminster, 1751-1926. [London, 1926]. Shelfmark: 8223.p.26.

The Vauxhall and Bedford story: a pictorial history of Vauxhall Factory, cars and Bedford Commercial Vehicles, Richard Hart. Farnon, 1996. Shelfmark: YK.1997.b.133

The Vickers Brothers: armaments and enterprise, 1854-1914, Clive Trebilcock. Europa, 1977. Shelfmark: X.529/32047

Vincent & Son Ltd, cabinet makers, Brick Lane, London: a short record of the firm's history, work and equipment, by M.T. Tucker. Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society, 1977. Shelfmark: X.615/1929

The Vincent HRD story, Roy Harper. Vincent Publishing Company, 1975. Shelfmark: X.629/8289

Vivian and Sons, 1809-1924: a study of the firm in the copper and related industries, Robert R. Toomey. Garland, 1985. Shelfmark: YK.1987.b.6520

[Viyella International Ltd] Hollins and Viyella: a study in business history. [By] F. A. Wells. David & Charles, [1968]. Shelfmark: X.519/6404

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Waide's 100 years, 1878-1978: a short history to mark the centenary of Thomas Waide & Sons Limited, printers and carton manufacturers of Kirkstall Hill, Leeds, by Ewart Waide. [Thomas Waide & Sons Ltd], [1978]. Shelfmark: X.529/32319

Walkers' of Ricky: a history of W. H. Walker & Brothers Limited of Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, W. H. Walker, 1991. Shelfmark: YK.1992.b.481

Walpole Brothers Ltd: a short history of the firm ... Written & compiled by E. H. Walpole. [Dublin, 1920?]. Shelfmark: 8219.i.16.

The House of Warne: one hundred years of publishing, told by Arthur King and A.F. Stuart. Frederick Warne, 1965. Shelfmark: 2719.x.12572

Warner cinemas: an outline history, by Philip Turner. Outline, 1998. Shelfmark: YK.1999.a.5847

[George Waterston & Sons Ltd] Bi-centenary history. George Waterston & Sons Limited, 1752-1952. Edinburgh, [1953?]. Shelfmark: X.709/28794.

[William Watkins Ltd] A Hundred years of towage: a history of Messrs. William Watkins, Ltd., 1833-1933. Gravesend & Dartford Reporter, 1933. Shelfmark:

Watts of Lydney, 1851-1965: a brief account of one hundred and fourteen years of enterprise, progress and achievement, by Cyril Hart. [Publisher Unknown], 1965. Shelfmark: YA.1998.b.6149

[Wedgwood] The Factory in a garden: Wedgwood from Etruria to Barlaston: the transitional years, by Sharon Gater and David Vincent. Keele Life Histories Centre, University of Keele, 1988. Shelfmark: YK.1992.a.7437

[Wedgwood] The Story of Wedgwood, 1730-1930. [Containing a biographical sketch of Josiah Wedgwood, and an account of the history of the firm]. Balding & Mansell, [1930]. Shelfmark: 7812.pp.12.

[Wedgwood] The Story of Wedgwood: a living tradition. [Containing a biographical sketch of Josiah Wedgwood, and an account of the history of the firm]. (Revised edition.) Barlaston, 1946. Shelfmark: 7801.aa.36.

[Weinberger] 100 years remembered: a history of the theatre and music publishers Josef Weinberger, Vienna, Frankfurt am Main, London, 1885-1985. London: Weinberger, 1985. Shelfmark: YM.1987.b.443

[Wellcome] Burroughs Wellcome and Company: one hundred years Wellcome, [written by Gilbert Macdonald]. Wellcome Foundation, 1980. Shelfmark: LB.31.a.2313

[Western SMT Company] The 'Western' story, [text by] Robert Grieves. Turntable Publications, 1975. Shelfmark: X.519/25067

The Westminster Bank, 1836-1936. By R. H. Mottram. London, 1936. Shelfmark:

The Westminster Bank: a lay history. Pallas Publishing Co, [1939]. Shelfmark: 8226.p.18/1.

The Westminster Bank through a century. By T. E. Gregory. Oxford University Press, 1936. Shelfmark: 8234.d.9.

Whitefriars: 300 years of glassmaking. The Firm, [1972]. Shelfmark: YA.1994.a.16955

A History of the firm of J. Whitehead & Son of Appleby: with some records of the Whitehead family from the 16th century in celebration of the firm's centenary 1851-1951. The Firm, [1951]. Shelfmark: YA.1996.a.19622

Whiteway's cyder: a company history, E. V. M. Whiteway. David & Charles, 1990. Shelfmark: YK.1991.b.2208

Wigan Welfare and the Jubilee History of the Wigan and District Equitable Co-Operative Society Limited. By W. Henry Brown. Wigan, [1939]. Shelfmark: 8286.a.82.

[Wightman and Company] One hundred years. Westminster: Wightman and Company, [1935]. Shelfmark: YA.1991.b.9485

[Willesden Paper and Canvas] The Romance of Willesden Dux Oriental ... likewise Anti-Gas, etc. [A history of the Willesden Paper and Canvas Works, the Dux Chemical Solutions Company, the Oriental Proofing Company and Anti-Gas Limited. Edited by E. Symes Bond.] London, 1941. Shelfmark:

Adam Wilson & Sons: the history of a firm of timber merchants, founded 1856. Adam Wilson & Sons Ltd, 1980. Shelfmark: X.809/52456

Wilson Watson McVinnie Ltd: 200 years of trading 1789-1989, by Rachel Pateman. Glasgow File, 1989. Shelfmark: YK.1992.a.7982

[Wilts & Dorset Motor Services] Wilts & Dorset 1915-1995: eighty years of motor services, Steve Chislett. Millstream, 1995. Shelfmark: YK.1996.b.3306

Edward Withers Ltd: 230 years of violin craft in Soho, Adam Whone. Mill Hill, 1996. Shelfmark: YK.1998.b.56

[Joseph Wrigley] A Manufacturer's business a hundred years ago: notes on the accounts books of Joseph Wrigley of Stonebreaks (1711-1781), compiled by 'Philander' (Samuel Andrew). Saddleworth Historical Society, 1984. Shelfmark: X.809/65390

Wynns: the first 100 years, by John Wynn. P. M. Heaton, 1995. Shelfmark: YK.1996.b.3003

Wynns: the last 20 years, by John Wynn. P.M. Heaton, 1996. Shelfmark: YK.1997.b.2320

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Yardley of London, 1770-1935. [A history of the family and firm of Yardley]. Yardley & Co, 1935. Shelfmark:

Yarrow and Company Limited: 1865-1977, Alastair Borthwick. Yarrow and Company Limited, [1977]. Shelfmark: X:625/669

The Story of York Bros. (Northampton) Ltd., [Roger M. Warwick]. R.M. Warwick, 1995. Shelfmark: LB.31.a.6003

The York Buildings Company: a chapter in Scottish history read before the Institutes of Bankers and Chartered Accountants, Glasgow 19th February 1883, by David Murray. Bratton Publishing Ltd., 1973. Shelfmark: 8244.d.2.

York Savings Bank: its history, formation, and growth. By William Camidge. Printed at the Yorkshire Gazette Office, 1886. Shelfmark: 1570/5159

Yorkshire Television: the first 10 years. Yorkshire Television Ltd, 1978. Shelfmark: X.985/1203