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Newspaper History: online resources

Key online resources for the study of newspaper history.

The Season: Lady's Illustrated Magazine

The Season: Lady's Illustrated Magazine February 1897. Copyright ©, The British Library Board


African American Newspapers in Kansas, USA
A brief history from the Kansas State Historical Society, USA.

Broadsides at the National Library of Scotland
The National Library of Scotland's online collection of nearly 1,800 broadsides includes a brief history of the broadside, the single-sheet forerunner of the popular newspaper.

Concise History of the British Newspaper Since 1620
Detailing more than 200 key dates in the history of British newspaper publishing and the newspaper industry, and illustrated by images from The British Library's collections.

Connecticut Newspaper Pioneers
From the Connecticut State Library, USA.

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the net - Newspapers
Provides a list of links to online newspaper resources including those concerned with the history of newspapers.

The Hartford Courant: Older than the Nation
History of the famous American newspaper of Connecticut, which Thomas Jefferson sued for libel - and lost.

Historic Newspapers
Suppliers of back numbers and gift-wrapped historic newspapers.

History Buffs' Home Page
Historical archive of American news coverage from the 16th to the 20th century, presented by the Newspaper Collectors' Society of America.

History of Newspaper Publishing in Connecticut, USA
From the Connecticut Newspaper Project, USA.

History of Newspaper Publishing in Illinois, USA
From the Illionois Newspaper Project, USA.

History of British Library Newspapers, Colindale
Newspaper collections of the British Museum Library down to the present-day British Library Newspapers, with a chronology of key dates and a bibliography.

The History of The Scotsman
Albert Morris reviews almost 200 years of The Scotsman, the national Scottish broadsheet newspaper published since 1817.

The Internet group for journalism historians.

Nebraska Newspapers, USA: A Brief History
From the Nebraska Newspaper Project, USA.

Newspaper Publishing in Wales
From the Newsplan Cymru website, a brief history of newspaper publishing in Wales.

Sources for the History of the British Press
Research Guide from The National Archives.

Spartacus Educational
An educational website for schools which includes concise histories of notable British newspapers and magazines as well as as concise biographies of famous journalists, cartoonists and illustrators.