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History and Society: Overview

The Library has excellent holdings of modern British books and periodicals on history and society. These extend in subject matter far beyond the recent history of the British Isles but the emphasis within these pages is on British-related topics from the first decades of the 20th century to today.

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In addition, the Modern British Collections contain many publications which are themselves the subject of historical research, from legislative documents and political pamphlets to recipe books and popular magazines: each, in their own way, evidence of the particular time in which they were created. These are entered individually in the Explore the British Library and additional guidance is given below.

General research guides and Archives

Special collections

Subject guides and Links

This list includes guides to particular parts of the Modern British Collections, subject bibliographies, databases available onsite at the Library, subject-focused groups of links, and broader-based guides from across the Library's collections within which British history and society feature strongly. As the site develops, more pages will be added.