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Irish Diaspora General Works

Listed below are some general guides, bibliographies, works and websites which researchers may find useful. These listings are not intended to be comprehensive but to give some indication of the range and depth of material available on the Irish Diaspora at the British Library.

The Irish World Wide: History, Heritage, Identity. Edited by Patrick O’Sullivan. London Leicester University Press, 1992-1997. 6 volumes.


Vol. 1 Patterns of Migration . YC.1994.b.296
Vol. 2 The Irish in the New Communities. YC.1994.b.40
Vol. 3 The Creative Migrant. YC.1995.b.5179
Vol. 4 Irish Women and Irish Migration. YC.1996.b.6929
Vol. 5 Religion and Identity. YC.1996.b.5523
Vol. 6 The Meaning of the Famine. YC.1997.b.1783

The Irish Diaspora edited by Andy Bielenberg. Harlow, England: Longman, 2000. YC.2000.a.6132

The Irish Diaspora: a primer, Donald Harman Akenson. Toronto: P.D. Meaney, Belfast: Institute of Irish Studies, 1993. YC.1994.b.6714

The Irish: emigration, marriage and fertility, Robert E. Kennedy.
Berkeley, London: University of California Press, 1973. X.800/8325

Migrations: the Irish at home & abroad, edited by Richard Kearney. Dublin: Wolfhound, 1990. YK.1991.a.5963

The Penguin atlas of the diasporas, by Gérard Chaliand and Jean-Pierre Rageau, maps by Catherine Petit, translated from the French by A.M. Berrett. New York, London: Viking, 1995. (Atlas of the diasporas). British Library Map Library

Irish Diaspora Studies
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