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The Irish in...

Listed below are some general guides, bibliographies, works and websites which researchers may find useful. These listings are not intended to be comprehensive but to give some indication of the range and depth of material available on the Irish Diaspora at the British Library.

Africa | America | Antarctica | Australia | Britain | Canada | Central America | Europe | India | New Zealand | South America


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Tom Crean

Courtesy of Scott Polar Research Institute.The figure on the left is of Tom Crean (born in Gurtuchrane, Co. Kerry 1878) pictured next to Shackleton on the Endurance. Expedition 1914-1916 in South Georgia. © The British Library Board

An unsung hero: Tom Crean – Antarctic survivor, by Michael Smith. London: Headline, 2000. YC.2002.a.6494


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Photo by Paddy Fahey. Courtesy of Brent Archive.This group of Irish sisters of Charity are celebrating the centenary of their convent school at Sternhall St, Walthamstow in 1958.

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Central America

The Irish soldiers of Mexico, Michael Hogan. Guadalajara, Mexico: Fondo Editorial Universitario, c1997. YA.1998.a.12252

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"Damn tight place(s)": with apologies to Rudyard Kipling: the life and times of Nicholas Marshall Cummins, a young Irish Civil Engineer in the employment of the East India Railway Co., prior to, during and after the 1857 Indian Mutiny ..., compiled from N. M. Cummins [sic] memoirs and other sources by Lorne C. MacPherson. Magog, Que.: MacPherson Lumber Inc., 1994.
British Library Oriental and India Office Collections shelfmark: ORW.1994.a.1649

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New Zealand

A distant shore: Irish migration & New Zealand settlement, edited by Lyndon Fraser. Dunedin, N.Z.: University of Otago Press, 2000. YA.2000.a.42045

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South America

El aporte de los irlandeses a la formación de la nación argentina, Eduardo A. Coghlan. Buenos Aires: Privately published, 1982. YA.1987.b.2102

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