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Thomas, Dylan (1914-1953)

The British Library holds many first and later editions of Thomas's poetry and prose, as well as sound recordings of his readings, letters, and notebooks and magazines in which his first poems were published. We also have letters and manuscripts of early poems.

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Dylan Thomas was born in Swansea, Wales in 1914, the son of an irascible schoolmaster. He moved to London to embark on a literary career. His first book of poetry entitled 18 Poems appeared in 1934 and was followed by Twenty-five Poems (1936), Deaths and Entrances (1946) and Collected Poems (1952). The impetus for much of his verse came from Thomas's romanticised, idealised childhood e.g., Fern Hill (in Deaths and Entrances 1946) is about summer holidays in a rustic idyll. Thomas also wrote prose, chiefly short stories that were collectively published under the title Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog (1940). He wrote a number of film scripts and broadcast frequently on the radio. His most famous work, Under Milk Wood was written as a play for voices and first performed in New York on 14th May 1953. Thomas died on 9 November 1953 in New York at the age of 39.

The British Library's Department of Manuscripts holds unique items including a manuscript of Thomas’s early poems dated from the period 1930-33:(Manuscripts Shelfmark Add 48217), a collection of 73 letters dated from 1936-52: (Manuscripts Shelfmark Add. 52612), and a hand-written “Author’s Prologue” to a volume of his Collected Poems, published in 1952: (Manuscripts Shelfmark Add 52903).

Our Modern British Collections contain many of the first editions of the published materials by Dylan Thomas including 18 Poems, (1934) (Shelfmark Cup.403.d.1), and The Hand, an extremely rare item, one of 10 copies designed by Frederic Prokosch (published in Paris 1969) (Shelfmark Cup.512.a246). These and other printed books and periodicals are entered in Explore the British Library. The sound recordings of Thomas’s poems recited by the poet may be found in the Sound Archive Catalogue

In the Library's Humanities Reading Room his Collected Poems are shelved at HLR.821.912THO.


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The Dylan Thomas Society of Great Britain
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