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Literatures in English / post-colonial literatures: resources

Resources for study both within and outside the British Library, selected by our experts.

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Featured collections 

India Office Records

Black Europeans (Online Gallery)

From the Manuscripts collection...

Tambimuttu: The British Library holds a range of correspondence and papers relating to expatriate Sri Lankan poet and literary editor Thurairaja "Tambi" Tambimuttu. Some of this material can be discovered through the manuscripts catalogue by selecting an "Index Search" and entering Tambimuttu's name. Additional material is still being catalogued, but can be located by contacting Manuscripts staff.

•Other notable writers in English from around the world whose careers are well-represented in our Manuscripts department include Joseph Conrad, Nadine Gordimer, Rudyard Kipling, Katherine Mansfield, S. Menon Marath, Jean Rhys, Wole Soyinka, Rabindranath Tagore, Derek Walcott and Patrick White.

From the Sound Archive collection...

African Writers' Club (BBC Africa Services Collection): Recordings made of African writers and artists including Chinua Achebe, John Okai, Robert Serumaga and Wole Soyinka, in connection with the radio series 'Writers' Club', c. 1960s. Catalogue number: C134

Africa Centre: Recordings made of African writers, artists, and music groups, and international commentators including Peter Katjavivi, Mbulelo Mzamane, Loretta Ncobo, Alice Walker and Linton Kwesi Johnson, at the Africa Centre, Covent Garden, London, c. 1980s-2000s. Catalogue number: C48

Canada House Readings: Recordings made of Canadian writers such as Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje, Alice Munro and Robertson Davies, at literary events in Canada House, London, c. 1980s. Catalogue number: C41

Poetry International Festival: Author readings recorded at the Purcell Rooms, London, including writers Derek Walcott and Vikram Seth, c. early 1990s. Catalogue number: C492

Poetry Olympics Festival: Recorded readings by performance poets Benjamin Zephaniah and Molefe Pheto, among many others, c. 1980s. Catalogue number: C92

Royal Commonwealth Society: Recordings made at RCS of numerous writers and commentators from Commonwealth countries such as Ngugi wa Thiongo, Denis Healey, John Malcolm Fraser (ex-Prime Minister of Australia), Douglas Hurd and Sir Seretse Khama (ex-President of Botswana), c. 1970s-1980s. Catalogue number: C54

*Note that some of these recordings can now be accessed on the web through the Sound website pages (available at most UK higher and further education institutions and on-site at the British Library).

Electronic resources 

Owing to licensing restrictions, most of these resources are only available at workstations in the British Library Reading Rooms.

Electronic databases

Electronic journals

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See in particular:

ABELL - Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature (Also within Literature Online)

AustLit: The resource for Australian literature

Canadian Poetry (Also within Literature Online)

Contemporary authors ( In Literature Resource Center)

Contemporary Literary Criticism Select (In Literature Resource Center)

Index New Zealand

LIFT - Literary journals Index Full Text (Also within Literature Online)

Literature Online

Literature Resource Center


Electronic journals

See in particular:

Black Renaissance

Callaloo (See Literature Online for later editions)

Comparative Literature

Comparative Literature Studies

Contemporary Literature (1968-2002)

Contemporary Literature (2003+)

Diacritics (See Literature Online for later editions)

English Literature in Transition

Literary Review

Literature/Film Quarterly

Modern Language Notes

Modern Language Quarterly

New Literary History

Papers on Language and Literature

Review of Contemporary Fiction

Studies in the Novel

Twentieth Century Literature

World Literature Today (See Literature Online for later editions)

Additional suggested journals are included in the select bibliography below.

On the Web - list of relevant sites freely available on the World Wide Web.


This select bibliography lists titles relevant to the study of literatures in English that are available at the British Library. A wide range of additional titles on this topic can be found by searching the Library's catalogues.

Please note that, in most cases, if the listed shelfmark commences with HLR, OIH, OIS or SPIS, the item will be held on the shelves in the Reading Rooms. Other items in the bibliography may be held elsewhere at St Pancras, or at one of our other facilities, and may need to be ordered from the catalogue.

Useful shelfmarks Canada

General reference Caribbean

Africa India

Australia New Zealand

Useful shelfmarks 

These shelfmarks are for open access items (on the shelves) in Humanities 1 and the OIOC Reading Room.

HLR 700 Art

OIS 015.6 African bibliography

HLR 920 Biographies, dictionaries

OIS 015.68 South African Books in Print

HLR 950 Asian history

HLR 015.71 Canadian bibliography

HLR 960 African history, bibliography

HLR 015.93 New Zealand National Bibliography

OIB 960.016 African bibliographies

HLR 015.94 Australian National Bibliography

HLR 970 American history (incl. Canada,Latin America,Caribbean )

IOR India Office Records

HLR 015.5 Asian bibliography

OIS 920.06 African biography

OIS 015.5 Asian bibliography

OIS 920.016 Oriental and Indian bibliographies


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New Zealand 

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