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Modern British and Irish Poetry: reference sources

Most poetry in the Library can be ordered up to the Reader's choice of Reading Room. This is a select list of poetry reference works within the Reading Rooms, available without ordering.

Electronic resources can be accessed in the Electronic Resources Rooms in both Humanities - Floor 1 and 2, and are listed under English Literature. These include Literature Online, Literature Resource Center, MLA International Bibliography, Oxford Reference Online, XReferplus, and other resources.


The Columbia Granger's index to poetry in collected and selected Works edited by Nicholas Frankovich. New York: Columbia University Press, c1996
HLR 808.81
Location register of English literary manuscripts and letters: eighteenth and nineteenth centuries edited by David C. Sutton London: British Library, 1995-
HLR 820.8
Location register of twentieth-century English literary manuscripts and letters: a union list of papers of modern English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh authors in the British Isles London: British Library, c1988
HLR 820.8
The Oxford companion to twentieth-century poetry in English edited by Ian Hamilton Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1994
HLR 821.9
The Oxford dictionary of literary quotations edited by Peter Kemp, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1997
The Oxford dictionary of national biography [Electronic]
Authoritative accounts of many British poets are contained within this resource.
Poetry in Britain and Ireland since 1970 selected by Jonathan Barker with an introduction by Peter Forbes, London: British Council Literature Department, c1995
Princeton encyclopedia of poetry and poetics Alex Preminger, Editor London: Macmillan,1975

Collected and complete works 

Many poems and poetry collections are accessible via resources such as Literature Online


Matthew Arnold

HLR821.8 ARN

Hugh MacDiarmid

HLR821.912 MAC

W H Auden

HLR.821.912 AUD

Sir Thomas Malory

HLR823.2 MAL

William Blake

HLR821.7 BLA

Christopher Marlowe

HLR822.3 MAR

Robert Browning

HLR821.8 BRO

John Milton

HLR821.4 MIL

Basil Bunting


Sylvia Plath

HLR.811.54 PLA

Robert Burns

HLR821.6 BUR

Alexander Pope

HLR821.5 POP

Geoffrey Chaucer

HLR821.1 CHA

Ezra Pound (Cantos)

HLR811.52 POU

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

HLR821.7 COL

William Shakespeare
(Riverside) (Arden)
(New Variorium)

HLR822.33 A
HLR822.33 J
HLR822.33 J

William Cowper

HLR821.6 COW

Percy Bysshe Shelley

HLR821.7 SHE

John Dryden

HLR821.4 DRY

Edmund Spenser

HLR821.3 SPE

Robert Frost

HLR811.52 FRO

Lord Alfred Tennyson

HLR821.8 TEN

Thomas Gray

HLR821.6 GRA

Dylan Thomas

HLR821.912 THO

Thomas Hardy

HLR821.8 HAR

Edward Thomas

HLR821.912 THO

George Herbert

HLR821.3 HER

James Thomson

HLR821.5 THO

Homer (tr. Pope)

HLR821.5 POP

Walt Whitman

HLR818.309 WHI

Samuel Johnson

HLR828.609 JOH

William Carlos Williams

HLR811.52 WIL

John Keats

HLR821.7 KEA

William Wordsworth

HLR821.7 WOR

Philip Larkin


W B Yeats

HLR821.8 YEA

D H Lawrence

HLR821.912 LAW